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R.I.P. (Feat. B-Real) – Raekwon

Lirik lagu: R.I.P. (Feat. B-Real)

[Intro: Raekwon]
Yeah, Yeah, You know how it go down nigga
Yeah, Yeah, Drop a fucking bracelet and shit
Preme, Happy B-Day, Word up
You got the masters in the building youknowhatimsayin
Word up, Chef, B-Real, Check it, Yo

This the business, A strong wind thrust, I been this
Drank with the worm in the bottle, I sense this
Coming to change games, Lanes just opened, It’s on
Call my brother, Lets move, We joined forces
Grab the horses, La Familia, I feel ya
Let cruise yo for Miss Ecilia
I got my brother the fly pirrono, Pizzano
We puff grass, Get cash, And swap condos
Yeah, Under the building gun flash
Your arm cost a hundred mil, Fuck master
Yo, Mad successful, The masher, The break jaw blaster
Wrapped up in a World way hashed up
Gwap paper, The vacaters
The Lakers gave us enough paper to buy Rockefeller Plaza
The combo is awesome
He’s Supreme Magnetic I’m Rakim, Who wants some

[Chorus: Raekwon, (B-Real)]
(Gun range) Take aim and bang
(Too many slang from where I came)
So I hit the block ready to rock like cocaine
(Single shot from the glock, Body drop from the pain)
This the gun range, Take aim and bang
(It’s a shame, These bullets ain’t got no name)
So either it’s over beats, Or over these streets
(Mop’n you is murder may you rest in peace)

I see you hate’n any time I make a stack
But down fall bitches like you pray for that
You need a life but you ain’t really made for that
We steal your shine like a kleptomaniac
Me I go like G.I. Joe, See I blow, My enemy, He die slow
The weed I grow, Gift from the seed I sold
I’m stone cold but coming with the heat I know
I’m from the Hill where green thumb reign supreme
It don’t matter if you and your boys hate my team
And it ain’t none of your biz how I make my cream
The pain I’ve seen nothing to the pain I bring
I lean back like Joe for a beef or peace
Either way, I’m getting cream and my pocket’s obese
I’ll eat you fuckers for breakfast and make room for lunch time
Your name is a joke, I’ll make you a punch line

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I come from the Hill where it’s real, I’ve seen real
Dollar bills fall out the trees like free meals
Guns get bought like E pills
How can I see bills, And Granny in a crib worth three mil

We hit the bottom and tap’n the bottle
You try to follow me and I promise you’ll be tips of hollow
Swallow the fire water, Tomorrow you’ll never see it
Got the Chef cooking the venom, Send em to another meeting with death
Your stressed out looking for another savior to save your life
From the killers with the ill behavior
The neighbor that’s no good, Take over your whole hood
Leave you in a puddle of blood, I hope it’s understood


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Enemy (Feat. Ill Bill) – Raekwon

Lirik lagu: Enemy (Feat. Ill Bill)

[Ill Bill:]
A general can never live with the shame of defeat
Play the position the same way in the street, labeled a creep
Raised in the ways of the deep thinkers at the same time
I learned the most valuable things
From an uncle leaving syringes stuck in his veins
Heroin dreams, cocaine wishes
Seen a dope fiedn suck a dog’s dick for a fix and
It’s twisted and sick on this immaculate planet on which we live
That’s why I keep a black bag of ammonia by my side ever since
Hollow tip shells, one in the chamber
Sign my name in blood, smudgen the paper
Too many crab motherfuckers and haters
Looking at me like I fucked their moms
Till they wind up hog tied in the trunks of their cars
It ain’t no sunshine, I can smell the jealousy and envy
You’re thinking my glass is half full, I’m thinking it’s half empty
I think above the law, surpass insanity
Smear your blood on the wall like the Manson family
Wtahc your mouth you don’t know me homie
Ill Bill, inappropriate like holding a baby, smoking a bogie
Blow your brains out, leave you with an empty head
Cause I’m a muthafucking villain like MC Ren

[Chorus x2: Ill Bill]
I live the same life you lead, breathe the same air you breathe
We similar, but no, you my enemy
Bang the fuck out in the street, hold the block down with heat
We similar, but no, you my enemy

