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Machine Gun Kelly

All Black Tuxedo (Feat. Tezo) – Machine Gun Kelly

Lirik lagu: All Black Tuxedo (Feat. Tezo)

[Intro: Machine Gun Kelly]
Uh, grilled cheese with no ham,
Lookin at my life like God damn,
I came from nothing no lie,
Bitch, now I want a piece of that pie that’s why it’s,

All black tuxedos,
All black tuxedos,
No hand me down’s no more it’s just all black tuxedo’s,
All black tuxedos,
All black tuxedos,
I came from nothing no lie,
Now it’s all black tuxedos,

[Verse 1: Machine Gun Kelly]
Handshakes don’t make friends boy,
Laziness don’t make rent boy,
Shaker grad with no plans boy,
Single dad with no ends boy,
Now I only fuck 10’s boy,
Life’s a movie no lens boy,
Took it from the cement boy,
And I still kept it Cleveland boy,

[Verse 2: Tezo]
I come straight from the bottom just to get high at the top,
I got all of the juice somebody grab me a mop,
Real recognize real, look me dead in the eyes,
Calamari and steak, no more burgers and fries,
Cliquot keep me pissy, all my ex-hoes miss me,
Black Benz, that big body I call that bitch Missy,
Big bank take little bank, fuck what ya think,
You don’t grind you don’t shine,
You don’t grind you don’t shine, Tezo,


[Machine Gun Kelly:]
All black tuxedos,
All my bitches wear speedos,
Mobbed up like Sonny,
Wackin all of you weasels,
[Machine Gun Kelly:]
And I’m riding dirty, 4 wheels,
Smoking something illegal,
In the rear view is them people,
But it’s fuck the law we don’t see em,
I like my weed real loud, champagne cold,
I’ve been killin this shit since 17 years old,
Used to turn on the lights I saw nothing but roaches,
Now I turn on the lights I see Bentley’s and Porsches, God damn,

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Uh, grilled cheese with no ham,
Lookin at my life like God damn,
Uh, I came from nothing no lie,
Bitch, now I want a piece of that pie that’s why it’s,
All black tuxedo’s…

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Machine Gun Kelly

On Everything (Feat. Tezo) – Machine Gun Kelly

Lirik lagu: On Everything (Feat. Tezo)

[Verse 1 – Tezo:]
What’s really good?
Niggas tell me that I made it when I hit the hood
Old girl gave it up like I knew she would
Like I knew you would
On that fake shit, that’s a whoopy cushion
Old from the start type and he ain’t gettin whoopings
I could tell, crabs in the bucket if I fall I’ll break shells
They hating on Jesus, I ain’t tripping, oh well
I’m just tryna live, word to bond
Swipe it like a visa, catch me if you cheetah
Franklin’s new Aretha
I am great, nice to meet ya
On my toes like a ballerina
After this shit drop out won’t be making pieces
I ain’t never lie, killing everything moving, Mr. Homicide
Mr. Dinner Date, Mr. My Guy
I been doing this but right now I’m at an all time high
I heard you talkin shit but I’m a let it slide
And maybe your chick too, I shine like a gold tooth
Cause niggas is so poop
Fetch me a trash can, I’m suttin like Shaftman
Yeah, body body like P in 97 man
Ya’ll niggas out here lookin like Terry
Ya’ll niggas out here lookin like
Made peace with the past, hello future
Can’t look back, no time for that
Waiting on a miracle, you can’t do that
You gotta go and get it like a pick up order, ay
I woke up out in California, my Cali chick like good morning
Food cooked, weed rolled for me
I just laugh cause I think it’s funny
Everybody love you when they think that you getting money
Ay I can’t wait to ball, like a bad ass kid, tear up the mall
And she got some on, tell her pull down them drawers
Hit it on the first night, I never call
Married to the game, rocking chains instead of wedding ring
If he in the way stretch him out like a limousine
These niggas frontin they don’t want the cake like Anna Mae
I am here to stay, I put that on everything

