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Saint Loco

Promise Land – Saint Loco

When I walk through the valley of the shadow of dead
The one jah revelation gonna make me strikes back
And when my sword swing’s there’s no time for retreat
Like a mad hornet I stink rage with my heart
Salvation for the passion compleate my soul vision
Consideration like a freedom station
Here we come promise land
Destination winner’s land

There is life in him (lead me 2 my soul)
There is life in him (take me 2 the promise land) there’s no other way

And when the sun shines
I feel the wind blows
It’s like a summer breaze
And when the sun goes down don’t you ever break down

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Take me take me to the promise land (3x)
Take me take me

Back to Chorus (2x)

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Saint Loco

Stranger In My Blanket – Saint Loco

Lirik lagu: Stranger In My Blanket

U ruined everything
U took my life from me
I was good why can’t u see
Look what you’ve done to me
In the dark, out of side
U would hide, and u rule my space
In the end, I found you’re phony face
U better be brave u get to face the groove
Don’t u ever me up with two face
Now I get to run to choose and try to winning the race
I’ll take u to the place, u can’t never replace
U start to burn my rage blow it
Straight up to space
I give a smack on your face for your bloody disgrace
I was good why can’t u see
Look what you’ve done to me
In the dark, out of side
U would hide, and u rule my space
In the end, I found you’re phony face
Enemy in the blanket
Drop to the casket
Enemy, enemy
Stranger in the blanket
U are my enemy
Start to get wicked
Don’t mess with me
Don’t mess with big bad wolf

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Saint Loco

My Friend – Saint Loco

Smoking weed everytime that’s the way of us
Walk of my problem never wanna discus
In the state of the city try to living free
We use to trippin in a party feeling ecstasy
I live my urban life the way we wanna be
And for the few who knews we gonna ride with you
St.loco represented for your homies in town
Here we go now flowing in the hood
Then I want to a religion but I got so frost
They call me outcast to society so I’ve got trust
I’m riding in this world that it seems so lost
Solution to confution tell me who I can’t trust
I want to live my life Wright try to living inside
But in the middle of the night I see your light shines bright
You got a soul power mystery
Saves my life’s year sinner misery

For the fate..
For the life..
For the love..
For the trust..
Saved by the blood with believing
You gotta pray to make the day
Pray to make the day
Your job is in my way

Back to hours 2x

Yea yea yea 3x
Hi wo ooo 2x
I know I’m dirty..
I know I’m filthy..
But I know you save me
And I know you save me

Back to chorus 2x

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Saint Loco

Terapi Energi – Saint Loco

Terasa jantungku berdetak cepat dan menghentak
coba hempaskan kepalamu secara serempak
dapat terasa bagai disengat ratusan lebah
anganku melesat terbang bagai busur panah
seperti ini yo jgn pernah ragu melangkah maju
memacu tuk berpacu dalam laju batas waktu
tembus rasa jenuh dari tembok yg menghadang
terus berkembang dalam menjalani segala rintangan

reff :
Nikmati musik ini..
jgn kau hindari coba kau hadapi terapi energi musik dari hati
resapi energi..
jgn basa basi coba kau hadapi alunan distorsi panas bagai api

Segala harapan dapat saja jadi nyata
langkah jadi pasti asal kita buka mata
aksi interasiku bukan tanpa arti
ungkapan energi coba wujudkan kendali
ini terapi diri dalam hadapi tekanan jgn berhenti tp tetap tuk bertahan
slowly baby just take it easy, now rock with me, let’s start the party

back to reff

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