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A$AP Rocky

New York Bittersweet Symphony – A$AP Rocky

This is my story
My struggle uh
My bittersweet symphony
My pain… Check it;

Food getting lower
Money coming slower
Damn landlord keep bitching cause you owe her
I’m too afraid to grow up
I pray to God I blow up
And roll up in something foreign where the front doors go up

I wonder if my peers
Could hear my prayers
The only nigga got me scared
Is the man upstairs
When my back against the wall
I’m a face my fears
I’ll swallow my pride
‘Fore I swallow a tear

Cause I be going hard
Stevie on his job
I’m praying to something to happen to man that servin God
These wolves got me scarred
I try so hard
To survive
Guess just to prosper gotta strive

Then I hit the stage
And gone and blaze
Everybody know my name
And the song I sings
I rejoice my pain
And they doing the same
And the haters gonna hate
I’m just doing my thing

Got my bad bitch
With me she so dangy
Said she love ASAP
Cause we so tangy
Living life fast
So I feel like kids
And I’m blowing up fast
So I feel like BIG
With the super nintendo
Sega genesis
Now we doing deals with the major businesses
Get a little change
Niggas feel a little strange
Uh-Oh truck flow
Pull off in a range

Niggas say I changed
But I’m living it up
Shit if money didn’t change you
You ain’t getting enough
Fuck cop and the calm?
Tryna’ fly to the stars
Smooth on the moon
And I be mobbing to mars

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Niggas say I’m I’ll
Y’all ain’t telling me shit
Cause when nights we was cryin
Y’all ain’t help me with shit
Ooh money change drastic
Flew through gymnastic
The doors lift up
And the roof do a back flip
Zooming through traffic
Probably with a bad bitch
Slash actress and we on our way to Saks Fifth
Life was so tragic
All of that was past tense
Now I’m living lavish
This got to be magic

If I should die before I wake
Pray the lord my soul to take
As I lay me down to sleep
Pray the lord I rest in peace
If I die before I wake
Please enjoy the songs I make
As I lay me down to sleep
Pray the lord I rest in peace

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A$AP Rocky

Brand New Guy (Feat. ScHoolboy Q) – A$AP Rocky

Lirik lagu: Brand New Guy (Feat. ScHoolboy Q)

[Verse 1: Asap Rocky]
I’m camo down to my boxers
Gold teeth, a bathing ape
It’s animals in my projects
Like monkeys, orangutans
Banana clip on that chopper
I hold heat, bangers bang
Let the chiquita speak
Let it keep the peace
That Lil B, bangkadang
I don’t care if you blue or you red flagging
Hair swinging, my pants sagging
Hoes all on my band wagon
Your bitch gagging, she jet lagging
All my cause niggas, what’s crackin’?
All my blood niggas, what’s poppin’?
I ain’t set tripping, I just happen
To know who click clacking, who mismatching
Fuck swagger, you been jacking
Fuck fly, I am fashion
Tryna cop that Benz wagon
My bitch drive it and my friends crash it
Niggas threat with the chit chattin’
See a nigga don’t shit happen
I’m finna blow on that Bin Laden
So talk money, check latin (Suck my fuckin’ dick bitch)

[Hook: x2]
Brand new clip, brand new 9
Brand new bitch, brand new ride
Brand new weed, brand new high
Brand new me meet the brand new guys

[Verse 2: Schoolboy Q]
That 45 be the big toy
Now which nigga want it with the fat boy?
Clipped up like I’m paranoid
Hot as hell nigga, Fitzroy
Pulled off through the city like {skirrt}
Seen that hoe nigga like {skirttt pop}
Hopped up on a nigga like {murrppp}
Put that pussy nigga in a purse
You wouldn’t be the first covering the dirt
Put him in the ground, he was down to earth
Napped up nigga, I been down since birth
Backpack full of random work
With two bad hoes, I’ll teach you how to jerk
Teach you how to jerk
Swaggin’ in my J’s
Pop me a pill and throw that pussy a rave
My prerogative ways
Nappy chin hairs with the brand new fade
Brand new nigga with the brand new venue
Sold that bitch out
Should’ve made that ho bigger
Killer charisma these cupcakes remember
My objective is to serve your agenda
Biggie and Nas put they ass in a blender
Sprinkle some 50 and came out this nigga
You quick with the gat and the dick in your mouth
Balls in my hands and your bitch in my house
Twisting up weed
I’m digging her out
Just filling her out
Do all that shit you be talking about
While you gone? Shit, NetFlix on your couch
What this pop corn about?
Microwave oven while you out there cuffin’
You over there lovin’
That bitch be my stuffing, like
Like we really be fucking

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[Hook: x2]
Brand new clip, brand new 9
Brand new bitch, brand new ride
Brand new weed, brand new high
Brand new me meet the brand new guys

