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Wiz Khalifa

Burn Slow (Feat. Rae Sremmurd) – Wiz Khalifa

Lirik lagu: Burn Slow (Feat. Rae Sremmurd)

[Hook: Swae Lee (Wiz Khalifa)]
(Niggas gonna need a nap in a little bit)
Burn slow (Get back up from a trap nap)
Burn slow, burn slow
(I’m burning slow right now)
Burn slow
(I’m at the end of the inscent)
Burn slow, burn slow
(Niggas ain’t got kids)
Burn slow, burn slow

[Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa]
Nobody open the door
Homie I blow by the “O”
Burning it down, good shit is all that I know
I done had all that before
Shawty a pro, told her get down on the floor
She take it all in her throat
She wanna go, smell the weed all in my clothes
Fuck her, don’t need her no more
Six in a row, get a bitch, give her the bone
Break her like six in them stones
Niggas so cold, thinking I sit in the snow
I keep a bitch getting stoned
Smoke in my home, all my whips covered in chrome
All my dips love giving dome
Get it to go, back to my crib stuffing cones
Y’all either kids or my clones
We turnt up on marijuana and champagne
Them niggas talk who they are, but they don’t do a thing
Can’t tell me I ain’t drunk, I’m on that water in a cup
Different strokes, find me a bitch I can poke
I’mma go get me an “O” and

[Hook: Swae Lee]
Burn slow, burn slow
Burn slow, burn slow
Burn slow, burn slow
Burn slow, burn slow

[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]
Got a couple thousand dollars and some change rolled up
I get money every day so everything’s on us
I got my own strain, it come with my name
Go straight to the brain, your shit ain’t the same
A different lane, we sipping champagne
I been in the game, just give me a flame
She looking for change, I’m rolling up Jane
I’m balling insane, got more than six rings
In love with my slang, I’m puffing a J
I hunt her today, come up with a play
Most of these niggas be wanting to cuff on a bitch
I just be up in the way, stuff in the safe
I’m loving the race, stuck in first place
Fuck her for days
Them niggas wanna talk about it but they don’t wanna roll
What it takes to be a real G, they don’t even know
I go to her page, she come to my place
It look like a maze, we roll up a plane
She look at my change, she start giving brain
If they ain’t the gang, then we ain’t the same

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[Hook: Swae Lee]
Burn slow, burn slow
Burn slow, burn slow
Burn slow, burn slow
Burn slow, burn slow

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Wiz Khalifa

Real Estate – Wiz Khalifa

ya’ll already know what it is man
If they wanna know my name, they look up and see the gang
Ugh, its not a problem, we spending change

[Verse 1]
Got the pedal to the medal when I pull up out the garage
they feelin ’em at all, these niggas a mirage
handling my biz like a full body of massage, hands on
niggas gon hate, hoes wanna menage
cops fuck wit me hopin to get a charge
hoes leaving their man, fuckin us cause our cars
if its one thing I know, its smokin and living large
got me speedin down the interstate
see what I’m eatin, wanna piece up off my dinner plate
hey she fuckin me cause how I win a race
plus I aint cheap, I roll the reefer counting bigger cake
wait I’m talkin fast car, big estate
money come in cash plus in the bank
nigga don’t believe me, throw it in your face
bitch I’m in the building like real estate

They say I’m still the same
you know it aint a thang
Beside the zip code aint a damn thang changed
I’m gettin money, keep the champaigne coming
Might crack a smile but aint a damn thang funny, nooo, noooo, uh ha
I’m straight, when you gettin money muthafukas gonna hate
find the baddest bitch and get her number,
I dont even call her (call her, call her)
feel like a million dollars

When they make it,
they should put my face up on a million dollar bill
dollar bill, dollar bill
cause thats how I feel yup
cause thats how I feel yup
cause thats how I feel yup
cause thats how I feel yup
when they make it,
they should put my face up on a million dollar bill
dollar bill, dollar bill
cause thats how I feel yup
cause thats how I feel yup
cause thats how I feel yup
cause thats how I feel yup

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[Verse 2]
Ballin’s not a hobby, its my occupation
hoes on my dick, thats my confirmation
couple stars with me, thats a constelation
Jacksons, Grants, Benjys, thats my conversation
touch the pedal once, it look like I’m racing
eyes chinese, smoke like I’m jamacian,
V.I.P rollin’ doobies up and face it
12 bottles of Rose, I’m on some gang shit
gettin all the shit, cake crumblin
aint nothin, told them lil niggas I take from ’em
laughin my all the way to the bank
tried to talk but they can’t
they just stand there when they starin
hatin, mumblin,
what you make a year, I guarantee I spend it clubbin
started kinda hot, now its safe to say we bubblin
400 on a zip, blow it all day
another city, state, another mill to make


