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Snoop Dogg

Platinum (Feat. R. Kelly) – Snoop Dogg

Lirik lagu: Platinum (Feat. R. Kelly)

‘Bout to make the night shine

Platinum through the doors

V12 rollin’ nigga goin’ platinum
V12 rollin’ nigga goin’ platinum
V12 rollin’ nigga goin’ platinum
V12 rollin’ nigga goin’ platinum

[R. Kelly:]
Swag like a lighter
And I keep my swag lit
Man I’m on fire
That can’t tell a nigga shit
V12 rolling
Got some honeys up in it
Say your pussy golden
But I only fuck with platinum chicks
Only talk platinum shit
Only swallow platinum spit
Speak my own slang-uage
Still I am the real-iest
Surrounded by Ciroc but your boy sipping Hennessy
Loves is a hospital and I was born in V.I.P.
Sick and there’s no cure
Bad case of V.I.P.
Still in the game killing you can call us M.V.P.
Whole fucking club jump in your cars and follow me
It’s dude from the Chi and the D.O. double G.

We platinum
Platinum stars
Platinum chicks
Platinum clothes
Platinum rich
Platinum shots
Platinum flights
Platinum cribs
Platinum lights

[Snoop Dogg:]
Let a motherfucker know from the ghetto
Limping, crimping and pimping mixing ’em all
Fixing the ball drifting listen dawg
My rap is that, my Cadillac is dripping wet
You can bet, turn it up, roll it up, burn it up
Give it back to me let me show you how to move that groove that weed that do that
All in fallin’ ballin’ yellin’ doggy do that chew that
Record sales, hoe sales, detail, retail, you fail, we sell
Ding dong get your momma ring your bell
Back in the club with my nephew Kellz
25 girls in the Dogg cartel and they do what the Dogg say grifted or walkway
Pimping on them all day can’t you tell
I’m liking it loving it cubbin’ it gubbin’ it drinks up blunts lit platinum boss shit
Nigga you know how we do this

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[Snoop Dogg:]
Take it back in the back of the car
Mack-mack like macking them hard, like that, quote backing them hard
Rich nigga with a platinum card in a platinum car with mink on the seat
Hoes on the street cause they all wanna make that trip to the promised land
Little mama can give it to me like I’m the man
Give it to me like I told you
Grab you, flip you, hold you, break you down
Stop depress, drop your dress, cause I’m gon’ take you down
What d’you think I got drink and you won’t drink right now
Two shots and now you ready for that tat-tat-toawww
And I’m gon’ give you that
I know that you diggin’ that
Platinum smile on your face yeah they know I’m diggin’ that
And I’m liking it, loving it, cubbin’ it, gubbin’ it, drinks up blunts lit platinum
Boss shit
You know how we do this


Look at us mob we at the bar
We going crazy woah
Earth is our turf
We on them jets
Leaving them haters woah
Snoop poppin’ bottles I got models
‘Bout to mix it woah
I see your man he causing problems ’bout to fix it woah
You cats is sloppy
Call me the clean up man
Pimpin’s my hobby
First love mic in hand
I got a platinum car
I got a platinum chain
I got a platinum chick
And she give me platinum brain
I ain’t gonna bullshit ya ladies
This the real thing
While they going gold
We done went platinum man

