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Missy Elliott

Busta’s Intro – Missy Elliott

(feat. Busta Rhymes)
Ay yo yo yoyo yoyoyoyo
Ay yo yo yoyo yoyoyoyo
Ay yo yo yo yo
Ay yo Missy
I just came out here a hour & twenty five minutes
on one of them Gilligan island shits of New York & Virginia
Word up!to visit your ass,and you playin’ shit like this up in my ears.
What the fuck you think you doin’ thinkin’ I ain’t gonna get on this
mutha fucka before I bounce.
Yo check this out,let me hit you with this real shit real quick Missy.
One shot baby just let me do my shit for a minute on your shit.
Check it out.
Ah hahahah!
I continue to disreguard all of ya’lls opinian
Ahah!Blast! your whole ass into oblivian,eheaha,makin’ New York with
Eheh,this shit be baggin’,eheh.
If you disagree,Uhah!,before I smoke this,& get a little drunk and a
little pissy,when I finish my music Ima make all ya’ll mutha fuckas miss
See who is he,that girl right there who is she?
It’s Busta Ruhmes and Missy,niggaz when ya come around Missy don’t act
like a fuckin’ sissy.
No chicken headz allowed here,no time for the kissy kissy,and when they
askin’ who is he?
I be Busta Ryhmes the pheneminal of get busy,strictly major
effected,ya’ll niggaz know the drilly,we gettin’ money togetha,trackin’
stacks and then countin’ em
Ya’ll niggaz stay tuned for the rest of my homegirl Missy’s album
Word up!Flip Mode is the mutha fuckin’ squad!
Busta Ryhmes commin’ in right here with this quick lil’ drop on ya.
Ah yo ya’ll niggaz stay focussed!Keep ya eyes and ears on this
fulfillin’ shit,Missy be numba one!
Blossumin’,like beautiful flowers on ya’ll mutha fuckas!
Stay Tuned.
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Missy Elliott

Get Contact – Missy Elliott

(feat. Busta Rhymes)
When I through my uh!! in it I split it
Mess around, make you ask who did it
Forget your pride go admit
My stank butt make you wonder who shitted
Whoa there kitty
Got a fitty from the city got a minute now I’m chillin (Talk to me now)
No time you silly
Fakin me like you Milli Vanilli
When they play this in the club they go nuts
Sweat all night ’till it smell like must
So Busta whats to discust?
I don’t know but boy whats up (Throw it up, throw it up girl)
Boy you pretty
I got a bitty from the city and my hair looking pretty
Oh you didn’t
No bullshit and you gonna get it

[Busta Rhymes]
Yo, I’m a get it and give it to all y’all
Hopin’ you niggas is ready for another free fall
Overall niggas need to get up off the wall
If they wanna brawl Missy give me a call
Yo, not at all everytime I raid the rift
Before we bust yo’ ass better plead the 5th
Shut your mouth you niggas talk to much in my house
Me and Missy lets get this money thats what I’m talkin about
Then you come nigga wanna be down
Shootin’ your load I hope you know we got the rebound
Real quick break fool know we blow your mind
Off the hook nigga fix your telephone line
When we come through tell me what you gonna do
Give me my money quick so then I can thank you
Word is born you knowin’ I only get better
Everytime supafly dangerous elements get together

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[Chorus 2x]
She’s Mrs. Supafly
He’s Mr. Dangerous
And if you bust then they gonna bust
And one of us gonna have to duck

When I play this in my jeep you’ll see
How this beat, rumble under my feet (Under my feet, yeah)
Go ahead, you cute
If you cute then I get cute too
Go ahead Missy I got many so many men I got plenty (What what)
I ain’t kindin, dance alone why don’t you come dance wit me
When I bumped this one the left they go deaf
Bust yo ear drums until none left (Till none left)
Whoa there Busta, they don’t like us, they don’t love us well fuck em
Oh you silly you don’t kill me you don’t feel me, boy you illin
We ain’t dealin
If no drinks then we ain’t chillin

[Busta Rhymes]
Yo Miss Supafly let me hit me and Missy we gonna get all up in it
All in a minute get wit it
When I was young gettin’ babysitted
A nigga blow the spot up make you ask who did it
Contact everytime I touch a track
Freak out wiggle your funny bone and bounce back yo
Nigga see me in the back (Who dat?)
You don’t know my name I’m knowin motherfucker (True dat)
You wack you better improve your shit
When I bounce on beats lyrics might abuse your shit
Make music so I can lose your mind
So hide when I finish make you wanna press for wine
Nigga see the DJ cuttin’ it up
Bringin’ it back rippin’ the track you know we fuckin it up
Got you suckin it up
My nigga chill out, make you ill out
And watch all of the Moet spill out

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Missy Elliott

Busa Rhyme – Missy Elliott

(feat. Eminem)
[Missy] Slim Shady [4X]

