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An Elegy – Burgerkill

There’s Something I’ve Been Missing
I Cant Hold My Head Up High
Its Getting Really Hard To Laugh
And Realize That You’re Already Gone

These Tears Always Paint Me
My Sins Are Constantly Judging Me
I Cannot Run….I Cannot Hide
Its Killing Me And Dragging Me Down

I Can Feel Your Eyes Are Watching
But I Cant Hold My Head Up High
Its Getting Really Hard To Understand
The Way You Leave Me…The Way You Leave Me

And I’m Still Here Standing On This Endless Road
Never Had A Chance To Say Thanks
Never Had A Chance To Say Goodbye

So Much Sadness. What Happened To Happiness?
Life Is To Short For Questions
And It’s Hard To Find The Answers

Mezmerized By The Light You Exposed
Igniting A Fire Inside My Soul
This Strength Runs Through My Veins
Wish I Could Bring You Here Again

Start A New Beginning
Back To Track And Learning
Until We Meet Again….

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Homeless Crew – Burgerkill

What have you got from your society
They just make you being pressed down
Do you ever think to break down the wall
And let me be what you wanna be!

Bring your hatred away from home
Let’s stand apart from society
Struggling our life survive in the street
Forget the statue that’s the way we’re

Here we are from the street scream and shout
Hear nothing feel nothing just straight ahead
This is the way we live forget your self
Different mind different styles but keep rebel

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Tinggalkan Aku Terdiam – Burgerkill

Kau campakkan aku terbuang
Tanpa penggalan kata tercipta

Kau pergi Setan!
Hilang Lenyap!
Pergi Jauh!

Lingkaran sesak rasa
Terhimpit rasa kecewa
Berpaling sisakan harap
Terlepas aku terjatuh

Kau tinggalkan aku terdiam
Sudah cukup derita terasa
Biar kupendam segala benci dan dendam

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Darah Hitam Kebencian – Burgerkill

Kecam diriku penuh dengan makian, cacian!
Seakan diri ini tertampar, terhempas lepas

Darah Hitam, Pekat Kebencian!

Beban akalku suram buram, tertekan…
Remukan hasratku, taklukan keras jiwaku…
Kau maki aku…

Darah Hitam Kebencian… Penuhi nafsuku
Darah Hitam Kebencian Pekat,
Pekatkan Hitamku

Resapi diriku yang kau anggap bencana, selami hidupku
Yang kau pandang suram, jangan pernah kau lihat aku sampah
Akan kutunjukan tajam taringku


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