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Snoop Dogg

Betta Days – Snoop Dogg

Celebrate, grab a drink and put a blunt in the sky
Worldwide, nigga it’s 1999
Shit out of control, sign of the times
I ain’t had this much fun since ’79
I was only eight then, hadn’t been to the penn
Just a young nigga on the front of a swing
Playin football up in Powly High
Too young to ride but it’s still Eastside
Homocides didn’t happen much, niggas wasn’t rappin much
It’s 99 nigga, shit, I know you strappin up
Hell motherfuckin yeah, nigga wanna see the end
So next year we can do it all again
Same dogg channel, same dogg time
Only the strong will survive in 99
So much drama and dillusion, my conclusion is confusing
Drippin on my memories, twisted off my music
Tryin to make my people do things, oh yeah we do’s it, we do’s it
Here’s my number baby girl don’t you lose it
It’s smoky in this motherfucker while we cruising
And Eastside niggas is the shadiest (shadiest)
But them Westside niggas is the craziest (craziest)
Summertime on the grind, baby let me shine, let me shine
Roll with this shit, I’m cold with this shit in my prime
Nigga done time and I never dropped a motherfucking dime
Be smart, fresh start is all you need
First thing first, cuz, stop smoking cess weed
You are what you smoke, nigga stop hating
That’s why you broke and that’s why we celebrating
But life’s so hard on a G, that’s what they all say
But somehow someway, better days ahead, Freddy’s dead
And Betty said Eddie’s a fed
Sweaty in bed with a nine to his head
And he fuckin with this hoodrat that he met up in dance
Betty gettin mad cause Eddie wanna share
But look at how you livin for a minute then compare
I love confetti, I always stay ready
Keep some killers by my side and some riders by the telli
I’m ready to do now, who now, you now
Eddie wasn’t ready when they drew that, booyow
Two down, with just one gun
My nigga, and who said killin wasn’t no fun
I sit alone in the zone with a face of stone
Live the life of Al Capone or Don Coroleone
Tragically casulties and fatalities
And all kinds of funny ass niggas coming after me
My grand pappy once sat me on his lap and he said
Sonny get your money ‘fore you end up dead
I never really understood what he said
Until my motherfucking dogg took a slug in his head
Cold way nigga gotta learn his lesson
Slow down and go down, shit you know now

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Be smart, fresh start is all you need
First things first cuz, stop smokin cess weed
You are what you smoke, my nigga stop hating
That’s why you broke and that’s why we celebrating
But life’s so hard on a G, that’s what they all say
But somehow someway, you got to make a better way

(Somehow someway)
You got to make a better way
(You got to make a better way)
You got to make a better way
(You got to make a better way)
You got to make a better way
(You got to make a better way)
You got to make a better way
(Yeah, better days ahead)
Better days ahead
(Better days ahead)
Better days ahead

That’s real.
I feel your pain nigga.
I used to be just like you nigga.
Before I got off in this rap shit.
Shit, nigga did anything to get a dollar.
You know, but one thing I never did do.
I ain’t never beg a nigga for nothing or ask a nigga for nothing.
I went out and got my own ya feel me?
So from me to you, man to man.
Better days ahead my nigga.
Shit, keep the faith and get your hustle on.
Cause I’m a get mine regardless.
Nigga wether I’m rapping or on the streets.
I gotta have it.

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Snoop Dogg

So Many Pros – Snoop Dogg

Meet me out, can you make it?
Please don’t make me lie to you, lady
I’m in it, I’m not in it, but poochie says women
At the club we finna go, sip some drink and hit some dro
It’s ok if you don’t go, I’ll make sure to tell you
’bout these pros (it’s like somebody’s growin’ them on trees)
So many pros (it’s like somebody’s growin’ them on trees) (x3)
So many…

[Verse 1]
All the ugly people, hold on
I can see all the pretty people, on
Not saying that I’ve never been wrong
But tonight I got me a hot, come on
Now let me talk to ya, girl

For your um, for your information, baby
I’m that winner, you need to go and ask somebody
For your um, for your information, baby
I’m that winner, you need to go and ask somebody


[Verse 2]
We party to the break of dawn
Every girl just dance with nothin’ on
Where we at they don’t see nothin’ wrong
Well you know we were outside on the lawn
Now let me talk to ya, girl

[Bridge] + [Chorus]

[Verse 3]
When good music come on
It can get inside your head like porn
By yourself like whatchu grabbin’ on
Then look down, it was so much fun
Now let me talk to ya, girl

[Bridge] + [Chorus]

