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Tyler, the Creator

Cowboy – Tyler, the Creator

Knock knock motherfucks it’s me Mr. Clusterfuck
What, when, where, how, like who gives a fuck
Golf Wang M-O-B, mopping niggas ante up
Ain’t been this fucking sick since brain cancer ate my Granny up
Rest in peace allign it, life ain’t got no light in it
Darker than that closet that nigga Frankie was hiding in
Open it, dope in it, Bobby where’s my fucking pipe?
Trust my little dick is a’ight, twenty says I hit your wife
This is life, truthfully I just want to fly some kites
Grab Salem and Slater and go around, ride bikes
Get some ice cream, Golf Wang rascals for the night
Skate around and do annoying shit that older peeps despise
Nigga fuck it though, going hard as riggalo
Got a nigga dollars and a couple crackers hit the show
Cracked a couple kids in the head with this cast
Had a blast out Europe, had a Swedish bitch nigga hoes
That’s how it goes; designing clothes, cats on everything, cats on everything
You think all this money will make a happy me?
But I’m about as lonely as crackers that supermodels eat
Everybody’s sparking with me I keep coughing
Can’t keep calm in this spot hot box and I’m getting nauseous
Hop in the car and write a song as I’m heading straight to the office
Pissed at Jasper because that’s some faggot shit called “Pink Dolphin”

See,I roll here on a mean unicorn
Green hat,Vans, Golf top with the team uniform
Tighten the kupris so I’m tying my bandana up
Sunk them like the Reds I forget it like Dan Manners cause
I am the cowboy on my own trip
And I am the cowboy on my own trip
And I am the cowboy on my own trip
And I am the cowboy on my own trip

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But when you’re alone thoughts start coming in
Punching in that dark light box and they start rummaging
Shit you’ve got to battle with, wish that they could skedaddle
But it makes your shadow say none, fuck it grab the gun again
I needed to get out of the house, so I hit the dead sams and we were biking it out
In a black hoodie,with a Arizona and a bag of skittles
Just to see what all to see what all that fucking hype is about
Now everytime you see a roach you think of me eh?
Because everytime I see one I think what his parents would say
In court saying I ate him, I wasn’t present that day
I was with Whitney smoking Sitting at the dock in the Bay

I am the cowboy on my own trip
And I am the cowboy on my own trip
And I am the cowboy on my own trip
And I am the cowboy on my own trip

Do you know how weird it is knowing I make a bunch of Cheese
While my friends can’t afford little pizzas from little ceasers
And their whole goal is to roll up and smoke bowls
So I don’t feel bad when they not eating
(But you still treating us you punk bitch)
Wolf Haley got more methods than pink men
I’m never civil Fuck Lincoln
Preme out the bag it’s no wrinkles
I’m okie dokie and loopy
And booboo nana and Caca
If you think I’m fucking KUKU
Try talking to my shrink then

(I’m right here)
Yo who’s that?
Thats Salem
That’s my girlfriend
You stay the fuck away from her alright?

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I am the cowboy on my own trip
And I am the cowboy on my own trip
And I am the cowboy on my own trip
And I am the cowboy on my own trip

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Tyler, the Creator

Sarah – Tyler, the Creator

I like my girls skinny with brains
I like my hoodies fucked with lane
I like my friends imaginary with no names
And I make music for the fuck of it, no fame
Aim, shoot, the gun of love, round
Tried to find ammo but it’s none around town
So I went Down South but I ended up North
Uptown sittin’ on Cloud 9’s white porch
And of course, my car’s off course
You’re so white, my blinkers don’t work
I’m tryna let the force, be with you, I get you
Music is my first, but I contemplate divorce
You make a nigga sing songs nice
You make a nigga’s night turn day
And you make the flowers sing say turn green yellow
It sucks that I didn’t get the chance to say hello
I wanna eat you out like jello
And mess with your body like the base and the cello
And tell your mom I said hello, you wanna go to prom? (Nigga hell no!)
Fuck (Shit) and another one, and on another one

Another love song about shit
And I’ll be rich if I get another diss
And maybe Cupid won’t miss