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Wiz Khalifa

Look What I Got On – Wiz Khalifa

[Verse 1]
Hold up
I done made eighty grand a nigga didn’t even show up
Niggas used to talk about the way that I dress
Now I see them on they videos pants legs rolled up
Wasn’t even thinking bout getting a Rolex
Now I got a Rolex and the whole thing froze up
Now you takin pictures of this shit
Walk around getting bitches off this shit
They just talkin but I’m living off this shit
Kenny Powers really feel like I’m the shit
MC Hammer pants I feel like I’m legit
9/11 not the day but thats the whip
Taylor Gang they be on this shit
Always on the grind tryna keep my mind on the finer things
I gotta get that’ll make a nigga rich
Lotta new kicks lotta new fits
Lotta swag that you see on me that’ll take a nigga bitch
They get dressed I could get up and go
Grabbing all my shit up and roll
Walked in and lit up the store
Took a dab and roll another joint I lit up for show
And my bitch is like a pin-up if I like it then I buy it
Most of the time the shit is free and they just send it
Major paper and winning and my outfits sick
I’m a walk up in this bitch and I’m a make a nigga spit up

Can’t get this just from the store
That’s a one of one that mean they don’t make it no more
I be like look what I got on look at what I got on
I be like look what I got on look at what I got on
Never seen it before
Try spending what I’m spending and you’ll probably go broke
I be like look what I got on look at what I got on
I be like look what I got on look at what I got on

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[Verse 2]
Have you ever seen a nigga dress good as me
Have you ever seen a nigga go shopping for the first
Turn around right where the leathers be
Have you ever seen a nigga with some shit wonder where he get it
When you try to get the thing in the store
Have you ever seen a nigga lookin’ crazy then the motherfucker
In it but the price you don’t even know
Never seen nobody walk up in the store without no money
When they come out they hands are full of hella bags
Never seen nobody come into the store and get the treatment that I get
I guess that mean I spend hella bands
Have you ever got your suit tailor’d by the man
Have you ever got your suit floated by the man
You don’t get that kind of money you don’t understand
You ain’t ever touch a hundred grand
You just say you do
Like a lame would do
My Taylor Gang niggas a fatal crew
We taking your paper and rocking the latest
You try to hate but my clique hater proof
My closet go on for a day or two
Ain’t one of them niggas who switch the shit it up
No I’m staying true like a player do
So show me my tab and who to pay it to
Fuck you and them niggas you came with too


[Bridge: Wiz Khalifa]
Old hags look at what I got on
Young niggas look at what I got on
Broke niggas look at what I got on
Rich niggas look at what I got on

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[Verse 3: Wiz Khalifa]
And I’m floating, my windows open
My eyes all low cause I’m off that potent
They jacking my style I got that notion
Can’t even get it, you on that slow shit
Pull up in it, they like “oh shit”
Hella expensive, smoking explosive
Where did he get them? nobody knows it
Don’t even go there


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Wiz Khalifa

Soulmate – Wiz Khalifa

Taylor gang or die.
Cloud crowd.
Heavy hustlin.


Big money, small money
Short money, tall money

Soon after we locked eyes,
I had a vision of me inside.
I stimulate your mind and give your body everything it wants.
Private school her whole life,
got an infatuation with being bad.
You take her out to shop and spend it all,
cause she don’t see them tags.
I get deep inside her soul though,
if she was a guitar I’d treat her like the solo,
and pull my fingers through your hair.
And last night was amazing,
I could honestly say that you’re the best I ever had.
And you don’t remember cause you weren’t even there,
but your soul was.

Keep goin, just catch up on the next one.
ay, ay.

We don’t make love, I touch your soul girl.

She don’t party where the rest go.
You need to be able to let your hair down,
so you can feel good.
Girl you can buy your own drinks, drive your own car,
purchase them louis bags on your own.
Her parents money long,
but since she grown she’d rather spend yours.
I get deep inside her soul though.
Go into the drag and beat it like I’m bolo.
And so you think it’s too much.
And even though now you figurin out how or what we shouldn’t have did,
to your friends you’ll admit that we have fun.
Okay, okay.

Ay, ay.
Ay, ay.

Let’s ride to the gate so you can meet the mayor.
I’m gonna a beat top man,
I’m gonna take you to never never land.
When you’re all dried up,
here’s an ocean to wet the sand.
Of course I’m gonna see what’s good with your fancy car.

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I’m relighting in the dark, to her lock I got the key.
And niggas down to get a copy.

How does it feel this great when you’re not even here?
And you climax with the thought of me,
that mean we gotta be

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