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Will Smith

Potnas – Will Smith

This here’s a record I wrote about friendship
The kind that X and Ja ‘Lil was talking bout
When they wrote
Friends, how many of us have them?
I’m talkin ’bout, friends
Ones we can depend on

[Will Smith]
I’m talking ’bout a friends til the end if I lose or I win
If my ???? (wus up) you still my friend (hell yeah)
Down for whatever (uh huh) tougher than leather (uh huh)
Like Run and D, you and me, “Together Forever” (that’s right)
Let’s say we balling (uh huh) somebody calling (uh huh)
Me and my man (wus up) we gon’ be brawlin (hell yeah)
Let’s say we out (uh huh) something go down (uh huh)
5-0 around (uh oh) you still around (true dat)
Ever since I was younger (uh huh)
Kinda always had a hunger (uh huh)
For a fairy tale friend (uh huh)
Kinda like your brother (uh huh)
Everytime I go out (uh huh) everytime I turn around(uh huh)
Ain’t gotta one around (uh huh) what the brotha doin now (uh huh)
You’ve been my friend, from the beginnin to end
We flowing, nowhere we going
Cause lord we know we been through the storm
Before the calm, life could drop a bomb
Cause Jazzy we gotta bond, like we was in vietnam, trust is


Everybody need a partner
To stand right by they’s side
Not only down through the good times
But also down through the bad times
Everybody need a partner
To stand right by they’s side
Not only down through the good times
But also down through the bad times

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[Will Smith]
Now you my lady (uh huh) now you my baby (uh huh)
No if’s or maybe’s (uh uh) til’ push you ?? (that’s right)
You on my arm (uh huh) keep you from harm (uh huh)
Won’t break that bond (uh uh) word to my mom(no doubt)
Tell me you love me (I love you) tell me you swear (I swear)
And if I need you (just call) you gon’ be there (right here)
Til death do us part (uh huh) through thick and thin (uh huh)
You got my heart (back at you)
Girl, when the night’s cold and I’m warm
Holding the fact, that I got you holding my back
When my feelings stealing the blue of the sky
Leaving them gray, girl you the sun the brighten up my day
When it seem like the hill to steep and my vision getting blurry
Call on you my dub, be there in a hurry
When all is going wrong and I can’t go on
You my angel and more than lives, than song
Baby forever


[Will Smith]
Aight what we ’bout to do right now
We bout to take the partners oath
So wherever you at
Put your right hand in the air
We gonna pledge alligiance to our partners right now

Y’all my peoples (uh huh) y’all my dogs (uh huh)
In the sun (uh huh) through the fog (uh huh)
If I’m wrong (uh huh) tell me the truth (uh huh)
But if they wrong, we blow the roof (boo yaa)
Share smiles (uh huh) share tears (uh huh)
Lean on you (uh huh) ease my fears (uh huh)
Till the end (uh huh) from the start (uh huh)
Minus the greed (oh yeah) cross your heart (oh yeah)
Me for you (no doubt) you for me (no doubt)
That’s the way (no doubt) it’s gonna be (no doubt)
Inseperable (no doubt) never sever (no doubt)
Us forever (no doubt) we’s together (whoo)
How ever far (uh huh) we be apart (uh huh)
One vision (uh huh) one heart (uh huh)
To my friends (uh huh) to my dogs (uh huh)
To my fans (uh huh) one love (whooooo!)

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Chorus 2X

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Will Smith

Don’t Say Nothin’ – Will Smith

Lirik lagu: Don’t Say Nothin’

when I released my first single back in like ’86
people was like oh you know that’s popcorn and you know they weak
you know then I mess around I go world trade on them
bangin’ out them mulit-plats still got negativity to bring
my thing is you can’t say nothing nice don’t say nothing
take your place allow me to flex a taste
as my accomplishments bring up my comp like mase
face me the star of stage and TV
my face be seen in almost every country
grammy winner soon to be oscar nominee
who he that’s dressed jiggy straight from west Philly
thought I was whack ’cause I wanted to act
now every brother and his mother that rap be trying to do that
the ill kid
hundred million dollar bill kid
the one you love to chill with come on keep it real kid
don’t try to act like this summer at the greek
you won’t be bumpin’ the big Willie in your jeep
I know y’all still feel me
really don’t act silly
thought I feel off just becuase I left Philly
took a break from the rap thing went on hiatus
I picked up the art of acting and multiplied papers
I chilled on silk sofas chatting with Oprah
she asked me if it’s true that me and Jeff broke up
while y’all kids busy playing drug pimp and playa
I was at my crib in Barbados chillin’ with Jada
vertex is me the magnanamous
god you sayin’ damn I’ve always been a fan of his
y’all know how it is oh wait hold up y’all don’t
look here y’all don’t say nothing than I won’t
just don’t say nothing
man I love being me ready to rock the block
with some more hot top notch —- for you to cop
no more mr. nice guy
my whole life I’ve been smiling when I felt like whiling
jealousy swinging on me made his attack
(he soft he whack man that ain’t real rap)
you beleive that
it hurt me at first but it’s cool
took the insults fed it to my ego and used it for fuel
now everywhere I turn a dead end
hundred women coming at me waving pads and pens
and they be screaming out
(oh my lord)
did you see it’s that brother from
now can I please get
(a picture and your signature)
sure you can miss
(oh my god my girlfriends they ain’t gonna beleive this)
worldwide wait nah hold up galactic
hear my name don’t nothing change but the accent
Bangok to Madagascar they wanna see me
prince epe in Spain Japan I’m kota ishi
I like my steaks thick and my jets private
and my son to ride in the cockpit
I know he’s only four taking lessons from the pilot
while I’m on my cell with my broker getting stock tips
find a magazine and I read the hottest gossip
man who’d a thought my life would be such an interesting topic
well y’all know how it is wait hold up y’all don’t
well look here y’all don’t say nothing than I won’t
just don’t say nothing
just don’t say nothing
just don’t say nothing
just don’t say nothing
go ahead adjust the balance and the bass in your speakers
make sure my voice sounding crisp in your tweeters
I’m about to show you how a man like me works
shorty get ice five carrots and nothing cheaper
four five chromed out former two seater
fifty inch sony to watch Siskel and Ebert
cause I’m about to get two thumbs ten toes one knee and probobly a
of elbows
cause yo I’m the man and the whole world knows
rock film fests to vos and rap shows
all the critics jealous people and back-stabbers
my so-called friends who been nothing but actors
you’re way out of carachter but now who’s the bomb
it’s Will from west Phil just slightly transformed
y’all know what it is
ah damn that’s right y’all don’t
but look here y’all don’t say nothing then trust me I won’t
just don’t say nothing
just don’t say nothing
just don’t say nothing
just don’t say nothing

