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Snoop Dogg

Party With A D.P.G – Snoop Dogg

[Verse 1]
Stacey Boots, perms and suits, I’m braided up, can fade it up
I skated up, you waited up, so you know I got to go ahead and tear shit up
Turn lose on these muthafuckers Jelly Roll
Nephew, boy this shit is out of control
Rockin, rollin, bangin b
A little something, something nigga, thats banged up streets
Freak, freak yall, into the beat ya’ll
And to all my big doggs grab your meat cha’ll
And yes, yes ya’ll, oh we the best ya’ll
We got the shit that make the bitches grab they breast ya’ll
It don’t stop till the wheels fall off
954 headed swervin in the goodin clinic, tryin keep it hot right
Fuckers spot light, my nigga Jelly Roll make it knock light

We all shinin’ stars
Ya’ll know who you are
And dip low lows with me
You party with a D.P.G.

[Verse 2]
We ridin, dippin, slippin, slidin, eastside up eastsiders
Riders, ballers, rollers, ladies,
players, gangstas, macks, pimps, and ‘llacs
Hustlers, bitches, niggas and G’s, we having big thangs blowing trees
Shinin, grinin, refuse to lose
I gotta a G in my pocket for dippin out of shoes
I head the corner in the Navigator
Committed to excellence like a Raider
You hate a nigga like me but you got to love me
Your lady wanna shove me and your kids wanna hug me
A nigga fuckin like Buggsy Seagal again, I’m in the ringle again
I do it all legal again, I can’t lose you won’t win, respect the boss
If you run up, you gettin done up, I love to floss

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[Verse 3]
Why you acting bad, probably cause I’m know as the bad actor
In the rap game I’m the big factor, macker, smack a bitch in a second
The big dogg nigga very well respected
You gotta put your mash down when you wanna get to the top
The game is stuffy like Puffy don’t stop
I thought I told ya, nigga I’m a soldier
No Limit Lieutenant, yeah I did it
I’m committed like a motherfucker supposed to be
Won’t let no bitch niggaz close to me
From my head to my feet I’m protected from harm
Cause I’m a muthafucking shining star, you feel me
And fuck who wanna kill me
you niggaz thrill me, but guess what will be
On top tip top, non stop, dogg not
And you gotta let me end, the nigga I’m a shine like a G


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Snoop Dogg

Upside Down (Feat. Nipsey Hustle & Problem) – Snoop Dogg

Lirik lagu: Upside Down (Feat. Nipsey Hustle & Problem)

YEAH! Aight Bigg Dogg
It’s ’bout that time
You got a cup or bottle or blunt in your hand
Follow directions please
Let’s, GO!

Put ’em on up – and turn them thangs upside down
Said put ’em on up – and turn them thangs upside down
Put ’em on up – and turn them thangs upside down
(What?) Upside down (what?) Upside down

[Snoop Dogg]
Mm… the Boss in the buildin
Try to turn it on you get offed in this buildin
Higher than a muh, gettin lost in the feelin
Motherfuck the law, I got a ball for the chil’ren
Nigga – drunk than a bitch though
‘Fore I hit the spot I had a bottle full of Cisco
Ate the kush and a model in a trenchcoat
A Crip with a lot of cash, check on how the wrist roll
Baby saw it in my eyes and she knew that I was lookin at her
Ain’t a chance to get her, I can M-I crooked letter
If she with a nigga I’ma steal her, yeah a crook’ll have her
throwin up the E once the D get to cookin in her (Eastside!)
Yeah – so what’s it gon’ be?
Golden black Joe Clark, H.N.I.C.
Regulatin on any hatin I see
Some’n good in your hands then repeat after me

[Chorus: Problem]
Put ’em on up – and turn them thangs upside down
Said put ’em on up – and turn them thangs upside down
Put ’em on up – and turn them thangs upside down
(What?) Upside down (what?) Upside down
Put ’em on up – and turn them thangs upside down
FUCK IT UP! And turn them thangs upside down
FUCK IT UP! And turn them thangs upside down
FUCK IT UP! Upside down – FUCK IT UP! Upside down

