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J. Cole

Land of the Snakes – J. Cole

[Verse 1: J. Cole]
This the shit I used to roll down Lewis Street with
Lord, know some hoes from the past like
“Damn Cole, wish I knew that you would be rich”
Well, should’ve asked
It’s funny how these niggas on some real “Be cool with me” shit
I bagged two bitches like it’s two of me bitch
This the shit I used to roll down Lewis Street with
Finally got my own bedroom in this bitch
No more sleeping in my brother’s room
Like man I might as well be sleeping in my mother’s room
Cause how I’m supposed to sneak hoes with my bro here?
Plus she gon’ find out I been rocking all this old gear
This is flow here, this is no fair
This is so pure, this is so clear
This is one breath, this is no air
Ain’t no editing I do the most here
I’m the President you the co-chair
You the player, yeah, I’m the coach here
Nigga I coast here
This weather got me set up on this West Coast yeah
Avoiding the snakes, AK’s, and coke yeah
Get my dick wet but I never let it soak there
Man I been thinkin’ bout movin’ out
What? Country boy in the city in New York nine years
Ran that shit like Diddy
Riding through South Side Queens like Fiddy

[Hook: J. Cole]
Nothing’s impossible
And all you lame niggas show me what not to do
I met a real bad bitch in the club tonight
She told me, “Watch the snakes cause they watching you”
I told her, “Aw baby don’t start! I ain’t looking for the way to your heart!”
She said, “You bout to miss church” while she riding me
I like my sundaes with a cherry on top
Make that ass drop (drop, drop)
Make that ass drop (drop, drop)
Make that ass drop (drop, drop)

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[Verse 2: J. Cole]
Now if you only had one wish is it devious?
Cause you already know who your genie is
Ain’t get a cover, now your mag on my penis
Like damn he turned out to be a genius
Damn real shit nigga no Pixar
You niggas soft like Meagan Good’s lips are
My kicks hard, my whip hard
I came out the womb with my dick hard
Back when I was playing Stomp the Yard
It’d be a bunch of niggas up on campus talking hard
Don’t get exposed to these hoes boy knock it off
I seen your mama in a Benz when she drops you off
Damn now who more thorough than me?
I paint a picture of my pain for the world to see
Could paint a picture of the game but my girl would see
Gotta ask myself, “What mean the world to me?”


[Verse 3: J. Cole]
This the shit I used to roll down Lewis Street with
A little Fayettenam nigga out in Beverly Hills
That’s when I ran into this chick I went to college with
Yeah back when a nigga was on scholarship
Was in a rush but I still stopped to holla, shit
That’s the least I owed her cause see I tried to hit
On the first night, and nah I ain’t proud of it
I boned her in my dorm room and kicked her out of it
And I never called back, how thoughtfuless
Now I’m standing in the streets tryna politic with her
In her mind she calling me a misogynist nigga
On some Bobby Brown shit my prerogative, nigga is to hit and never commit
Now realizing when I hit she never forgets
So every time I ignore the telephone call
Saying I’ll hit her back knowing I’m never gon’ call
She was hurting, now she’s staring dead in my face she was smirking
Like, “Yeah I remember and nah you ain’t worth shit, nigga
You ain’t worth shit, nigga”

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This the shit I used to roll down Lewis Street with

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J. Cole

Back To The Topic – J. Cole

Lirik lagu: Back To The Topic

Carolina blue kicks, pedal to the metal
Feeling like a puppet and the Devil is Geppetto
Letter to the ghetto, hold your head high
You can pick apart my raps, I ain’t told ya na’ lie
I want a little dark, I like to fuck a tan line
Go on, look for a better nigga: girl you can’t find
Fine young man with an old man mind
No time for the tickle, fuck the whole mankind
“Aw, no ma’am” I’m an old land mine
I been waiting to blow up for a long damn time
Now I’m armed and I’m Fayetnam’s finest
Carolina’s savior, marijuana blazer
Only on occasion cause my mind be racin’
Lost in my thoughts so my eyes be Asian
Thinking how these rap niggas gotta be fakin’
Whole style obviously copied, pasted
Plagiarized swag, may arrive last
But when it’s all said and done I’mma be ahead of them
Way that I describe it, prescribe a nigga medicine
What that I be fly I be higher than the Jet-a-sons
Moving on up, nigga higher than the Jeffersons
All about the Benjamins. Bad chicks? Send em in
Basic hoes? Toss em out, can’t even get Waffle House
Hatin’ niggas? Chalk em out. Go on, get the coffin out
What you talking about? Lil man
My shit hair-burning, you not even a lil’ tan
I’m ill enough to kill cancer: baby, I’m chemo
Down in Miami and I throw like Marino
Get a whole lot of you-know and she bald like an Eagle
No, not on top but down there
She say she want to hop on top, “girl, I don’t care”
You better get yours fore I reach mine
Cause then I’m throwing peace signs
If you a freak, I can take you to your peak
Girl I do it to the maximum: Nissan
And I hope you a believer
I’m quarterbacking, trying to get you open like receivers
Far from an overnight achiever, Cole is like the leader
Of the new niggas, to tell the truth I’m only fucking with a few niggas
If that, the rest of you niggas get lapped, I sit back
And reflect on the rap game, I came
From out of nowhere
Nigga, I swear them lames ain’t know how to prepare
Got niggas shouting out “The ‘Ville, I gotta go there”
Boy don’t you know you get shot over there?
I say my prayers cause this life ain’t fair
A bunch of backstabbing niggas, hope the knife ain’t there
A bunch of temptation facing when your wife ain’t there
Yeah late at night, when I got the phone call and made her right
But my crib was straight ahead, shorty gave me head
Hit it then I quit it ‘fore she even made the bed
Damn I’m no good, but damn it’s so good
I’m picturing that body like a camera phone would
Something like Rihanna while I’m up in that vagina
Type of chick that only dress in something that’s designer
I could give a fuck as long as there’s something that’s behind of her
Got the type of bump that make a dog wanna hump
Back to the topic, actually forgot it
Hoes, money, I’m the shit oh yeah, I’m reminded
The way I put the words together, cleverly align em
These other rap niggas should never be a problem
And I’m ghost

