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Kodak Black

Molly – Kodak Black

Where’s molly? looking for her, I need to find molly
I said I’m looking for her turn on the lights..Golden one they say I’m the chosen

They say they like it when I roll up, cause I be pulling up in foreigns man
I don’t smoke but I might roll one
Big 380 yeah I tote one, might blow one
They like just what I do, they like the way I move
She said lil Kodak I ain’t never seen nobody so smooth and they ain’t never done it like you… yeah

I love it when this roley on my wrist, so much diamonds I can’t tell what time it is..I’m so cool!
I said I hate being sober man! what you on? I’m on two.. how bout you?
Don’t say you shoulda did you coulda did! (chosen one)
don’t say you shoulda did you coulda did cause truth is you wouldna did nothing
I was on that E&J Brandy, now I’m sipping on Bubbly
I go hard for my team, I put molly in my lean so now I sing!
I put my heart in these beats I talk to God I’m on my knees, watch me while I run these streets protect me
My homies snitched on me cause I’m seeing bout 23 and I ain’t 23, now I see em with my enemy

Turn on the lights cause I’m looking for Molly…Molly, Golden one they say I’m the chosen one

They thought it was over oh naw it ain’t over, I’ma park that rover that two door rover
I’ma ride that muhfucka like a stoley back to da noya! I’m gone call up my lil soulja
I’ma park that bitch in front of the ugly corner
I’ma wrap that cuban link around my neck, in the fast line say slow down for you wreck
I’m gone bend the corners and I’m gone make a mess, I’ma bend the corner and I’m gone make them stress
Say I’m riding in a spear, I’ma hit that dice then throw them licks and I’m gone disappear
Put the rocks all on my ears, watch them cry them tears when I switch them gears
Kodak I’m here, this molly at my door, yeah I love her but I still don’t love no ho
Oooh I seen that bitch before say that girl on fire so I stop drop and roll
I… don’t like to watch her go so I chase her with them blacks and then I flow
Ooooh my high just almost blowed.. eenie miny Moe I just caught her by her toe
My trues low my shirt off my chain on.. I don’t save these hoes nigga I ain’t got no cape on
She said oooh lil Kodak you my man, I’m just a kid so how can I be yo man

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I think I found Molly, so turn off the lights
cause I found her, the golden one they say I’m the chosen one

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Kodak Black

Time Never Mattered – Kodak Black

[Verse 1]
Couldn’t even make it out my home, I was over thinkin’
Am I depressed or stressed, ’cause I don’t even know the meanin’
Ain’t got nothin’ to say but why I’m jumpin’ on the beat then?
Never personal, it’s business, that’s the way I keep it
Hollered at my clergy, he love me like his own semen
Just dropped a album but I still ain’t got no time for sleepin’
I might wake up, drop a mixtape for no reason
Influence you lil’ niggas, happy that you wanna be me
Know you fake, Instagram page told ya secret
No booty shakin’ music when you pop my CD in
Play a crook by the book, I’m sittin’ back readin’
Real recognize real, but looks can be deceivin’
I still fuck with Young Money, I’m just CMB’n
Miss my Audi, in a different Audi every season
Can’t believed they filled the Audi that I used to sleep in
Thug to the bone, you can’t roll if you anemic
Brought hell on earth, my hoe know I’m cheatin’
I’m a zombie on earth, ZOE’n
I brought hell on earth, HOE’n
Zoe shit, ain’t no hoe shit, I ain’t HOE’n
I’m runnin’ in the phone store, AT&T’n
I just found out my nigga a hoe, I can’t believe it
‘Cause I don’t know the gender
Do I pimp her, do I G him?
You a transgender, I’m a wolf in sheep skin
So you was fakin’ nigga?
You sit down when you peein’?
Caitlyn Jenner, shoot you in yo’ legs cause you a lesbian
More stripes than Tyga, I want Kylie Jenner, tell her come with me then
It get greater later, wish my nigga was home to see this
I coulda been in Pluto but I got her sewed up in Venus
Future want me Freeband Gang, I can’t ’cause I’m SG’n
Sleepin’ and I’m geekin’, sometimes I don’t even feel like breathin’
How the hell I’m in a cell?
Was I ever home or was I dreamin’?
Woke up seen a demon
Walkin’ like I’m Jesus
I pay lawyer fees, you just tweetin’ “Free My Niggas”
I post commissary, I don’t need to post a picture
Woe I’m in yo’ corner ’til the world blow, I’m with ya
But I hope that I don’t go broke again, nigga I’m killin’ young babies
Kodak never goin’ broke again, nigga you a free agent
Better have that same energy when you see me cause I’m goin’ super saiyan
Reminiscin’, wishin’ my lil’ brother wasn’t incarcerated
Ya birthday Sunday, we just always end up locked up, ain’t it?
With me on MTV on the red carpet, two lil’ project babies
Yeah, at the VMA’s we was the only ones taken
When this shit gon’ end? I get out, you go in, it’s crazy