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Snoop Dogg

Connected (Feat. Kokane, Mobb Deep) – Snoop Dogg

Lirik lagu: Connected (Feat. Kokane, Mobb Deep)

Come on man, Eastsidaz

[Goldie Loc]

Infamous Mobb

[Tray Deee]
Infamous Mobb Deep

[Verse 1 – Prodigy, Tray Deee]
Out the muthafuckin depths in New York, its P
You couldn’t get close enough to even touch the kid
If you did,you wouldn’t get far enough to bag
I put my guns to work on your bitch ass
Hold up, niggas fuckin up the game
Put my name in statements, cooperating wit these and talkin
Fuck it, I’ll still buck em and gamble wit my freedom
These niggas gon learn to respect the P-Dub
I don’t take no shit off of nobody
No nigga, no bitch, lets get rich and party
Lets not test my gangsta, thats how you get bodied
Thats how hearts get took, pride get damaged
Lives is shedded, fuckin wit these east side niggas
We teach y’all niggas bout this murder shit
We got Tray Deee, Goldie Loc, Hav and P
Kokane, wit my nigga Snoop D-O-G-G

[Tray Deee]
Big hitters, wig splitters, give niggas the blues
Fools loud mouth we all about spittin them tools
From the coast of the locs were the Gs was born
And we raise up B.G.s to keep it goin
In the alleys, not the valleys, killa Cali the zone
Long Beach bringin heat takin off when its on
Fuck pretty, come gritty when we bring the noise
Big boys play wit keeps when we bring the toys
Wet T-shirts, we search to put in work, cuz
Come back for ya homies as you gettin ya dirt dug
Congregatin, operatin Gs and hustlas
You other muthafuckas can’t concieve our structures
The DPGC, the M-O-B-B, stricly east side and we ride on G.P.
Bandanas, hoodies, timbos and chucks
Stay mashin on bustas not givin a fuck

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[Chorus – Snoop Dogg, Kokane]
Eastsidaz and Mobb Deep
We connected
From the West to the East
Oh what you got beef?
Run up on ya while ya sleep
Stay connected
My nephews play wit keeps
We connected
From the West to the East
Blast ya ass in the streets
We connected
Eastsidaz&Mobb Deep
Stay connected
For life

[Kokane] Yeah [repeat 30X]

[Verse 2 – Havoc, Goldie Loc]

Connect wit my dogs be that serious shit
Serious things when M-O-B and sidaz bang
Ice and chains, be best that you hide those thangs
And pressure to that ass we apply those thangs
Told you fucks before, when it rains it pours
Its a cold ,cold, cold world nigga its Doggy Dogg
Better walk or crawl(for real), cause on the real homeboy
Fuck around and you’ll be up in the morgue
Moms praisin the lords, rev paintin the picture
Of a wise young man who didn’t get the picture
We keep it gangsta nigga, don’t get it twisted nigga
Cross me nigga, you’ll wind up a missin nigga
QB and we trully, rep for ours
Wars and scars, bitches in a gang of whips
When it came to this game though we changed the shit
And fuck who you wit, its what you up in the club but yo

[Goldie Loc]
Uzis, AKs, Glock 40s and Tech 9s
Tryna take mines, you’ll be a dead muthafucka
Come up short, wit yo life on support
Burnin rubber down the street in a black super spoke
Fo’ pokes to the neck, five sticks to the dome
Gun powder on my clothes when I smacked him in his nose
Real talk, show you how to walk the walk
All black all times when I scheme and stalk
Its somethin about bein a cold blooded killa
I’m bananas my nigga, like a black ass guerilla
I’m G’d up, smokin all the muthafuckin weed up
Drinkin on a full cup nigga

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[Snoop Dogg]
Yeah, defintely connected
How you love that?
Uh, like I said you can’t spell the West wit out the ES
East side up eastsidaz
From QB to the LB
You see what I see and G how I G
Feel me?
Eastsidaz, duces and trayz the old fashioned way
Uh, yeah-yay

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