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I put that on everything, I put that on everything
I put that on everything, I’m here to stay
I put that on everything, bitch
I put that on everything, I put that on everything
I put that on everything, bitch we here to stay
I put that on everything

[Verse 2 – Machine Gun Kelly:]
Me and the crew sippin brews, steady skipping school
Never trusted no one so we tuck a 22
Call a couple bitches, fuck em till they mouths drool
That’s how a young muhfucka from the land do
I mean a young muhfucka from the land too trill, too real, too I’ll
Excuse me if I do not do it for the camera
Bitch I grew up in the jungle, I’m fucking bananas
My gorillas with me and m dealer with me
With 50 pounds of the sticky icky
Straight from the… boys in the Windy City
Pity, pity these mothafuckas smokin bunk
I light a j and kill a verse, put that shit in the trunk
Back in shaker used to kill em on the table a ton
Bet a couple dollars you could lose the shit if you want
Fuck a rest, still chase change
Always make the mothafucka money
Mever let the money make me, bitch
Young gunner, salute when you see me
I live what I’m rapping for real, you just do it for TV, believe me
My hands bulimic, throwin up L’s
Those fans deleted wack rappers and listen to Kells
Used to walk up to the dairy market, get me a shell
Cop a gram from the 5 for my homies in bail
Still 357 under the front of my belt
Now my album is selling off the fucking front of the shelves
This a evolution, a real mothafucka made it, what a revolution
Still muhfuckas hate it, but they couldn’t do it
Let me educate the students
You couldn’t measure my ground with 80 million rulers
I do this
Shhhh, you could try me if you want and be foolish
But I’m the champion, that means that everyone else loses
You put that money on me, guaranteed you’ll recoup it
Bitch I am legend, name a rapper that I haven’t influenced

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Machine Gun Kelly

Breaking News – Machine Gun Kelly

[Intro: talking – Interview Sound Clip of Diddy]
No mercy has begun
Ladies and gentlemen
Machine Gun Kelly
This kid, I think he is a star
He’s one of the best live performers I’ve ever seen
He’s also more importantly a movement

[Verse 1:]
Backpack? Fuck that
I was always hanging where the thugs at
I was always hanging with the rugrats
Someone come and show me where the drugs at
Someone come and pop on a hot song, meaning my shit, get an iPhone take a video and make it last long get some popcorn because I murder every single instrumental that I get on
And a muthafucka isn’t gonna stop the shit
Until I make an album like a 2pacalypse
Until I’m killing everybody like in Auschwitz
Until I’m revolutionary like a Gandhi is
Until I’m poppin’ all these bottles to accomplishments
Until I’m always hot no matter what the climate is
Until whenever somebody is feeling talkative my name is brought up, doesn’t matter what the topic is
Didn’t think I rap? Bitch I flow like “boom boom bap”
Bitch I come from where you never moved at
Look into my room get a view, look at my past
God damn
Got weed, got jack, oxy’s? Had that
Got Jimi, got Slash, got shrooms, got hash
Bipolar syndrome, kicked in, got mad
Walked on the red carpet like kiss my ass you bitch

[More Sound Clips of Various People talking about MGK:]
He was truly the only developed on-point performer on the bill
If you know anything about lyricists, then you know who MGK is
I need a freestyle, I need to hear Machine Gun Kelly spit

