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Donald Glover

Flight of the Navigator – Donald Glover

I had a dream
I had a dream I was flying over all of us
There were so many pretty people
So many pretty faces
I talked to some birds
I fell in love again
And none of this ever ended
Everything just kept going, and going and going
And even when you laughed, when you cried
And even when you were sad you were really happy
Because you were here
And I got to meet every star, every planet
Everything that made me
And we all kissed
And became the same
We became the same
We became the same

[Verse 1]
Who would have thought this
We almost lost it
When you lie inside darkness it’s hard to see
And we sleep in tradition
Keep them off in the distance
To tell you that I haven’t been

We are all
Cold water
Why try at all?
Why bother?

[Hook x4]
Just hold me close my darling

[Verse 2]
Who would have dreamed this?
You couldn’t mean this
It would be some type of meanness to where you are
Cause I don’t know where to go
And no one else seems to know

We are all
Night’s fallen
Why try at all?
Dark callin’

[Hook x2]
So we’re left alone
No one left to call upon
Be still now, broken bones
As I travel on just hold me close my darling

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Donald Glover

The Last – Donald Glover

Lirik lagu: The Last

I’m the last of a dying breed
Meaning that I’m not afraid to try new things
Can’t see me best to get yourself some Visine
Toe tag a motherfucker no jokes, while these other niggas wakka wakka
Other rappers try and go and get over
You want that hood shit best to go and call Hova
I was a good kid, backpack on my shoulder
98 test score in my Thundercat folder
My cousin was older
My momma used to wake up
Drive me to a school cause the school was much safer
But I slipped up and accidentally told a teacher
Now I’m going to a school where I get beat up because
I ain’t get down with them other kids
Probably cause I talk too white and I got a dad who’s there
Momma couldn’t take it, sold the place and got us out of there
Guest room, now the six of us splitting one with a restroom
Now I’m going to this school called Rock Ridge
School of the neighborhood we tryna buy a house in
There’s not a lot of black kids
So I stick out like a sore thumb with some bad acne, but really
What I wanna know is why I never fit in right
Like a fat dude getting on a packed flight
Even when I make friends in the hallways
I’m wishing I was someone else always
But I’m happy that that shit happened to me
Cause it taught me most important is to do me
Cause everybody hates you till they love you
Facebook niggas same niggas that would shove you
Cause nobody was jocking my style
I had a high voice, they called me faggot eight mile
So I stopped writing for a very long time
Thinkin’ that a nigga wasn’t made to bust rhymes
And this next part, sounds like nonsense
But I swear to God, Tina Fey gave me confidence
Taught me everything that is good comes from honesty
Everybody’s got a voice, you just gotta follow it
She on a role model shit
From the day that I shook her hand
I knew that I’d never die a broke man
So I could try this rapping shit out again
The game need change, I’m a part of it
People tell me I should spit under Donald Glover
But I try to keep my real name undercover
Cause if you hear my name, then you think it’s jokes
And I can’t go for that, nigga Hall and Oates
My nigga stay down like a winter coat
I rap about my life not “I’m On A Boat”
Cause this joke rap shit’s gotten out of hand
Only ones who do it well’s Lonely Island
Save the raps about your cat, I am not a fan
Leave the joke raps alone, man I’m working here
I do not play around with this bullshit
I am different, call it new shit
Labels want me to hurry and cash my check in
But I keep my shit free till the last possible second
Cause God knows that I don’t need the money
You get your clothes free when you rich, ain’t it funny?
But this limelight burn like a motherfuck
I wanna call my dad crying but I hang up
Cause I don’t want him to worry, he’s got his own shit
So I send him a check and tell him to hold it
If anything ever happens want you to know this
I always took the time to smell the roses
And wherever I am, I am doing fine
I’m here for a good, not a long, time

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Donald Glover

Kids (Keep Up) – Donald Glover

If we were kids
I’d want to give you everything that you would want
Those other boys
They gave you toys, but all they wanna do is
Keep up
Keep up, keep up, keep up
That’s all I want, keep up
Keep up with me, keep up
Keep up
Keep up, keep up, keep up
That’s all I want, keep up
Keep up with me, keep up

[Verse 1]
I guess I’m fucking now
I’m getting used to it
It’s cause I shine, and I ain’t gotta use a crucifix
Fuck the fussing and fighting and arguing to this and that
And “Why you bein’ mean to me Donald?” I never texted back
I know it’s comin’ quick, wishin’ I could fast forward
Tell these nice girls they’re the reason that I’m an asshole
Omega to alpha male because of that dollar bill
When I worked the mail room I ain’t have a shot in hell
I called her ass for two months and heard shit from her
These girls couldn’t care less when the chips under
The chips are up and on my shoulder, you heard me?
I take it out on girls who don’t even deserve it
The Girls I tried to hit last year, I still might
Karmas a bitch who doesn’t suck, but I still like
If we were kids I had the black K-swiss and reebok
If we were kids I wouldn’t act like this but we not


[Verse 2]
You made a mistake
These dudes man you bathing in apes
Finding you is like finding Asians I hate
But they say I got a fetish, nah I’m skipping all of it
Black or white girls come with a set of politics
That’s all I was saying
I’m a proud man
They wanna holla when they see your name on SoundScan
Her name Mercedes but she push a brown Focus
And she’s doing coke in front of me, but act like I don’t notice
“There any breakage in that Trojan?”
She see what she wanna see
So I make her take plan B in front of me
Women talk shit on men like all day
But it’s Pete Wentz, goes both ways
They too busy stabbing hoes like OJ
They too busy trapping pros like Kobe
The only thing I put before me is do re
If you had told me the truth we’d be ok

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Donald Glover

WorldStar – Donald Glover

[Verse 1:]
Blow up
World Star befo’ rap, you already know that
So Fresh Prince they about to bring the show back
Listening to Kilo, weekend cost a kilo
Hair so long, I’m about to bring the fro back
Phone call gotta say “Moshi moshi” (Moshi moshi)
Girlfriend actin’ all wishy-washy (wishy-washy)
It’s your birthday, make it earthquake
Fell in love with a nigga like a mermaid (Daddy, I love him!)
That’s a first date, nobody think about it, worst case
Best case, we the front page, 10K on the first day
Yeah, mothafucka, take your phone out
To record this, ain’t nobody can ignore this
I’m more or less a moral-less individual
Making movies with criminals, tryin’ to get them residuals
When it all go crazy, when I hear that action, I’m a be Scorsese
My nigga hold it horizontal man, be professional (Worldstar!)

[Verse 2:]
My girl ain’t bad, she more like evil
When I’m lookin’ in the mirror, how fly’s this negro?
She on Hollywood and Vine, thinkin’ that she Hollywood on Vine
Makin’ movies with her friends all the time
Showin’ off her ass, that’s a net twerk
But I saw through it like a wet shirt
Drive slow cause you might swerve off it
Still eat and the hate so salty
Put shrooms in my roommate’s coffee
And got more likes than a white girl talking
More hits than a fight comp, where they fight cops ’til they stop
When I heard shots, watching dude drop from a Glock at a [Shots fired]
Let me flash on ’em, we all big brother now
Lil’ sis, let her run around, money talking, you know the sound
Brrrr, money counter, brrrr, AK, brrrr, cell phone, brrrr, hello?

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[Interlude – Steve G. Lover:]
Yo, bro man, check out that video I just sent you, man. This shit’s hilarious, man. It’s like this kid, man, he got like, he got like hit on the side of the head, man, he’s like freakin’ out. Like, it’s like… [inaudible]

We don’t wanna be on (Worldstar!)
And all I wanna be is a (Worldstar!)

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