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Silence keep cloudin’ me
Hands on my heart, it’s soundin’ like it’s poundin’ like the beat
Time never mattered
Time is money, I wish I could buy back all the time I gave away for free
Tunnel vision now, cause they was cloudin’ me
I’m feelin’ on my chest, I coulda sworn I felt my heart just beat
Yeah, time is money, diamonds on my Audemar
I can’t keep makin’ the system richer, they keep takin’ time from me

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Kodak Black

Me, Myself & I – Kodak Black

All I got is me, myself, and I, yeah
Yeah, babe, me, myself, and I
Section 8, telegram, yeah

All I got is me, myself, and I, got myself again
Time is money, I need that money, got no time for no friends
Ain’t nobody gon’ ride like me, cause I’m gon’ ride to the end
Been in fucked up situations, where you niggas would bend
Play my cards, I never bluff, and I ain’t throwin’ my hand
Shit, I saw when times got hard, I watched my nigga readin’ it He snitched
We called that talk, I can’t believe what he did
Cause he knew what we was doin’ before we went on that lick
I been rappin’ and snappin’, I fell in love with this shit
It caught up with me’, cause I be jackin’ since I was a lil kid
I been trippin’ and goonin’, and throwin’ rocks at the pen
All that stickin’ and movin’, it got me doin’ it big
Look, nobody gon’ keep it real how I be keepin’ it real
Coulda snitched and got released, you know they all for the deal
Put myself in tight positions, I can’t even regret em
I was schemin’, times was hard, and I just needed some cheddar
My life a movie, it’s Kodak, I’m the movie director
Sometimes a nigga get scared, but I know it’s gon’ get better
Remember when it was my people, them was gon’ send me some letters
Cause I was missin’ my bitches, and I was missin’ my fellas
Hot pocket on me, so my pants keep fallin’
They wanted to take me out the game, but I just keep on ballin’
Polo down, pop my collar, lil nigga shot callin’
Could just hold up for me on the other line, guap callin’
I’ll get back to you later, I’m rollin’ out of my tater
I been leanin’ so damn much, and now I got me disabled
Niggas grindin’, be connivin’, do shit under the table
Just last night, John John got hit by the raiders
Fuckin’ round on the ugly hit that boy with a taser
Once I came out the womb, I jumped straight to teenager
They say I’m a demon semen, young boy, hell raider
If I ain’t pullin’ up in a foreign, then I’m pullin’ in caver
Project baby paper chasin’ tie
They dead fly
Run up on me, send you straight to your maker,
All that kush that I be smokin’, you think I’m from Jamaica
But hell nah, ain’t from Jamaica, bitch, I’m from golden acres
And I’ll tag you with that 9, and that bitch got a laser
And I’ll lay a nigga down, I’m like “fuck nigga, paid him”
I ain’t bakin, but I’m cakin’, I should open a pastry
I got dope in the basement

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Kodak Black

Black Cats (Kunta Kentae) – Kodak Black

[Hook] (2X)
Feel like somebody put a cast on my ass
I’m dropping bad luck, I pull up in the black Jag
Can’t fit these shoes, it’s seven and a half
I’m focused on my future, I ain’t dwelling on the past

Same night me and [?] took the [?]
[?], Balenciaga, snapping like I lost a fucking crab
They [?] the helicopter, I don’t want y’all to think I’m trying to flex
Nigga, what’s your f’n problem? I’m on that f’n vodka, smoking gas
Yeah, beep, beep, I’m the nigga road running to that cash
Fuck a frisbee, I’ll [?] bend a nigga like [?]
Fuck my daddy, I can’t believe I nutted out your sack
Fuck my daddy nigga, it’s me and my momma sons like I’m Steve Nash
I made my son king, put this crown on, fuck a ski mask
I swear to god [?] when this heat blast
Type it like a spacebar, fuck a keypad, think I keep that MAC
Hot shifter, can’t control my pace, command, delete his ass


I’m hooked on phonics, hooked on Phoenix balling like I’m Steve Nash
Promise you ain’t see me, I was in Buffalo with Ray
How you finna cut the [?] y’all just [?]
In Charlotte, made a movie with that poker, left a scab
In Raleigh, fell in love with fraud, [?] on that [?]
Steady scheming, burying cheese and burying pieces in the grass
Controversy between the both supremacies, they gone be mad
Martin Luther King, last night I had a dream about his ass
No Rosa Parks, them shooters posted in the back
Nelson Mandela, rocking Maison Margielas, remember wearing Shaqs
Life’s a gamble, play the hands they dealt me I’m a [?] the black jack
In the Jaguar XF, putting a spell on you late night in the black cat

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