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Will Smith

Born To Reign – Will Smith

I believe in God
I believe in Destiny
Not Destiny in the sense of all of our Exerts being pre-determined
But Destiny in the Sense of our ability to choose
Our ability to choose who we are and who we are supposed to be

Yo Yo YoYo

I was Born to reign
Point Blank
My name to be ecthed in stone
My destiny Pre-ordaned
Tryin to live richteous
fightin for life, tis my life
that’s why I liked on my vices
Tightnin the vices of truth on the roofless
This is rhyme and the crime and their minds is just useless
The path of the poison, the genesis of the genisi
YOu and your boyz tryin to decide, what to write
but your hand is a sword and the blade has been forged
young minds gettin gorged Stakes have been altered
by lick or by weed and then hate gets exaltered
as art falls to greed, Choices is Made that’s the voices is laid
on the track, contract, the soldier wage, did you see his new benz,
but your like a syringe now proud of your binge.

Got a lot of new friends, got a lot of new ends
bought a house up in the hills frontin shouts to the pen
givin false accounts of your account’s amounts
amounts the fans treason stands to reason since your inception
laced with deception and bred with false affection it must perish
From the Terrace I see the fire burnin the streets but I won’t shield my eyes to the heat
Born to reign

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I was Born to reign


I was Born to Reign

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Will Smith

Block Party – Will Smith

(feat. Tra-Knox)
[Verse 1]
Yo, yo forget the club
Today we play in the block
It’s goin’ down and it’s blazzin’ hot
Jeff pop the new CD turn tables joints
You just got to get the amps from Boogie
Get the van from Rock and then
Call up Ishcabibble’s, Jim’s and Pat’s
And tell ’em we need cheese steaks for like, 300 cats
And yo, make sure it’s hot or else I’m sendin’ ’em back
And get my mic right
If I get hyped, I might rap
Then take the speakers find a good spot
Subs on the bottom, tweeters up top
Yo, you know where little John lives on the corner
The extension cord’ll run perfectly to his crib
And then tell Officer Mike to barricade the block
Regardless what car you got, leave it up top
You wanna come, you got to come on your feet
Ain’t nothin’ like havin’ a party
When it’s out in the street, come on

[Chorus- Tra-Knox]
Nine o’clock I’ma call my crew
And ten o’clock we gonna roll on through
I don’t know what you gon do
But whatever you do, hit the block party tonight

All the ladies rollin’ up with friends
And don’t be late or you wont get in
Our party’s packed from begining to end
Everybody tell a friend that the block party’s tonight

[Verse 2]
It’s ain’t nothin’ like
Havin’ a party on the block
When everybody know everybody on the block
And everybody on the block
Come to the party on the block
And when the sun drop, (we don’t stop)
Funny how fast they travel the word
A dozen divas from North Philly drove in when they heard
That it’s a block party down in West Philly
Come block party with Jeff and Big Willy
Stand back, everybody come to see the man rap
Jeff got it… jam packed
Everybody, hands in the air
(Just get your hands in the air!)
Yo Philly! (dat’s where the party’s at!)
Uuh, D.C. y’all! (dat’s where the party’s at!)
A-T-L (dat’s where the party’s at!)
West side! (dat’s where the party’s at!)
Mid-west y’all (dat’s where the party’s at!)
Dirty South now (dat’s where the party’s at!)
Yo, I can’t hear y’all! (dat’s where the party’s at!)
Where ever we at! (dat’s where the party’s at!)

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[Verse 3]
Yo, yo and when the sun drop
Back in Philly that don’t mean that the fun stop
All it mean is that it’s time to turn the lights on
All day long I been plottin’ on this nice john
It’s ten o’clock now Jeff is tryin’ to hype me
Will the Fresh Prince come up to the mic please?
Hear the crowd cheer, broguht a little smile out
Mic check, one, two- I’m ’bout to wild out
I know he’s old, but
Mabye it’s a slight chance
I could get my brother hype
Make him break dance- ha, maybe not
Lemme get the crowd jumpin’
Let me him ’em with the brand new funk or somethin’
I’m like Rob Base- I wanna rock right now
Y’all know who run the block right now
All we need is a mic and a beat
And a couple of speakers
And some turn tables out in the street, come on!


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