I like her L-I-K-E, the only difference is she won’t fuck with me
But she will fuck with that vegetable with the hairs full of X’s and O’s
I wanna tie her body up and throw her in my basement
Keep her there, so nobody can wonder where her face went
(Tyler, what you doin’?) Shut the fuck up
You gon’ fuckin’ love me bitch
But all I really want is a kiss on the cheek
In private, not public in the streets
And your cupcake I will eat and your toes
Cause I got a big fetish with the feet
I just want somebody I can see
You can be a gold digger, you ain’t gotta love me
I’m serious, I don’t ask for much
Your heart literally is what I do want for lunch
Now this shit is turnin’ to a habit
I’m the Burger King, I gotta have it my way
And truthfully girl you really make my day
I would probably kill myself if you told me you was gay
And I can’t even look the other way
Your aura is a magnet, my eyes a metal bag, it’s attractive
L-O-L laughin’, you’re a gold Oscar and I’m just actin’
And I want your sin in my hole, and have our kids play supportin’ role
Climbin’ up the pole, Jack and the Beanstalk, bitch it’s gold
And I was in loath, I would never get over you, ever, Sarah

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Another love song about shit
And I’ll be rich if I get another diss
And maybe Cupid won’t miss

Half your body layin’ on my chest
The rest is in my stomach, that’s includin’ your breast
And I’mma just take another guess
Now you probably wishin’ that you woulda said yes
Am I crazy? Maybe, but fucked up is how I been lately
Shit, I don’t give a fuck, your family lookin’ for you, wish ’em good luck
Bitch, you tried to play me like a dummy
Now you stuck up in my motherfuckin’ basement all bloody
And I’m fuckin’ your dead body, your coochie all cummy
Lookin’ in your dead eyes, what the fuck you want from me?
What did you want from me? What did you want from me?

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Tyler, the Creator

Trashwang (Feat. Na-Kel, Jasper, Lucas, L-Boy, Taco, Left Brain & Lee Spielman) – Tyler, the Creator

Lirik lagu: Trashwang (Feat. Na-Kel, Jasper, Lucas, L-Boy, Taco, Left Brain & Lee Spielman)

Sawed-off I eat those
These clothes they free though
Straight from the back of the Supreme store
Don’t give a fuck about these hoes

Hold on, run that shit back
(This is a DJ Stank Daddy exclusive)
I want the black kids to like me for this one, man

[Lee Spielman]
Trash Wang
Illegal CIV
Golf Wang
[Screaming throughout the whole song]

[Verse 1: Na-Kel]
Bitch I’m with the fucking extras
Big dog, cup full of egg nog
Don’t give a fuck ’bout shit but clips and
Camp Flog Gnaw
Sawed-Off I eat those
These clothes they free though
Straight from the back of the Supreme store
Don’t give a fuck about these hoes
They just slob knob in New York shows
Thirsty for the clit till I’m not flow
Frigid jordan trip, bitch I got it poppin’
Me and Jasper goin’ coffee shoppin’
Those that are boarding see a lotta posses
Bitches see a boy and their mouths are frothing
Chains glossin’

Trash Wang niggas
Thrilla we da killa
You can tell ’em, “Golf Wang
And buy the fucking stickers”
OF or Wolf Gang
My niggas is my niggas
Don’t let the skateboards fool you
Know niggas that pull triggers

Trash Wang, nigga, that’s what’s up
Trash Wang, nigga, that’s what’s up
Trash Wang, nigga, that’s what’s up
Trash Wang, nigga, roll a blunt

Trash Wang, nigga, that’s what’s up
Trash Wang, nigga, that’s what’s up
Trash Wang, nigga, that’s what’s up
Trash Wang, nigga, roll a blunt

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[Verse 2: Tyler the Creator]
Wolf Gang, Golf Wang, yeah, them niggas are swell
Tighter than a straight nigga goin’ to jail
Locked in a box, nigga, off them socks
I can finally afford the bail
My bitches are bad
She’s pretty normal looking with a real nice ass
Now hop off my dick, with it
We, Bitch, Mob, Task, Force, Lil, B, nigga
Speaking of the devil
Y’all niggas cornier than kettle
Y’all couldn’t smoke like a heroin in a black ops player and reach my level
Ate some bugs and I made some carats
Fuck y’all niggas’ bullshit, y’all cherish
I’m 21, I threw a party but…
Difference is, y’all didn’t have a ferris

[Verse 3: Jasper]
Bitches out dancing I’m back nigga
I face that
Just cop that motherfucker bimmer nigga
I race that
Keep talking that shit
I’ll pull your card
Get chipped like that nigga from stomp the yard
Don’t fuck with Jasper
He a retard
He and his mother fucking grandma have your family scarred

[Verse 4: Tyler the Creator]
Might fuck around and be a goat named Felicia
Sorry, got a little excited
It’s prolly all the meth while it’s being provided
Wolf Gang, up in this bitch
Red Riding Hood is pissed
Somebody tell Megan and Sarah to come and suck a


[Verse 5: Taco]
Bimmers for days
White bitches is slaves
Niggas ain’t with that warfare
My goons got aim
100 racks before 18
200 before I hit 6 feet
Nigga we bout it bout it
Yo bitch try to suck my dick

