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Wiz Khalifa

Mia Wallace – Wiz Khalifa

[Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa]
Wake up to the cleanin’ lady knockin’ and shit
I close the door so I can bake up
Cause yesterday we, partied the night away, stumbled in close to four
Room full of expensive bags, still all the shit on the floor
But that’s just how you live when your wife’s a model
Smoke a pound soon as we touch down, do the same thing twice tomorrow
Not to mention what I spend in the club, nigga don’t need a price the bottle
I promise my weed exotic, all my tree is fire, when you see me I’m just

Floating on that chronic, floating on that chronic
I’m just floating on that chronic, floating on that chronic
Floating floating on that chronic, floating on that chronic
I’m just floating on that chronic, floating on that chronic
Floating, floating

[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]
Down the street, pound a beat, I smoke a pound of weed
Heard about it, don’t believe, come to my house and see
I’ll be high, I’ll be somewhere where them ounces be
California kush, New York smokin’ sour D
Detroit bubba kush, ATL is OG
Ask my nigga Berner, err’body know me
Out in Amsterdam, Wizzle smokin’ overseas
I’m gon’ hit this bong for anyone who smoke trees!


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Wiz Khalifa

Old Chanel (Feat. Smoke DZA) – Wiz Khalifa

Lirik lagu: Old Chanel (Feat. Smoke DZA)

[Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa]
Gold teeth and a snapback
Camo shorts, high socks and hoodies
Animal print Joyrich backpack
Keep a Raw cone stuffed with goodie
Eyes low as hell, I rock old channel
Smell the kush smoke on my mink
Jacuzzi bubbles on my Cuban link
Sipping champagne, smoking marijuana
Every finger got a ring
You can tell just by our slang
Native print, skinny pants, young Americana,
Two Cs on my frame, eating pasta with my team

[Hook: Wiz Khalifa]
I rock old Chanel, old Chanel
Old Chanel, old Chanel

Pull up in a Porsche,
Beverly Hills, smoking that weed

[Verse 2: Smoke DZA]
I do ‘lo as well
With all this double RL and Rugby, ain’t hard to tell
Polo Sport, nigga I’m on the field (coasting)
No Karo, we cracked the seal
Gotta make sure the act is real
Don’t fingerfuck the bud, the pack is real
Fans hyped cause they lit us up
I’m high, don’t really give a fuck
I Usain Bolt through Denim & Supply
I’m seasons ahead, you couldn’t catch me if you tried
I run my lane so hard, my feet swell up
Continuous waves, word to my seat dweller
‘Lo bears, I got so many
Foamposites like I know Penny
Bombay, no Henny
Keep nelly in that old Chanelly
Keep her earrings flooded and her wrists heavy
So when them bitches come through with them fakes
Speedy she laughin’
RLX stuff, like I came from the Aspens

[Verse 3: Wiz Khalifa]
That new BBC Barney’s collab came out
I ordered me one and lit one up
And got happy as fuck
Shout out to the niggas swagging me up
Cause now you think I got it off the back of a truck
I got so much of it
Flaunting pieces
One of a kind custom shit
Going on trips, I hope my luggage fit
You only rock it cause it got two Gs on it
My wife’s bag cost 6 G’s and got them two C’s on i
Plus, I’m smoking well
My outfit dope as hell
Trying to find out what I’m rocking to the Grammy’s
Put that iPhone down fool, don’t try to Instagram me
That’s ho shit

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Wiz Khalifa

Raw – Wiz Khalifa

Leather on leather nigga, that’s raw
Take that OG Kush, put it in a RAW
Bitch so bad had to hit it raw
Ask me how i’m living mane, I’m living raw
And i’m smoking good when I’m in my car
Niggas want beef, you can get it raw
Got these niggas sick, everything is raw
Ask me how i’m living mane, I’m living raw

[Verse 1]
Rolling joints like Ice Cube, living raw like payday
Get a pound by next friday, get me gone and i’ll be faded
And they say i got that raw, yeah i got that Slim Shady
They be running for that pure, Yelawolf that MGK
I got a house like Scarface’s, got a car that win races
Got some KK in the jar, know it’s raw when you taste it
Eating sushi with my broad, order raw when you place it
Niggas say that they want war, I’m the wrong one to play with
Riding round, blowing pounds, so much loud
On a cloud, roll up now, throwing thou’s
In your town, how it sound
Really do some for the game when they started stealing your style
Bring the kush, it’s going down


[Verse 2]
Niggas over doing shit, i just give it to ’em raw
Drinking Bombay, straight buying bottles from the bar
Book a flight with Miley Cyrus, and we going to the stars
Got that ODB cuz they say they like it raw
I got a four fifty engine, in the hood of my car
It sound like a dinosaur, you should hear when it roar
I let Tuki hit the wax, he was sleeping on the floor
Hear a nigga talking shit when we creeping through your door
Her homegirl said she wanna leave with her best friend
She gon’ suck it like a straw
I got dollars, i got diamonds, plus i blow it by the onion
I’ma give it to them raw

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Wiz Khalifa

Still Blazin – Wiz Khalifa

Still blazin, still blazin, still blazin
Cause ganja power its so amazin
give me the strength and protection, keep praisin
each and everydayeeee

[Wiz Khalifa]
why can’t everyone just smoke like me?
just gimme quiet place and lemme roll my weed
where ain’t nobody in my business don’t nobody gotta know
let all your conscious go and blow it by the O
I’m here but my minds gone

[Verse 1]
and its gettin hard to see you cause my eyes low
marijuana minutes, nigga time slow
on a kush clock, there’s always time to smoke
say I look high? I say I’m high bro
still blazin on with me, just facin
I remember days when I could only smoke on occasion
I couldn’t wait to go and cop from ray and them
rollin blunts of 50, stuck in my moms basement
had dro for sale but niggas was smokin haze then
blew a O a day then, don’t know but somehow I made away
and nigga them bills need pay but I’m…


why can’t everyone just smoke like me?
just get up out my face and lemme roll my weed
where ain’t nobody in my business, don’t nobody gotta know
lets all learn how to roll and blow it by the O
I’m here but my minds gone,

[Verse 2]
400 a zip nigga that’s what I’m on
and I’m gonna re-up as soon as the fires gone
smokin og kush from another time zone
as the smoke begins to pile on
wettin rags and puttin bags over the fire alarm
you niggas styrofoam, lightweight
I’m on my 13th oz, quite baked
you probably go to sleep, ya throat might ache
you off that good weed, you need a nice break
see I roll j’s up all day and you wont have to put a 8th in
they sayin its amazin how I’m..

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