Instalirik: Top 5 rising music bands you should listen to

Instalirik: Top 5 rising music bands you should listen to

Music is an execution of an artist’s vision, even if it takes a group to happen. With the rise of many bands today, Instalirik curated a list of the top 5 rising bands you should check out and watch for this year. These bands all have exciting points in their careers and have potentially bright futures in their hands. Check them out below:

  1. Crumb


  • Lila Ramani on guitar and vocals
  • Jesse Brotter on bass and vocals
  • Bri Aronow on synthesizers, keyboards and saxophone
  • Jonathan Gilad on drums

Background of the band:

The four college friends above met while attending Tufts University. Due to their common passion for music, they decided to form an American indie rock band called Crumb in 2016. Their debut album titled ‘Locket’ is a freeform indie rock album with soothing loose jazz and lo-fi genre. 

Crumb’s latest concert schedule was interrupted due to the COVID pandemic, but their slow and steady approach to music made them stay on the rock genre’s cutting edge. Check out the lyrics of their latest song ‘Ice Melt’ which was released last April 30, 2021, below:

Ice Melt

[Verse 1]

You press on my temples deep

You said I whimper in my sleep

In my head, there is a street

Walk on down it feels so sweet


And I sleep to let it be

And I sleep so I can breathe

[Verse 2]

Plastic bunnies metal trees

Let’s make them burn before I leave

Pour the ice melt watch it steam

Is it like magic or a dream?


It all drips down into the sea

It disappears like one, two, three

  1. Weston Estate


  • Srikar Nanduri on guitar
  • Manas Panchavati on vocals
  • Tanmay Joshi on vocals
  • Abhi Manhass on bass
  • Marco Luka on vocals

Background of the band:

Weston Estate was formed by accident in 2017 during a party in North Carolina when the band’s bass and vocals Abhi Manhass and Tanmay Joshi started freestyling. Eager to continue their creative spark, Abhi invited the rest of the band members, Srikar Nanduri, Manas Panchavati and Marco Luka to his house and do their first recording session. 

Together, the R&B band members tapped into their Indian culture, eclectic personalities and individual tastes to carve out their place in the music industry. When they graduated high school, the boys focused on putting their talents into something unique. Finally, they gained local popularity with their hit songs such as ‘2 AM’ and ‘Luka!’. 

The group continued maturing their sound over the years and began exploring more alternative and diverse sounds. Their latest song ‘Pears’, released last April 21, 2021, is a powerful one filled with emotional and dreamy vocals. This track proves that Weston Estate has grown and developed like no other new band in the industry. Check out the lyrics of ‘Pears’ below:


[Verse 1]

The paintings on the wall, they keep haunting me

I wish I could recall what you’ve done to me

My feelings won’t resolve till you talk to me

And I’m certain that you’ll call, but I’m too naive


Sometimes I feel alone

Hide in my secrets you need to know

I cannot feel no more

All of my demons with me at home


I saw your face in the water

I can’t replace what we started, I did

Everything that you could’ve wanted

Everything’s better when you’re honest

Out in public to keep me up

I don’t like what I’m dreaming of

Things wе’re taking don’t give enough

I’m tirеd of hating what I’ve become

[Verse 2]

It’s hard to deal with everything I’m ignoring

And to be real I probably won’t even show it

I don’t know why I wake up every morning

You don’t know why you’re with me in the moment

But please don’t go away

I’ll believe it all, every word you say

I can’t take the fall, I need you to blame

You’ve been in my thoughts, running through my brain


Baby, honestly

I think that I would rather sleep

I never wanna show

The way that I can bleed

  1. Chai


  • L Yuuki on bass and chords
  • Kana on guitar and vocals
  • Mana on keyboard and vocals
  • Yuna on drums and chords

Chai is a Japanese rock band consisting of four women from Nagoya, Japan. The band was formed in 2012 by twin sisters Mana and Kana alongside Yuna and Yuuki who are all in the same class at high school. They were members of a music club and performed covers of musicians such as Toyko Jihen and Aiko. 

After the members graduated, they decided to form a band with a name coming from the Russian tea, Chai. The band’s music is loose and intricate with magical and refreshing instrumental tunes. Chai mostly performed first around Aichi city and eventually moved to venues around Tokyo. 

The band started releasing independent singles in 2013 and permanently moved to Tokyo in 2016 to focus on becoming full-time musicians. In October 2016, the band signed with Sony Music Japan and released their debut studio album titled ‘Pink’ in October 2017. The album became a hit and reached the top 41 on Oricon’s Album Chart. Check out the lyrics of their track ‘In Pink’ below:

In Pink


I know you never pick up the pink

But I know you like this beat so much

I know you said pink is too young

But I know you like this beat so much

[Verse 1]

Love? Cheap? Nerd? Joke?

In pink we trust

Not true

Get old with us

‘Cause I fell in love with pink

Wear pink to fly, to cry and unite

Wear pink 

In pink we trust forever

[Verse 2]

CHAI forever

Don’t stop forever

CHAI don’t stop (forever)

Your heart is pink

And I’m always gonna trust you

As long as your heart is linked to the colour

Hmm, pink gonna show you the way

Open up your heart love

You’re never goin back now

Ooh, pink is the colour of the future

If you open your eyes forever, forever, forever

(Hey) forever, forever


Yay, stand up with, stand up with, stand up with pink

Life goes on, so, life goes on

In pink we trust

Stand up with, stand up with, stand up with pink

Life goes on, so, life goes on

In pink we trust

Everything is in pink all the time

Everything is in pink all the time

  1. Slow Pulp


  • Emily Massey on vocals and guitars
  • Alex Leeds on bass
  • Teddy Matthews on drums
  • Henry Stoehr on guitar

Slow Pulp was formed when childhood friends Teddy Mathews, Alex Leeds and Henry Stoehr decided to start a rock band in 2015. Two years later, they released an album titled EP2 which featured their new member Emily Massey who was the final piece of the puzzle. The band caught a lot of attention when they released their first studio album ‘Moveys’ under their label Winspear in October 2020. 

The band’s album ‘Moveys’ proved the personal growth of each member of the Chicago-based independent rock band. Here, the band sings about the challenges, personal upheaval and the pandemic, all while learning how to improve as better singers and friends. Check out the lyrics of their track ‘Falling Apart’ below:

Falling Apart

[Verse 1]

Looking at the TV

Thinking that you’re dreaming

I don’t think you know

How to handle

You have got to step up

Show that you can be enough

Make it okay

It’s hard to swallow


Why don’t you go back

To falling apart

You were so good at that

You’re one in a million now

You don’t want to take the time

You just need to seem alright

[Verse 2]

Feeling like a deadbeat

Everything is incomplete

I don’t think you know

What it takes for

Looking at the feeling

I know that you’re missing

Take it away

I’ve got to let go


Why don’t you go back

To falling apart

You were so good at that

You’re one in a million now

You don’t wanna take the time

You just got to be alright

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