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Exclusive – T-Pain

[Verse 1:]
Ever since she saw you in my bedroom
Watching over me as I slept
Damn my nigga I missed you to death, yeah
And it came to a point where I couldn’t hear it
But I know she don’t see nothing but them good spirits
Only the good die young and not the whole squad you was a good guy huh
And if I was there I would’ve took them shots
You ain’t even the kind of nigga that would get shot
Exclusive Jay, Jimmy, people open up your ears hear me
Ain’t nothing worth more than a life in this world
What the fuck we was supposed to tell this man’s wife and lil girl
You was a real nigga, real shit
Why niggas gotta kill niggas just to steal shit
That man’s mama gonna never get her son back
But what goes around comes back

[Verse 2:]
DJ I’m wishing RIP still for return if possible
Couldn’t go to the funeral cause I couldn’t see you in the coffin bro
My last image of you, you posting in your new chevy
Camaro bit really smoke in it but you would let me
Oh my God swear to God your daughter’s your spitting image
When your daughter met my daughter what a wonderful feeling
As long as the good Lord ables me to get money
Put it on my daughters your daughter will never go hungry
They say they could die young if that’s not false
And that explains why my homeboy’s life’s lost
‘Cause he was a good nigga fuck ceremony
Rest in peace to Trevor Martin but my nigga wasn’t a hood nigga
No he didn’t deserve no bullets in him
I thought he was gonna live a bright hall
Them pussy could’ve killed him
Instead they took your life along with your sneaks
Devil U I P went in peace

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[Verse 3:]
Lord forgive me but why you doin’ this again
You just took my big brother when I was in the pen
But how much pain can a grown man take
But I gotta keep pushing ’cause God don’t make mistakes (never)
The doctors told me you was gone and I couldn’t believe it
Your vital laying down but your soul in with Jesus
I’m on my hole in your grind telling me come back
I told her let go ’cause wherever you are you got my back
I almost lost it when I seen that herse at the church
Shit hurt I can barely get through this verse
And I ain’t rich but me and you know I ain’t paper chasing
So I’m a try my best to make so that your daughters grace so
We saw the vision for the win squad together nigga
I guess it kinda drove you from heaven was better nigga
Jimmy me and you will always be your mort decoy
And wash the blood of my enemies off my hands

[Verse 4:]
Tears coming down my eyes wishing for better days
Exclusive Jay I know you in a better place
Never will be forgotten as long as I’m alive
You was a good dude in everybody eyes
Always on the grind you hussle hard
My prayers go out to your family from my heart
Thank you for being a friend thank you for being my brother
And I’m a do my best to look out for your daughter
No more pain God get the devil off me, and let me be free
All this stress is a mess that I don’t need
Hunger games do your best or you don’t eat
And my dog gonna be forever winning
So that mean your life ain’t never ending
So I know I got ’em when I need ’em
Tell Jesus I see him when I see him
Praise God yeah

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F*ck Em (Feat. Rich Homie Quan, Waka Flocka & Young Cash) – T-Pain

Lirik lagu: F*ck Em (Feat. Rich Homie Quan, Waka Flocka & Young Cash)

[Hook: T-Pain] {Rich Homie Quan}
And I put that on MJ, {MJ} I’m bad {I’m bad}
They hatin’, {They hatin’} they mad {They mad}
On my momma, {On my momma} on me {On me}
They hatin’, {They hatin’} and got beef {Hey, hey, hey}
All I say is
Fuck ’em (x8) {(Fuck these niggas, and fuck these bitches)}[x4]
Fuck ’em (x8) {(They don’t really want it)}[x4]

[Verse 1: T-Pain]
I put that on everything, on my clique
Let me get a couple drinks in my system I go put it down on your bitch
Oh man, I’ve been putting on for my niggas, and I let ’em put her on
Brand new whip with some petal and some metal they gon’ flip that [?] on
How y’all niggas gon’ act when I pull up in that Maybach with a fucking chauffeur in the front and a view with bitches in the back
And they all want me to, (Touch ’em, touch ’em)
And later on I’m gon’, (Fuck ’em, fuck ’em)
I know y’all niggas don’t like me, tough titty for you broke hoes
Send them niggas wanna fight me, they gon’ leave the club with a broke nose
Y’all keep me going, y’all keep me great
So I’ma do me and haters gon’ hate


[Verse 2: Rich Homie Quan]
I pull up in the drop head I don’t think that they really want it
Drunk an eighth then I drop dead I don’t think that they know I’m on it
The red light I got stopped there I could tell 12 by only
Showed ’em my paper like “Go on nigga”, you got the wrong nigga but
On my momma, and on my dad
I like commas, I don’t like dashes
Put that on MJ, I know I’m bad
I’m talking bout’ Jordan, ain’t talking bout’ Jackson

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[Verse 3: Waka Flocka Flame]
All this money but you ain’t go do nothing
All that talking but you ain’t go do nothing
Pulling out guns but you ain’t shoot nothing, nothing
Shit, partner protecting me money ain’t nothing
On slam dunk and I ain’t playing with you niggas, can’t sprang at you niggas, can’t stop till’ the whole world feel us
Ya feel us, BSM we the real good billas’
He talk a lot of much, that boy just jealous
He don’t want no war, ain’t no niggas knocking at your front door
In the club, hoodies, goons on the dance floor
Think I’m playing, I call a hundred more (more, more,)
Racks, fuck ones long as money stack
Been on tour six months, I’m back
Lost weight but my pocket still fat


