Top 4 most iconic music videos of all time

Music videos have been in the scene for quite some time now and with annual hits here and there you’re bound to remember these imprinted at the back of your mind. And one word that describes music videos in the early days is, creative. Since the technology wasn’t as advanced as today they made use of what they had and is undoubtedly better than most music video releases today.

It’s hard not to wonder out of so many amazing music videos, which ones are by far the most iconic. These are usually the ones you remember crystal clear and even turning into Halloween costumes at some point, that’s how iconic it was. So if you’re curious to know about it, Instalirik has listed the top iconic music videos of all time down below:

  1. Thriller – Michael Jackson

Thriller by Michael Jackson takes the top for being the most iconic music video of all time. It was directed by John Landis who decided to take the chance to direct even if it wasn’t a normal occurrence for directors to direct music videos at the time but that soon changed because of this. This was filmed in October 1983 in ZLos Angeles. The music video was nearly 14-minutes long and with a dash of horror, dance and music Thriller was nominated for six VMAs in 1984 and won three!

  1. November Rain – Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses were one of the biggest bands in 1992, which is why they were given a $1 million budget for this music video. When Axl Rose’s nine-minute song, Use Your Illusion I was ultimately published, it had been a seed in his mind for over a decade. The song’s crazy nature deserved an epic video to match it. Everything in this film is expansive, from the wedding scenes with roses and girlfriend Stephanie Seymour to the performance scenes to slash weeping away in front of a chapel in New Mexico.

  1. Sledgehammer – Peter Gabriel

Sledgehammer directed by Stephen R. Johnson featured a stop-motion music video that caught people’s attention. The singer Peter Gabriel had to lie behind a sheet of glass for 16 hours in the music video but it was time well spent since it went on to win nine awards at the 1987 MTV Music Video Awards and it remains one of the most-played music videos in the station’s history. 

  1. Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana

The championship single from 1991’s huge Nevermind was “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” and its video helped establish Nirvana’s status as ‘The Only Band That Mattered’. It was directed by Samuel Bayer who captured the band’s grimy, gritty vibe by anchoring the video at a punk pep rally filled with cheerleaders raving about the anarchy symbol. Kurt Cobain’s restless creativity shows through as well, although he was unsatisfied with Bayer’s original cut. He re-edited this music video to add the iconic last close-up of his wobbly Joker-smile, and filming finished with a full-blown mosh pit on his orders.