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The Brandals

Ain’t Nobody Bitch – The Brandals

Ha ha ha ha, we bout to do this
Tech Niner, Sole’
Bout to make that ass hot baby
Like this, yo

I heard the party didn’t stop
‘Til Tech Niner got ill one man crew, runnin’ through you
Niggas let their cash drop, ladies made that ass hot
Make ’em say “ooh”, that’s what we do

This one’s for the niggas’ in the club
Fucked up, full of liquor
Fittin’ to let the Tech N9ne feelin’ hit ya
Everybody respect mine when I step up
INSANE (ish)
Killa, killa, doin’ damage to a nigga BRAIN (ish)
Haters can’t maintain

Killin’ everybody with the murderous flow
I’mma let a nigga know ’bout fly Sole’
Bad to the bone with the fucked up jump
So we all get drunk and crunk all day
We hard, let’s keep all this marvelous shit
We killin’ everything
And Tricky started all of this shit

Ay yo, get paid, never get sprayed
Takin Sole’, be the brainiacs

Warner Brothers and DreamWorks
So I guess we’re Animaniacs
All the niggas in the back get with the ladies in the front
From side to side, we gon’ survive and get what the fuck we want
That’s right

Ain’t nobody fuckin’ wit it, y’all niggas forget it
Ain’t nobody fuckin’ wit it, cuz we kill ’em
And these hoes and niggas know we keep it rough
And make it rougher
Cuz all we wanna see is you dancin’ in the mothafucka

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The Brandals

Darkened River In My Head – The Brandals

O give me something to belive in
Something to hold on to when the world comes crumbling down
So I wont falling to the bottomless pit of useless ground

O give me something to believe in
Something to look into in the middle of the dark
So I wont running blinded by the light and rushing thru the night

Forever damned denying truth and fear
Begging for live, when no one’s near
Drowning in the banks of darkened river
Swim for my life but never reach the shore, and it happened before
Dying in the cold with endless shiver
No help to be found until I hit the ground

O Lord give me something to believe in
When the face of danger breathing down and grip around my neck
Then I need someone, who would take the burden off my back

O Lord give me something to believe in
When the table has turned and no one seems to care
Then I want something, something that always fair and always there

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The Brandals

Broken Heart Blues – The Brandals

Lirik lagu: Broken Heart Blues

Jangan ditunda lagi semua harus sekarang
Bunyi ketuk di pintu cuma sekali datang
Lengah bengong sedikit di serobot orang
Terbuang malam, siang, waktu bukan cuma uang
Tunggu apalagi kau disitu
Jangan terhalang takut dan ragu
Macet mogok hati empati
Dijalan lubang aspal kerikil berbatu
Berulang kali jatuh ke lubang
Selalu ada jalan balik berdiri
Musuh teman semua ada
Oh tapi putar kemudi hidup pasti sendiri
Suara nyanyian broken heart
Ditinggal harap besi berkarat
Cuma buat yang berdiam membisu
Besok kan pasti ada yang baru
Jangan cuma diam disitu
Cepat kejar sebelum berlalu

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The Brandals

Black Boy Dynamite Blues – The Brandals

Black boy dynamite blues
Comin to town at night to drink up and drop the news
“You’ll get yours, but I’ll get mine first…
…countdown your hour boy, ’till the dynamite burst!”

Downtown full of gasoline fumes, black boy keep crossing the line
Hang on to the telephone, keep nicking nickle and dime
He’s here for the money, he’s here for the crash
Music that overlong dues to keep us remain insane

He’ll (She’ll) give us love
Till the morning comes
Give all the love he (she) got
Then you’ll be getting some

Black girl run around town to keep up and sing the blues
..”Yea I’m pretty dolled up, but I ain’t nobody’s fool!”
She’s here for the lovin
She’s for the cash
Electric melodies buzzing thru the night

He’ll (She’ll) give us love
Till the morning comes
Give all the love he (she) got
Then you’ll be getting some

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