Instalirik: Your destination for all things music

Instalirik: Your destination for all things music

Welcome to Instalirik! Where you can find more about the bands, singers, albums and songs you love! Here, you can dive deeper into your favourite song and be updated about the upcoming and new releases. It is time to listen to music in a more creative and informative way by knowing the background of the singer, the meaning of the song as well as its lyrics. 

There are thousands of tracks and albums here on Instalirik. Whether you are driving, partying or relaxing at home, your favourite songs are always at your fingertips! We are dedicated to ensuring that each fan can grow and build their knowledge about music and the artists that they follow. 

Home of the best album reviews and song lyrics

Are you getting ready for karaoke or struggling to memorize your favourite singer’s lines? Instalirik has a huge collection of song lyrics and album details from an endless array of genres and artists for you! On this website, you can learn more about your favourite songs and artists as you delve deeper into their lyrics and the stories behind them. Browse our lyrics and album database so you can stay updated on their latest releases! 

Monthly top 10 most popular songs

The music world is vast and ever-changing. You might not know every single released out there and sometimes you might miss out on the hidden gems. Instalirik is the perfect place for you if you love exploring different genres of music, especially Indie!

By posting the top 10 most popular songs every month, Instalirik can regularly keep our site visitors updated on the latest songs and albums! Each list is complete with the album details, song descriptions and song lyrics. Be sure to check the site often to check out the latest releases and most popular songs in various genres!

Share your musical skill and let your talent be known

If you are an avid music lover that has a knack for making superb music, let Instalirik help you in making your talent known all over the world by submitting your work to us! Through the help of our superb team, we can feature your self-made album here on our website. Just contact us by filling up the form on the contact page and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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