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J. Cole

Home For The Holidays – J. Cole

Hey, this is the story of a young’n dreamin
Left his city to see if he could be what he dreamin’
Big city on his own shit
But every now and then a nigga get home sick
Pick up the phone, holla at my partner he telling em, be warned
A lot of shit been changing the time you’ve been gone
The streets got meaner, the hoes got growner
And went and got baby’s the day they got a diploma
Damn, there’ll be some niggas missing when you fly back
If you black, they sending you to jail or to Iraq
Old buddy that we hoop with, with a bad chick and a fly lac
Anda gold chain, caught him on a merc, tryna buy crack
Damn homie, shit, in high school you was the man homie
Fuck happened to you,
Used to beat niggas down at the buses after school
Now you looking like a muthafucking fool

Say I’ll be home for the holidays
So when you see me, better holla at me
I gotta get up put this city ‘fore it try to trap me
I gotta leave, I wish I could stay
But I’ll be home for the holidays
And to those that I used to know
From way before, keep your head up
Come lets get this bread up
Girl, I gotta go, wish I could stay
But I’m coming home for the holidays

This is a story bout some puppy love
But at the time boy, I was feeling like this must be love
Although now I’m on my grown shit
She mad as hell, a nigga still get home sick
I was fresh up off a scholarship
Dressed like a black man in college shit
Got a little knowledge now I’m following the politics
But I still gotta holla at my old chick
So sweet, so thick, girl pick up your phone, it’s me
She said “we aint homies no more”
You go to college and you act like you don’t know me no more
Girl, we got history semester seem so long
The last time I seen ya baby you aint have no clothes on
So if history repeats itself
When I get home, girl its on, you aint gone need ya belt
Or your pants or your drawers, then we hit the rewind
Just don’t give it up in the meantime

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Man I reminisce on them school days
I know you know them act a fool days
That missed the bus then hit the blunt and go to school blazed
That trying to get laid so I gotta stay fly
But a nigga had a shot you’d have thought thats where the bulls play
Wished this freshman could used a little Kool-aid
Crushing on them upper clansmen but it was tool late
Buddy she was dating he had the freshest shoes
But the nigga was graduated but he never made two a’s
Hey if you’re listening we got in to school
But who will pay our tuition man
These niggas crazy
One year cost about the same as a Mercedes (benz)
Four years cost white crib and a baby
Ay maybe this aint for me
If only I could be Lebron with the strength to leave
The worst part about growing up man the shit just aint for free
Maybe I can be someone people pay to see
And maybe I should move up outta here to the place to be
To get from a to z ay what you think I’m crazy
If I told you one day that Imma sign with jay-z
And will I make it I guess we gotta wait and see


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J. Cole

Knock On Wood (Freestyle) – J. Cole

(Cole, cole, cole, cole
And on the count of 3
Baby girl
Cole, cole, cole, cole
And on the count of 3
Baby girl
Cole, cole, cole, cole
And on the count of 3
Blow up – ah
Blow up – ah)

Yea – and that I will
Nigga and that I will
I keep a checklist of rappers that I’mma kill
I used to play the bleachers before I had a deal
Now a nigga gettin burnt, just imagine how that feel
Mmm, ill, fantastic
Flip rhymes, flip beats, nigga jamnastics
Your style hot now but they just can’t last wit
Somethin like the rap sandcastle
Gone with the tide
I’m here for the season
Bend your ass over bitch
I’m here for a reason
Cole breezin, flow freezin
This ain’t spittin ho – I’m sneezin
Used to hit South Beach, stay at the Parisian
No fun nigga, low funds was the reason
Old school bed that the hoes got pleased in
Now them loes dos is what I throw peas in
Man talk about a come up
Niggas see me in the street, they talkin bout The Come Up
Or talk about The Warm Up
Aye nigga when yo album drop?
And why these little rappers like to run they mouth alot?
And J. Cole are you really from the south or not?
I see yo jeans, man them thangs musta cost alot
Aye do you get a chance to hang out with the boss alot?
Even them hatin niggas like you at the barbershop
Cole! yeaaa, thats my motherfuckin name
Nigga couldn’t even watch the allstar game
Had to do the ole valentines day thang
Gotta play the game so my lady won’t complain
3 or 4 days I’ll be back on a plane
Do a couple shows where the people know my name
Look man the crowd full of pretty young thangs
If you gone do dirt then you can’t leave a stain
Mane, tiger woods ya’ll
He like the white girls
I like them hoods yall
She got her hair straight, she got a good job
She give the best brain, she got them good jaws
I got that good game, thats cause I’m good ya’ll
J. Cole the little engine that could ya’ll
And yea I’m comin for the top like I should ya’ll
And bitch I’ll never fall off
Knock on wood ya’ll

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