[Verse 4: Young Cash]
Niggas just be talkin’ cause they got lips
When I put up them choppers niggas get flipped
Hit ’em in the head, stomach, then I reload my clip
I dunno what y’all done heard
But Young Cash ain’t one to play with
Just ask these niggas in the streets
Who had failure to make payments?
Matter fact, they swimmin’ with the fishes
I’ma shark just swimmin’ with the bitches
And I got your girl with my hand on her ass if I’m coming downtown watching Netflix
Young Cash, I’m a real G (Niggas see it in my eyes)
You tried nigga but everybody gon’ see (That you ain’t bout’ that life)
I’m the best in the game, so everybody know that (I’m a smooth criminal)
And we can come to a trap, they got about nine [?] (It’s a [?] minimum)
On my momma, on my children
On this hood, on this verse
You try me I’ll put your face up on a shirt

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Drankin’ Patna – T-Pain

Drink with me, drink with me
Drink with me, drink with me
Drink with me, drink with me
Drink with me, drink with me
Drink with me, drink with me
Drink with me, drink with me
Drink with me, drink with me
(Hey) (Hey)

[Verse 1]
Shawty so perfect (so perfect)
Imma buy the bar got her drinking everything that I drink (that I drink)
A little talk (real talk)
So far (so far)
She been thinking everything that I think
And we like the same girl, not the main girl
She been sipping on that black and blue label
You must seen her I do my thing girl
I can’t let you drink me under this table
She keep taking shots to the head and I know that I can’t keep up (keep up)
One more drink and Imma be there
You gon’ see me walk out of this club (this club)
Hey, she ain’t even drunk yet (drunk yet)
She ain’t finish that cup yet (cup yet)
Everybody looking at me like Imma stop ya
I’ve done found me a drinking partner

I think I need her to drink a drink with me
I found the girl of my dreams (and I got you)
I done found me a drinking partner
Everybody want her (want her) (hey)
She be sipping that Corona (Corona) (hey)
And we ain’t turning up in the club with out her
I done found me a drankin patna

I think I’m in love with your cousin
I’ve seen her take three or four shots already (Oooway)
And we in the club like its nothing
She walked in (she walk in) and everybody say
Ooo here she comes, somebody get the shot girl over here right now
Ooo here she comes, just line them up in front of her, she gon’ take them right down

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[Verse 2]
Tonight was so worth it (so worth it)
I done found somebody that likes doing everything that I do (that I do)
We hit the floor (we hit the floor)
Just like that (just like that)
When I move you move (move)
It’s like we’re the same person (same person)
We drinking even if we ain’t thirsty (ain’t thirsty)
Screaming YOLO in the lane swerving (lane swerving)
I’m about to give her that T-Pain service (oooh hey)
I got a feeling she ain’t going nowhere til she know that she leaving with me
We drink one more big shot for the night, shawty you ain’t gon’ get no sleep (no sleep)
Hey, we ain’t even done yet (done yet)
We ain’t finish this cup yet (cup yet)
And everybody lookin at me like Imma stop ya
I done found me a drankin patna


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Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin’) [Feat. Yung Joc] – T-Pain

Lirik lagu: Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin’) [Feat. Yung Joc]

Shawty Snap (Yeah)
Shawty Snap
Yung Joc (Shawty)

[Yung Joc:]
Ay Ay
She Snapping
Ah She Snapping
Shawty Snapping

Snap Your Fingers Do The Step You Can Do It All By Yourself

[Verse 1:]
Baby Girl
What’s Your Name?
Let Me Talk To You
Let Me Buy You A Drink
I’m T-Pain, You Know Me
Konvict Music nappy boy oh wee
I Know The Club Close At 3
What’s the chance of you rolling With Me?
Back To The Crib
Show You How I Live
Let’s Get Drunk Forget What We Did

I’mma Buy You A Drank
Then I’mma Take You Home With Me
I Got Money In The Bank
Shawty What you Think ‘Bout That?
Find Me In The Grey Cadillac
We In The Bed Like
Ooh Ooh Oh, Ooh Ooh
We In The Bed Like
Ooh Ooh Ooh, Ooh Ooh

[Verse 2:]
Talk To Me, I Talk Back
Let’s Talk Money, I Talk That
Crunk juice bottles
Oakly Shades
Shawty Got Class
Oh Behave
Let’s Get Gone
Walk It Out (Now Walk It Out)
Just Like That
That’s What I’m Talking ‘Bout
We Gonna Have Fun
You Gonna See
On That Patron
You Should Get Like Me


[Verse 3: Yung Joc]
Won’t You Meet Me At The Bar
Respect Big Pimping
Tell Me How You Feel
Mama Tell Me What You Sipping?
A Certified Dime Piece
Deserve Louy 1-3
150 A Shot
3 For You And 3 For Me
I’m Checking Your Body Language
I Love The Conversation
And When You Lick Your Lips
I Get A Tingling Sensation
Now We’re Both ‘Bout Tipsy
You Say You In The Mood
All I Need Is ‘Bout A Hour
Better Yet Maybe Two
Let Me Take You Where I Live
Ferrari Switch Gears
When I Whisper In Your Ear
Your Legs Hit The Chandilleer
Passion Fruit And Sex
All In The Atmosphere
I’mma Let T-Pain Sing It
So He Can Make It Clear

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[Verse 4:]
Let’s Get Gone
Walk It Out
(Now Walk It out, think about it, Ah Snap)
Now Rock Rock Rock Rock
You Can Do It All By Yourself


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