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Yo Gotti

Go Girl (Feat. Big K.R.I.T., Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa) – Yo Gotti

Lirik lagu: Go Girl (Feat. Big K.R.I.T., Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa)

Go girl, a go girl
A top notch thoroughbred pro girl
She go go live
She go go silly yo
I tell her bring it back
She go go get it
She a go girl, a go girl
All night putting on a show girl
She go go live
She go go silly yo
I tell her bring it back
She go go get it

[Yo Gotti]
I got this girl thats so addictive
She call and say she miss me
I tell her I’ma visit next time I’m in her city
I turn ya World to Gotti world, shawty bring ya ticket
Jimmy Choo and Red Bottoms, shawty we can kick it
I take her on trips, her boyfriend be trippin’
Takes off on the menu, tryna hear it
Tattoos and piercings, Gucci shoes
Kiss just as fresh as she be, she serious
All I do is ball and all she fuck is winners
To take her to the mall she don’t wanna go to dinner
She a go girl and I’m tryna get wit her
Have her looking right I had to follow her on Twitter
She a go girl…


[Wiz Khalifa]
Go go, keep on going
I’ll be somewhere throwing money, blowing on that potent
Money in my bank account, pockets hella swollen
And a model girlfriend so for them cameras we be posing
We just go go, anywhere we wanna
Got a weed connect from Tennessee to California
Twenty grand in Paris, blowing on that Mary
Yo’ bitch on my Johnson cause I’m ballin’ like I’m Larry
And I play my part. I’m out here with the bosses
And she know this from the start, get 30K to show
That mean we both be going hard
Don’t smoke it, roll the weed up
If she broke she’ll get her g’s up
If she slow she up to speed cause she a

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[Big Sean]
Okay now woah there, keep going throwin that big booty thong
She wear her heart on her sleeve
Now she just Comme des Garcon’ing
I wake up and show you what this Cockle doodle do in the morning
I swear that pussy so good good, I wish I could clone it
Okay, go girl, go girl
My new bitch, ya old girl
She buss it open for me like a show girl
Call me king than tell me that its your world
Her body Jamaica but the vagina is Asian
I swear thats hour glass shaped and that just remind me time wasting
Okay, fuck around I might taste it
And if I throw it back at her than she probably gon chase it
Cause she a go girl…


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Yo Gotti

Real Shit – Yo Gotti

Ya (cmg)
This mixtape here
It’s strictly for the fans (
Trust me!
I want my album to drop more than you
Call the fucking label and ask them what happening
Dear world, fuck it
Truly yours!

I’m on my grown man flow band up flow,
Nigga I jus brought a phantom off the showroom floor
See these niggas subtweeting, but his fans don’t know
He’s a pussy and I expose this nigga I said a hoe
In the streets niggas look up to gotti and I understand why
Ain’t on this slick shit nigga, I see eye to eye
Runnin around,talking down, playing games, nigga die
Young niggas in the clip, black nines, nothing but fire!
(ay let the beat sing to em)
Look, my brother back in jail, my songs leaking out
Little rappers playing with me
I’m trying to stop from clicking out
Did a show in Alabama, guess my strap was sticking out
Security to try the arrest nigga, but instead they kicked me out
I’ve been going through a lot of shit, fucking with this model bitch
Baby momma left a nigga and now it hard to see the kids
Record label can’t get it right, they pushed the date back
Ross hit a nigga up try to put me on mayback
Tip hit a nigga up trying to give me grand hustle
All these niggas are my niggas and I respect the hustlers
Some of these niggas like my brothers
They’ve been real since day one
Realest nigga in it, I’ve been real since day one
And a nigga keep sayin I’m one song away
Fuck that, I’m 5 million dollars strong today!
[money machine sound]
See when You heard me doing that money machine shit, nigga
That mean I got that mother fuck’n sack bro
Nigga I make M’s nigga
You know what I’m talkin about
I show these niggas how to do this shit I’m the blue print nigga
Show these niggas how to make these millions, nigga
And I ain’t drop shit but a nigga bitch off.
You know what I’m talkin about

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I’m in a two door coup
With a see through roof
And the a dope boy roll and a glock 9 too
Red bitch on the passenger, she semi cute
But her head some serious, so you know what it do
When I say I love my niggers, that mean I love my niggers
Yeah, I rap for living, but I gotta plug for my niggers
I talk cocaine, cause I know cocaine
Ain’t on that criss cross shit
I’m trying to stay in my lane.
Say I rap like I trap, I gotta stay on my game
I’m strapped 24/7 I got to stay on my aim
They say Keep it real gotti I say I been doing that
They say the niggers are white, I say influence that
I’m on my li-li-liter shit niggas following the kid
But I ain’t fucked up with it
The streets know what it is
(I’m on my li-li-liter shit niggas following the kid)
(but I ain’t fucked up with it)
(the streets know what it is)

My little homies keep telling me to smash on em
Met a bad bitch and I spend a little cash on her
Cope a new whip so I left the paper tags on it
Got a couple checks but I really hate to brag on it
Catch me in the club, Luis shoe, Louis rag on em
Standing on the couch, popping bottles dropping swagg on em
Zilla up next and I bet the pad on em
Soon as he said the name Cmg drop the bag on em

I mean you know shit crazy
Cuz like the other night a nigga was in atlanta
We fucking around on the internet
And we see a moherfucking itunes ad
Like yo gotti Jan. 10th
I mean shit counted thru me for a loop
Cuz I didn’t know nothing about it
And its like dec. 23

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I’m a real nigga 1st, get money 2nd
Break bread with my niggas, we like family so respect it
Bad blood in the camp and nigga feel neglected
I try to work it out before it get all hecked
But if its about a bitch, just know I don’t respect it
And if you talking foul I hope its ain’t in my direction homie
I say if you talking foul I hope its ain’t in my direction homie