[Verse 6: Lucas]
Hold up my chain
Versace Flocka Flame
Pull up in the tank
Cock back and aim (ouch)
Spit my verse on the Gold Flame
I love [?] shouting Golf Wang
Your bitch tattoo
It say my name
Versace Santana
Nigga bird game
Supreme team
Selling [?]
Paying all these ratchets
Full bills

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(What) Yeah
Y’all niggas thought it was a game
We shutting the motherfucking shit down now nigga
It’s over for you bitch niggas
I’m here with my nigga nasty Nak’, Mr. Versace
Wolf Haley in this motherfucker
Jasper The Motherfucking Dolphin
And my nigga, Mike G
We taking this shit over
Its shut down for you bitch niggas
I got the Tech
I’m bustin’ at y’all bitches heads nigga
Fuck all you niggas
Its gettin’ hot in here

Odd Future Wolf Gang bruh we Kill ‘Em All
Golf Wang sticker on that Trash Wang
Nigga knows that OF poppin Loiter Squad, Flog Gnaw
OFWGKTA yeah you niggas know them seven letters long
Yeah, Wolf Gang up in this bitch
Golf Wang up in this bitch
Litter Life up in this bitch
OFM, banging on your motherfuckin’ FM
Nigga, fuck you thought this was nigga
Click Click [gunshot]

[Salem:] What the fuck was that

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Tyler, the Creator

Burger (Feat. Hodgy Beats) – Tyler, the Creator

Lirik lagu: Burger (Feat. Hodgy Beats)

[Verse 1]
Nigga this is my cup, drink the cyanide up
Dope as fuck so I would really shoot a group of guys up
Deep thought, I’m often lost (Fuck it) put me next to awesome
Still can’t tell the difference, just like Asians with their eyes shut
Butt fuck a couple rocks, in the Wendy’s parking lot
Barking at the sight of light from my bright sparkling
Cock-a-doodle, eatin’ toaster strudel at a nude beach in Rome
In a black-pink spaghetti strap, made of Roman noodles
My bitch is bad, mixed with a thicky ass
Get my dicky rocky this will end up in a sticky blast
Chrissy Brown, mask on my face, now I’m kicking ass
Life’s a bitch, fuck college, mommy I am ditching class
I rather be happy then fucking forty
So fuck the teacher’s lecture I’m having Sydney record me
For the 2Dope.. (They didn’t like it)
Oh well, let’s get XXL to write us a fucking story

[Hook: Hodgy]
It’s sitting right in my lap I see it, scribbled across the lines I read it
I’m the fucking poet who knows it, you know it, you bogus
Comprehend the language, you scared of war?
I’m all anxious, we got the Angus if you want beef
Now that’s a burger for ya ass nigga (Slice the onions)
Now that’s a burger for ya ass nigga (Put on the cheese)
Now that’s a burger for ya ass nigga (Where’s the barbeque sauce?)
Now have that burger eat it fast nigga

[Verse 2]
Fucking all, get you some, obviously intended pun
Same time it took, Jason Dill to get the stitching done
Custom made, one of one, sold out Roxy for some months
Ski mask color of a pickle just to perform Sandwitches
Started back in fucking London cracker children wanted something
They could bump and punch a bunch and fuck a face stumble
Now, moshing pits to breaking arms, Zombie Circus not a carn
Evil wolfs is on the farm and were all evil harmed?
Any sheep creep, quiet tendered sleep
Make a peep, fucking body will go missing in a week
Roam around the city with her titties like a fucking Greek
God, Bastard was the shit, explains why it never leaked
I am coming of my age with my Memphis Bleek
Shooting from the sky, the only problem is the missing beak
(Once I have my wings and my motherfucking chain)
Oh that’s the black talking in me, let me down a couple cups of bleach

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[Verse 3]
Free Earl, that’s the fucking shit
And if you disagree, lick a couple pimple covered clits
From some stripping lesbian dikes that fight niggas
That like to rap about those dikes that fight niggas
Alright, enough with this shit, let’s talk business
Acquire more currency, disregard bitches
Go to Shake house and plant Goblins in his kitchen
Then force him and his mom to listen to track six then
If he doesn’t like it I’ll just slice his fucking dick and
Put it in the cabinet where the fucking cookies and chips is
Take a bunch of pictures then post them on my Twitters and
Go to Jimmy Fallon like faggot when we perfomin’
Then a bunch of Golf Wang niggas start stormin’ on the stage
In a rage that will scare Zack Rocha
Better get ya tanks before this wolf wars over
History repeats itself, I’m a O.F. soldier

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