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Yea, yea
Damn fool, you could see it in my face though
I’m shittin, I’m shittin what I ate hoe
Fuck that, I’m drinkin ’til I throw up
Turn like a mug, c’mon whole hood showed up

[Snoop Dogg]
Bang to the boogie, keep a thang in my Dungarees
Bailin through the Eastside, feelin like a younger G
Eatin like a muh, but I’m so so hun-g-ry
I dare one of these young dumb fucks to try and fuck with me
Fucka – I’m back to the party
Marley, Bacardi, shawty, gnarly
Becky, and Vicky, beggin me to give me hickeys
Through my Dickies


[Snoop Dogg]
Lil’ mama tryin to show the Dogg her G-string
while she sang ain’t “Nuthin’ But a ‘G’ Thang”
A nigga throwin signs tryin to let me know that he bang
Like I give a motherfuck what he claim
Ay – your nigga better chill doggy
‘Fore I treat him like a old bitch and menopause him
I’ll stop your ass right there
I swear had homies on your head like hair
Homie I ain’t thinkin, I’m too busy drinkin
Plumber of the month, mami show me where your sink is
So I can get to uncloggin
I hope that lil’ cat ready for this Bigg Dogg and WOOF!


Pause… pause… pause…

[Nipsey Hussle]
Look, I’m just a young nigga in the biz with mo’ enemies than friends
Get no money goin out, but I got it comin in
And nah, I ain’t a G but every day that’s what I spend
I get paid to drop a verse, for 16 I need ten
End.. all the speculation
Them pre-conceived notions got me over-compensatin
And for you slow niggaz that mean not been concentratin
I’m shittin on these records while you rappers constipated
Uhh, it’s get money, fuck haters
Me and hip-hop is like Chucks and blue laces
Me and Snoop Dogg is Sir Charles and King David
With Problem we all ballin like the ’09 Lakers
Yeah, it’s Terrance Martin on the track
And I’m that young nigga droppin crack back-to-back
My album on the way and I ain’t worried ’bout the stats
But I could tell you how the streets gon’ react
They gon’ say

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Snoop Dogg

Hustle & Ball – Snoop Dogg

[Snoop Talking]
Yo whats up P
Yeah man these niggas think that I done fell off man
Think my shit done got weak I guess
Shit nigga I been hustlin’ grindin’ like a motherfucka
I aint went nowhere knowwhatImean?
Shit guess I got to let these niggas know who I am
What I stand for and what I’m about huh
You feel me check this out BITCH!!

whats my motherfucking name
Snoop Dogg
What I like to do
you like to hustle and ball

I get up early in the mourning and begin my mission
Brush my teeth then I creeps to the kitchen
Cook some bacon and eggs and put some braids in my head
Stash this pound, put the shit down then I head
To the spot thats hot, fuck a fed
I gotta clock this knot ya heard what I said
Im taking penitentiary chances, dancin with the devil
Im in it to win it for No Limit nigga next level
A whole lot of y’all niggas out there walk around dead here take this
Dig your own grave, your pushin on them pebbles
Stand out there on that corner long enough and watch what happen
Quit yappin about what you aint got and get crackin now thats what
Aint no body give me shit I took it
Nigga stright now but I started off croocked
Now look at all the shit I been through and I’m ‘fen to
Get what I gotta get cause I’m just stright down for this shit

[Chorus x4]

They say money is the key to end all your woes
Thats probably why I love it and cant stand them hoes
I chop trees with G’s and take trips over seas
And pack a nine all the time and thats for all my enimies
What y’all thought, I cant get cought
It aint my mothfucking fault they call mister seasonig salt
I’m bringing Gangsta shit to this No Limit click
I’m way down south in a house and I’m bangin this shit
I got gold around my neck that will never ever fade
Rolex watch on my wrist nigga getting paid
Thats all I live fo , you dig it
Game is to be sold not to be told thats what my nigga P said can you
feel it
What y’all niggas knockin me fo and watching me fo
While your bitch jocking me and clocking this doe
Boy that sound like the old Snoop Dogg, shit I’m trying to get paid
Papered up and trying to ball y’all feel me
Avoiding the snitches and the and the bitches too
And the fake ass snake ass niggas which is you nigga fuck you
I buck you you I stick you I stuck you
I love making that music that y’all niggas say y’all drugs to