Ay see
I believe nigga got a problem they handle it
You don’t talk, you don’t tweet
If its all good its all good
Know what I’m talkin about

I’m from the city of the murders
Were industry niggas ain’t never heard of us
They be like who the fuck is gotti, nigga google me
Oh I’m a fuck nigga, that shit must be new to me
I’m damn near 30 and a nigga ain’t done shit to me
Put your hands on a real nigga then its 1st degree
Get it (pow)
Hit it (pow)
Split it
Thats all my niggas do is murk some
I’m trying to hurt some
Mego got a 18 wheeler, he trying to work some
That bitch bad as hell, she trying to twerk some
I’m give that bitch back to you cause she worst-some
I’m out
I’m king

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Yo Gotti

I’m a Thug (Feat. D’Nero) – Yo Gotti

Lirik lagu: I’m a Thug (Feat. D’Nero)

Im a gangsta(gangsta)
You a actress(actress)
You be dreamin(dreamin)
I make it happen(make it happen)
I aint a g I aint a crip I aint a blood
But i be fuckin with them niggas im a thug x2

I got respect
I came from the streets
If a nigga didnt hustle then a nigga didnt eat homie(homie)
And aint nan nigga took nuttin
Playin with me money
make ya mami go and book somethin
a fruit of a for that bitch ass nigga
ole dick in a booty slitch nich ass nigga(look) a couple niggas got fronted
took to long with me money
send them youngstas to that dumpin bitch
and i got soljas on my team
that will die for the i to tha e
the feds want me bad because they know i got them killa niggas out tha north
if Gotti get tha word they’ll take them niggas off
and kids wanna be just like me
systems tryna dig cause some shit wan indict me
I sold hella keys made hella cheese
and all my niggas what convicted felonies cuz a

[chorus x2]

you wanna beef with c’mon lets go get em man
fuck talkin im tryna be the first one to hit em man
my patience little man
dont take alot of bullets man
drop em where the stand with one squeeze u dont understand
this a hard knock of life for niggas
take a pentatentery chance throwin bricks to prison
and i aint talkin bout no polka
but i watch niggas fold
fuck them other niggas cuz them other niggas hoes
them niggas hoes thats the verdict case closed
aint shit like they say
we da streets we know
7 out of 10 of dem niggas who talkin gangsta need a g replaced with the w cuz they wankstas(aint cha)
and i guess we like the black sheep
we live where we speak
so we neva talk cheap
these niggas vegetarians dont wanna see no beef
when it come they want peace
but me i want a piece cuz

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[chorus x2]

back in 95
got a pick da side
with them big guys
they seen it in my eyes
they had a lot of pies
money to the vibe
i knew no betta but whateva i was down to ride
and neva asked about tha shit dat they owe me
just did wat they showed me
or did what they told me
the littlest nigga with tha biggest fuckin
balls i was down for tha motha fuckin cause
now i must say today im a rich cred veteran
shot alot of niggas cuz i sold a lot of medicine
did a lot of shit that you may think irrelavent
i masked on them rappers cuz they play with my intelligence
they had white when the price was cheapa
they hate the mel row
and now my brothers keepa
alot of niggas may not think the same
cuz they lame
they just rap they wasnt in tha game get it

[chorus x2]

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Yo Gotti

Buy Out – Yo Gotti

A hundred miles and running, niggas going at the end of me
Niggas switching sides, give me nothing like it’s the end of me.
Niggas having family, but I know these niggas into me.
Pown me, thug it to the motherfucker sin is me.
I’m a train the topic time down, bitch, I’m riding in a ‘rarri.
If you don’t like me, than I’m sorry.
I ain’t og, I’m just being me, fucking pretty clear.
I rap about this shit, ’cause I did it.
Life don’t change, neither do the game,
Niggas getting money, but the rules stay the same.
Who I’m gonna sound with, who I wanna ground with?
That’s my only question, nigga, see ’em G I’m down with.
Cocaine mirrors, cold money guns, every nigga I fuck with with the g I make them bun,
So I never leave the house without my chain on my gut,
Got on my old boy Gucci so I fresh pearl once.

See, nigga, see, I feel like I wanna release, nigga,
I got to face earth, you know what I mean?
And then I got nothing to do and get no money
And that, nigga, that be a hundred.
That be a hundred with yourself, that be a hundred with the niggas,
A hundred with you, you know what I mean?
Man, I got a lot of young nigga around me, nigga,
And that’s straight of low life family, nigga, could kill for each other,
That thing is real.

Murder was the case, nigga, jump a hoardal with a race nigga, down
Then I put it in your face, to the face, on my case, nigga,
Told my lawyer go to trial, I’m doing it big in the meanwhile.
If I lose, place a riot for me, if I die don’t stay fire for me,
Pour on some liquor and get higher for me,
I’m doing this thing for my home boys,
I have it, oh, lord, so surely can avoid.
I came here speaking from my heart for some time around
Am I a real rapper or just a nigga on lands?
I don’t know, I’m confused, do I suppose to be rich?
You know that hoe ain’t your hoe, she’s your supposed to be bitch.
No supposed to be clip, I want no allias,
You see ’em G, homie and we don’t franchise.
I get green gas off the whipe ass, don’t get in that pot
And he get bout time.
Hallelujah, bless my shooters, serve my jazle, watch him hit that shooter.
Fuck that rap shit, I don’t fit in,
How they fuck boys, how they fake friends.
Streets on fire, plug on gold mode, streets so damn dry, I might get a truck load.
Fuck your country, I won’t sign it, labels keep calling me, but I don’t call back.

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