Well I do pop pills, I keep my tube socks filled
and pop the same shit that got Tupac killed
Spit game to these hoes, like a soap opera episode
and punch a bitch in the nose, til her whole face explodes
There’s three things I hate: girls, women and bitches
I’m that vicious to walk up, and drop-kick midgets
They call me Boogie Night, the stalker that walks awkward
Stick figure, with a dick bigger than Mark Wahlberg
Comin through the airport, sluggish, walkin on crutches
Hit a fuckin [pregnant chick] in her [stomach] with luggage
It’s like a dream I can’t snap out, I black out, and back out
I’m lookin for someone “of” to beat the crap “out”
I’m bringin you rap singers two middle fingers
I flip you off in French, then translate in English
Then I’ma vanish off the face of the planet and come back
speakin so much Spanish, Pun can’t even understand it

[Missy] Won’t you busa rhyme for me boy .. Slim Shady
[Shady] Yeah
[Missy] Won’t you busa rhyme for me boy .. Slim motherfuckin Shady
[Shady] Yeah
[Missy] Won’t you busa rhyme for me boy .. Slim Shady
[Shady] Yeah
[Missy] Won’t you busa rhyme for me boy ..

I had a huge attitude, started off staticky
Mad at you, had you mad at me automatically (one more time)
I’m not a commodity, I’m an oddity
who oddly enough developed himself a Halloween following
It’s so big, if I counted up all the freaks who follow me
I’d probably owe Ozzy Osbourne an apology
College girls, live in an alcoholic’s world
full of earl, head twirls every time the toilet swirls *flush*
Covered in throw-up, and I refuse to grow up
I won’t budge, I still tell a grown-up to shut up (SHUT UP!)
I made this rap game suspenseful, cause now I got a impulse
to give you insults wrote with a pencil (bitch)
and waste the paper on you, choppin down the oakwood
Cause everything that you wrote in your notebook was no good
And as long as I stay in the studio and keep cuttin
You motherfuckers are puttin your words together for nuttin

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[Missy] Won’t you busa rhyme for me boy .. Slim Shady
[Shady] What’s the deal?
[Missy] Won’t you busa rhyme for me boy .. Slim motherfuckin Shady
[Shady] Yeah.. who?
[Missy] Won’t you busa rhyme for me boy .. Slim Shady
[Shady] What’s the deal?
[Missy] Won’t you busa rhyme for me boy ..

Turn the music up, we gon’ wake the neighbors
We gon’ get high, we gon’ roll to Vegas
Me and Slim Shady, on some shit daily
What you want what you got is it hot? (Is it hot?)

Turn the music up, we gon’ wake the neighbors
We gon’ get high, we gon’ roll to Vegas
Me and Slim Shady, on some shit daily
What you want (yo) what you want (yo) ahh uhh yo

“A person from another planet might disagree with you”
“Well if you want my opinion, it comes from right here on Earth”

Slim Shady.. Misdemeanor..
Timbaland.. Slim Shady..

I’m homicidal, and suicidal with no friends
Holdin a gun with no handle, just a barrel at both ends
Sprayin tecs at you until you see your fuckin legs
with the bullet holes and the exit wounds layin next to you
(AHH!) Fuckin mad dog, foamin at the mouth
Fuck mouth, my whole house, is foamin at the couch
Jumped out of the 93rd floor of a building
and shot every window out on the way down to the ground (KEEP FILMING!)
Woke up to a hospital staff, got up and laughed, chopped em in half
Suffocated the oxygen mask
Shit if I get any higher, I’ma get the East and West beefin again
Slide back to Detroit and stand in the crossfire

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Y’all better call the police ‘fore I kill this track
Don’t shoot Missy!!! Get back
Uhh, I’ma put you all in the line
Uhh, and I’ma watch you MC’s die
Yo mommy, mommy, Missy done lost her mind!
I think somebody done pissed her off this time!
Yo, I’ma have to bust you through your chest and
uhh, you will have to clean up the mess (uh-huh)
It’s rainin rainin and it’s pourin loud
Never fear, cause pissy Missy’s through the crowd
Uhh, I hear the gats go cha-pow
Who shot me damnit? Bitch get down
Don’t walk when I talk, I never talk when I smile (uh-huh)
Lay em on down, like they lived underground (uh)
For the sound, that me and, Timbaland, we found
Get your ass, kicked later, or get your ass, kicked now

Uhh.. one-two
Misdemeanor, Slim Shady
Timbaland, motherfucker
Uhh uhh uhh
Cool, cool, cool
Triple zero

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Missy Elliott

Bus-A-Bus Interlude – Missy Elliott

(feat. Busta Rhymes)
[Busta Rhymes]
Eh-hee-eh-hehehe, ehehehehe
Yes indeed, YES INDEED out this motherfucker
Back with the right foot steppin in first
and the left foot steppin in after
I go by the divine attribute, of Bus-A-Bust-Down-Some’n
Otherwise known as Busta-motherfuckin-Rhymes out this bitch
Yknahmean? Cause when I’m in the spot

I let a bitch start kissin up
And muh’fuckers love the way that I be pissin up
on muh’fuckers, muh’fuckers need to chill, RELAX
What they need to do is listen up, muh’fuckers

So.. as we begin, to get you addicted
to the shit, that’s “So Addictive”
Make sure you got your PEOPLES witchu
You know one of your PEOPLES, that stay sober
You know to make sure you get home safely
Cause we about to TAKE IT THERE muh’fuckers
Miss-E, ‘Misdemeanor’ Elliott
Sooooooooooooooo ADDICTIVE!

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