Instalirik: Get closer to your favourite music and artists

Instalirik: Get closer to your favourite music and artists

About us

Launched in 2000, Instalirik started when its founder, Will Boston, created his first lyrics site. The reason behind this is the lack of quality sites that offer accurate lyrics during that time. Will began posting song lyrics of the latest music and later on included the album details as well. To his surprise, the site soon received hundreds of daily visitors and started receiving album and lyrics suggestions. 

As Instalirik expanded with new features such as the monthly top 10 popular songs and various song contests, it began allowing users to navigate through the site easier. From a plain lyrics website, it has become a place where visitors can share and expand their music interests with the world.

Frequently asked questions

Here at Instalirik, we value your feedback and opinions and we use them to work on and improve our site. Browse the top questions about our website as well as our answers by reading below:

  • How does my favourite album get added to Instalirik?

To get your favourite album to be included in the roster of Instalirik‚Äôs album info, you can send us a request to feature the album by contacting us. Simply fill up the form on our contact page. We will consider the album and get back to you as soon as we can. 

  • What if the album photo or song lyrics on Instalirik are wrong?

If you think the album photo posted on Instalirik is wrong, you may send us the new and updated photo. The photo should be at least 400px in width. Send it to us via email or our contact page. Same as the album photo, if you think the song lyrics are wrong, kindly notify us of the correct lyrics through our contact form and we will do our best to re-check the lyrics.

  • How do I stream, download or purchase music on Instalirik?

Instalirik is not a streaming site and we cannot provide you with the full album tracks. We also do not sell any products directly on our site. 

  • How can I submit a suggestion on Instalirik?

Any suggestion or feedback related to Instalirik can be sent via our contact form here at our site.

  • How can I get in touch with an artist on your album review?

Instalirik does not have any way to get into contact with bands, musicians or labels. You may want to get in touch with them by contacting them directly through their social media accounts.

Contact us

For general inquiries, comments or concerns regarding Instalirik and its content, please contact us via the form on our website. Simply include your email address, name, purpose, message and files if there are any. We look forward to being of service and we will get back to you as soon as we can.