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[Snoop Talking]
Game reconize game
Now you know how a gangsta gangsta
You how a hustler hustle
And you know how a baller balls
Thats what you get when you fucking with Snoop Dogg
Stright up ’98 No Limit records
You feel me thats real ha ha yeah
Hustle & Ball Thats all we do
All the real hustlers out there gone and give it up
Yeah get your money money get your money
Keep your heat get your money money

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Snoop Dogg

The Bidness – Snoop Dogg

Ay whassup my nig?
Shit, just chillin, what’s happenin?
Shit nuttin, whatchu up to?
Shit, not too much – ay you ain’t seen that nigga Snoop?
Man hell naw, I been callin that nigga since Starsky & Hutch
I ain’t fin’ to call that nigga no more man
Tchk, oh like that?
Man f’real man, I ain’t buyin that new album either
I’ma download that motherfucker for free
Let that nigga know when I see him man
Shit, there he go right there

[Snoop Dogg]
I don’t say much
I don’t say Alize, no I don’t say Dutch
Keep yo’ hands off until I say, okay touch
I never come off tacky, I’m a boss exactly
I’m like the slick suit Snooperfly Versace
Conversation flashy, y’all niggaz can’t match me
I talk to you slow, so your game can roll
Take advice from a player, don’t love her just play her
Boy I never could dare, to pay double the fare
Man I swear to God it’s gon’ be some trouble in here
Before I pay that bitch, I’m like a bossy hog
Half dog, half gorilla, bitch Donkey Kong
Niggaz thirst for hoes, I got a thirst to ball
Tryin to knock a pimp’s hustle, be the first to fall
Fuckin with a-hundred-fifty, whole can of vodka
Mixed with gangbang, got a program like Poppa (hey hold up man)
I’ma do you a favor, let this pimpin save ya
Leave that bitch alone, the homies call her Ms. Behavior
Boy you move too fast, done too much talkin
I’m too much walkin to one who keep hoes hawkin
Don’t fuck with Snoop too much cause he goes off when
niggaz mouth too much, so please no flossin
I step up quicker, cause the game don’t pause
I gotta stay sucka free, cause it ain’t no laws
Dig this y’all

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[Chorus: Snoop Dogg]
That’s the bidness mayne, step my game up up in this mayne
Long hours hard minutes mayne, with this hustle on splendid mayne
P.A. perfect attendance mayne

[Snoop Dogg]
Cause I’m a boss..
Yeah, real bossy like, and sometimes flossy
And if you fuckin with that
{“I-I know, I, I-I-know, I know you gonna dig this”}

I had to tell you the truth homey, but you got mad
Yeah I hurt yo’ feelings, FUCK IT, it’s too damn bad
I’m a major player, I got major game
I might floss a different bitch, but the pimpin the same
I ain’t got time for no haters, I lay ’em flat on they back
I’m from the Dogg Pound homey, I don’t fuck with them cats
I fuck with, niggaz, who be bustin them shots
I’m talkin Long Beach, Inglewood, Compton, Watts
Close your chops, I knows your spots
Keep talkin nigga I’ll expose your knots
You ain’t ready for daddy, boy I do this for fun
It’s like you versus Kobe ballin one on one
You ain’t got no chance, you ain’t got no fans
I kick the shit out you punk, look momma no hands
I’m not a, holy roller but I pray so hard
Help me, I’m sendin these bitch niggaz straight to God
Shit I’m too damn grown, conversation is sho’t
While your talk is funny, Jack I talk with money
Keep the chain on bling, the rock is sunny
For you smart mouthted bitches I ain’t that dummy
{“HELL NO,” he replied}


{“GOD DAMN!”} {“Let me tell you somethin”}


[Snoop Dogg]
That’s the bidness, that’s the bidness
Aww, that’s the bidness, can I get a witness?
Aww, yeah, that’s the bidness, aww yeah, say what, yeah
That’s the bidness, but can I get a witness?

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