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[Verse 2:]
Fuck that, y’all don’t gotta hear shit
Ask anybody in the 216 if my name rings bells in them bricks
“Man everybody know who that is”
What you hate, boy? You late, boy
You ain’t heard about that great boy?
3 letter name cacausian boy
Used to live right there up the way, boy
You heard about him, you’ve said the name
You saw the iTunes and clicked to play
You liked the shit and you bought the shit
Put him on the playlist right next to Jay
Then your girl saw me, I signed her tits
And she disappeared you couldn’t find the bitch
Then your heart stopped you know what time it is
I put my dick in her common sense
Fuck boy you lonely
Fuck boy you phony
You would think these fuck boys fucking boys with the way that they be all on me
If it ain’t EST in your mouth… then whatever you rep is corny
Got a new single without me on it? That shit’s boring, bitch I’m snoring
Man I’m touring every damn day
I showed y’all how to turn up
100 j’s in my ashtray bitch I showed y’all how to burn up
I sacrificed what y’all wouldn’t give to these kids and now you love fans?
None of these rappers got a movement tell ’em quit jocking my ass
God damn…
And y’all can have the bloggers I don’t type shit
God gave me both these hands to fight with
Now say goodnight quick because my right fist’s like Vicodin
Might just throw you on the ground like dices
Might just go into the pocket with your license, get a wallet and a couple dollars, buy nice shit
Dyke bitches all over my dick, that’s priceless
I just fuck ’em if they’re wet like Pisces
Wives is jealous of the bitch I’m with cause they almost F’d like D-… get it?
Digest every little word I’m spittin’ cause it’s food for thought so pay attention
Better listen, I’m on a mission to killing off all of my competition and if you are with that then good riddance muthafucka!

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[Outro: Talking – More Various Interview Sound Clips]
Now Machine Gun Kelly seems like somebody you would diss,
Lyrically I wouldn’t think you’d like Machine Gun Kelly
What are you trying to say, he’s wack or something?
He is wack
He’s not wack
He’s better than 80% of the rappers out there
It must be nice being MGK right now
The rapper recently released what he says to be the true meaning of his Lace Up movement
If there was ever a musical speaker that I could put out there for my personality, Machine Gun Kelly was it

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Machine Gun Kelly

Blue Skies – Machine Gun Kelly

[Verse 1:]
Look, never had a cent now I got a bent
I ain’t talkin Bentley’s, I’m talkin a bitch
I got her bent over she bustin them splits
Looking up at the star, I’m telling her make a wish
Hoes come around me tryna leave rich
But I give em no shit so they leave pissed
Fuck em, Here is to the night, like Eve 6
My partner ain’t gotta put the dough into the deep dish
Mic check, can you hear me?
I’m loud as a symphony
Smoke in my lungs, I’m a chimney
Get it in your head like epiphanies
Realize I am Prince Akeem, I roll with the semi
So many repent me, part of em resent me
They think I’m Lucifer, I think God blessed me
I was in hell while you rappers on Jet ski’s
How in the fuck can yo raps represent me?
I was on ten, now I’m on fifty
I just spent a hundred, tell em roll it up quickly
I just got a hundred missed calls from the city
Keep it 100, everybody fuck with me
Keep it 100, Kells, Keep it 100
Fuck ya’ll, you don’t know nothing
I keep it 3 thou like Andre
I done been an Outkast since I came up out mom’s stomach
I been smoking weed since I was a fetus
Lil bad mothafucka, needed Baby Jesus
Tryna be a millionaire, where the fuck Regis?
Leaders of the new school and we all teachers
First lesson blue skies, blue dream, red eyes and catch red eyes
Fuck the real world, Kells

Throw it up when you see me, roll one up when you see me, stay real
Throw it up when you see me, roll one up when you see me, for real
Throw it up when you see me, roll one up when you see me, stay real
Throw it up when you see me, roll one up when you see me, for real

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[Verse 2:]
24/7 I’m putting in work, came from the gutter no stain on my shirt
You know the land is where champions birthed
So I hold the title till I land in the dirt
Motorcycles, auto-rifles, and purp
Overnight they think I tripled my worth
Gotta stay ready, these haters will lurk
But this ain’t what you want, now I’m feeling like dirt
This ain’t what you want
Sing that shit to em like Gerald Levert
Couldn’t sleep on me with Ambien first
Let the kid nap like an Amber alert
Wake up and you know I had to get turnt
Bottle of Jameson matching my shirt
Back on the road, gotta pack up the merch
And I smoke so much tree that I damage the earth
Yeah, EST watch it
Don’t make me get on my young shit
Don’t get me talking that gun shit
Don’t make me turn this whole thing to a function
Don’t make assumptions
I’m from the C, I ain’t talkin bout Compton
I’m from the 6, I ain’t talkin Toronto
Bitch I’m from Cleveland, you know the motto
I’m the city’s Lucky Luciano, the gunner


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