Star – Bastian Bintang

I’ll ignore all my desiresSo that you can be calm with him I bet all my bodyFor you star Reff:Let me reach youHug you.. Pamper you..Sleep You In my armsIn my arms.. In my arms.. Let me postpone all my desires‘To own you Because everything has been implied, you are mine Back to Ref Until …

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Take Care of My Love (OST My Fair Lady) – Na Yoon Kwon

eonjebuteo nae mame deureowa saratdeon geoyaeonjebuteo jeo haneul saegi pingkeu bit ingeoya jakku saenggangna useumna ne apeseon anin cheok haedodoraseomyeon eonjena sangsanghaesseo naneol wihan geunsahan gobaegeul (I promise) deo jalhae julgese sang boran deut akkyeo julgeyeppeun nune nunmul han bangul an muchigeyeolsimhi deo saranghae julge(don’t worry) neon batgiman haejogeum neurigo seotuljimanhan yeoreume nuni wado byeonhaji …

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Rock City – Kings of Leon

I was running through the desertI was looking for drugs,And I was searching for a womanWho was willing to love,So I could take her like a woman.Yeah take her like a woman. I was looking for a bad girlLooking for a bad boy,Someone who could take all the night away.Oh baby I could shake it …

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