[Verse 3:]
[Schoolboy Q:]
Brand new shirt to the brand new drawls
Brand new socks to the brand new Glock
This motherfucker hold 15
Smack that ho in, tell the clip get lost
Bitch I’m a boss
Pulled up clean, don’t you hear the exhaust
Got my tie on, gripping on my iron
Who I’m about to fire on?
[ASAP Rocky:]
Rap game fucked up, boy
Fuck you think I rap for?
Crack game fucked up, boy
Fuck you think I trap for?
Riding round with that mask on
Like a Mac attack when that strap on
Like a Shaq attack on that backboard
Clap on, clap off
[Schoolboy Q:]
Blue pit in my back yard
[ASAP Rocky:]
Red nose my bad broad
[Schoolboy Q:]
Tight and full of that hydro
[ASAP Rocky:]
Pretty nigga, no catwalk
[Schoolboy Q:]
Big burner in your big mouth
[ASAP Rocky:]
Pussy niggas suck lead off
[Schoolboy Q:]
I pull it up then skirt off
Vodka shots, he Smirnoff
[ASAP Rocky:]
40 oz of that Cristal
Rose, that Rick Ross
[Schoolboy Q:]
Got it jumping like Kriss Kross
[ASAP Rocky:]
Mishmashing, no jigsaw
[Schoolboy Q:]
No horseplay when we quick draw
[ASAP Rocky:]
Pussy nigga get a tit job
[Schoolboy Q:]
Hands up, stick your mands up
Your time’s up, the new brand’s up

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A$AP Rocky

Put That on My Set (Feat. A$AP Nast & Skepta) – A$AP Rocky

Lirik lagu: Put That on My Set (Feat. A$AP Nast & Skepta)

Put that on my set, uhh, uhh
Put that on my set
I recollect, uhh, uhh
Time to count some checks and go collect, uhh
They owe some debt
Nothin’ over nothin’ less
And hoes on deck, and plus I flex
I put that on my set

[Verse 1: A$AP Rocky]
Understand, I’m a man tryna make it in the world today
She just wanna fuck and I just met her at the club
And now we left
I just wanna fuckin’ love her [?]
She was lovin’ nothin’ less
I just love how we’re bustin’ nothin’ more than fucking chest
God I love that dress, god I love the way she dress, she fresh
God I love her breasts, god I love her thighs and eyes and uhh
Swear to god I’m outta breath
Swear to god if I get out alive, she checkin’
Only time we naked, only time she complain and didn’t demand for private jets
Twist my fingers, put that on my set
Fuck that other side no disrespect, uhh
Stack of crazy niggas
Comin’ at my neck
Man that’s [?] Skepta
I’ma put that on my set
[Verse 2: Skepta]
Show respect, I’ma aim for the neck
I’ma make some ghosts
When it comes to the raps
Man I must be possessed when you see me up close
When you look into my eyes
When you see how I flex, just me and my dogs
And another handful of cats
I ain’t tryna fuck with the rest
Man, I’m ready to die
My soul’s in the sky
See the pain in my eyes
I don’t wanna cry, put my life on the line
For my blood all the time
I see all the signs, but it’s like that [?]
Tryna kill me for mine
Now this all behind, the police tryna find
DNA on the 9
Man, open the door
Real niggas on tour
Man, I’m ready for war
Ten toes on the floor
Fuck with me on the 3rd, It will be Halloween on the 4th
Yeah, all the way from the East to the North
Rocky rollin’ up that Backwood
Spilling mad [?] on the floor
Ice me

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[Hook: A$AP Rocky]
Eyy, eyy
Put that on my set
I said, I flex
Eyy, eyy
What’s that on my neck?
Eyy, eyy
Put that on my set
I said, I flex
Eyy, eyy
What’s that on my neck?
These bicthes flex

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A$AP Rocky

Purple Swag Chapter 2 (Feat. Spaceghost Purrp, ASAP Nast) – A$AP Rocky

Lirik lagu: Purple Swag Chapter 2 (Feat. Spaceghost Purrp, ASAP Nast)

[Verse 1: Spaceghostpurp]
Back in this bitch mothafucka, yeah it’s me
Spaceghostpurrp and I put your bitch to sleep
Me and my twin at it again with this flow
Sipping on gin, living in sin, lean in the trunk
RIP to Screw, rest in peace to Pimp C
Shout out to the H and that fucking SUC
My fucking brain is purple, nigga

Everything is purple (Swag)

[Verse 2: ASAP Rocky]
It be that pretty mothafucka sipping that throwed
Gripping my pistol, my chrome
Hidden to hit you then splitting your brick into something
I spit it and flip it like Bone
Niggas ain’t ready for the flow switch
Only Harlem nigga on his Bone shit
Tripping fo’s since back in ’06
Won’t you see a nigga getting throwed bitch
Two middle fingers to the show, bitch
Cause they selfish in the show biz
Cause they shelf kids and it’s hopeless
Career dying quicker than a cold fish
I be the fly young fella, Maison Martin Margiela
Bitches Cinderellas under my umbrella, I go and tell her


[Verse 3: ASAP Nast]
All hell here, bitches Satan talking
Told her to take it off, give me the D, she take the offense
Skinny nigga balling, trip but never falling
Who said to make it rain? Bitch I make it pouring
I’mma cake-o-saurus go study my nature
Big chain on me like Treach from Naughty by Nature
Fuck what you saying, away
A hater don’t faze a gangster
Brought up in danger, all about paper
Smoking on purple, bitch I’m dangerous
Nasty, crazy ninety’s baby, mama I made it
Up to the sky, goodbye to the pavement
Hoes get caught in amazement
I’m stuck in my ways, so fuck ’em up, fuck ’em and duck ’em for days
What more can I say? I’m chasing this paper
That’s purple, nigga

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