From every valley all the way to the valley is where allies live
With 40 Calies, winging drugs, selling Denalies
Where coke comes in big ol trucks, Dickies, white tees
Authentic Chucks, stash it in the boards for the cause
Alot of rap killers is lurking, base heads chirping
All these police workers got they hats backwords, and black hoods
Guard it like the Pope up in Rome
Slight cough, rhyming through foam, pajama sets, talking to Tone
I live through my family, civilians and loved ones
Take drugs and slay for my paper
Working under some fakers
I recognize the power of loyalty, come for the wants and needs
Everything else black, self explanatory
Take it back to Timexes and Outies
Push it through 1-39th, seeing Spanish, Jesus and Ralphie
You know who we came, it’s holding besides breaded was lead
Go head, search us, guns is by the shoulders
You counting every one in back of the store
Different whores will jump out, different walls smelling like cum
Nowadays niggas know hustling
Yeah, go head, tell it wrong and get jinxed by the FBI
Word to every kingpin’s wish
Move humble and hard, play the right men, slay the right bitch
Through the mix of concurrent drama
We honor niggas that died, got trapped up and fell behind karma
This real nigga lecture his destiny
Play the perfect hand of perfection, everything’s a blessing at heart
I sat back like the giant from start, play number two position learn
To listen, gamble insmarts
Now we pushing from town to town
Realizing credit’s the shit, but can’t trust no niggas around
I try to establish life on my own, blaze a hundred bones
And think, I’m painting by the second, it’s on
Yo, call the flag of a Muslim son, who base his life on guns and murder
Free business, handling chumps
Now alot of niggas is gone, sleeping on the Rican on the catwalk
Hump on his leg, back on his own
A wise man set up for failure

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[Interlude: Raekwon]
Yo, yo, yo, untie him man

[Chorus x2]

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We Will Rob You (Feat. Slick Rick, Masta Killa & GZA) – Raekwon

Lirik lagu: We Will Rob You (Feat. Slick Rick, Masta Killa & GZA)

[kung fu sample:]
Who the hell teaches you kung fu?
Your master must be an ignorant idiot as well!

[Intro: Slick Rick]
(Uncle Ricky, would you read us a bedtime story?)
Nah kid, but I’m a give you one them old Raekwon crime joints
Feel me? We will, we will…
We will, we will – here we go

Well it was late one night, walking through the park
With my leathered down coat and wallabee Clarks
Getting my step on, big shit, big six, big wrist
So much excitement in the air, I was crisp
Money suitcase, Louis joint (yo, Rae, I’m a get some shit just like yours!)
Go make it happen, black God and get rich
Saw the D’s fly by, in a New Yorker, yup, tints and shit
They made a right on me, them last two dicks
Know I seen ’em, Max loaded, jog right back to the car
They spun around again and blast they shits
I dropped a Backwood, a puff and then a 6-4-5
You’se a live nigga, you almost smashed yo shit
I’m a don my way out the bitch, moving through the car
Nice and slow, two hoodies on and a golden pit
Nigga had a white eye, they both blacked down
What’s the clown shit for? The dog jumped in the whip
It was a trained one, wops pointed at me (yo, nigga, freeze)

I told the Chef Raekwon, pump the breaks
Slow it down, you know these C-Cypher Punks scanned your plates
Release the seatbelt off the shoulders, a mile ahead
Then the vibe got a lot colder when the marksman said
“Black niggas in the Jeep, get the fuck out the car”
“Put your hands where my eyes can see or suffer a scar”
He was a veteran, who kept, pepper spray in the cannister
Donut shop lounger, thirty eight brandisher
On top of that, the blunt smoke just rang a bell
Of his bloodhound who had an acute sense of smell
Beef tripping, saliva dripping from razor sharp teeth
That was pointy as the daggers of the Indian Chiefs
Same cops known for exorting pimps and booking whores
Aimed glocks at me and Rae, cause they was looking for
A few MC’s wanted for a string of break-ins
Last seen, wearing long minks and snakeskins

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[Chorus: Slick Rick]
We will, we will, rob you
We will, we will, glock you
We will, we will, what? who? (not you)
Here we go…

[Masta Killa:]
You know my Clan done ran from Japan to Atlanta
With stamina, peace to Chef, Mr. Meth
Move it on your left, with the Iron Lung breath
Ghostface Kill’, U-G I’ll
Deck so real, Dr. Ason Unique, the medic
Ahh, Allah Just, The Abbott, ya’ll niggas can’t forget it
You might catch a Cap if your shit ain’t Street
Allah Mathematics make the cypher complete
See knowledge is the foundation of existence
To know starts the spark of the flow
Wisdom activation of the Nation moving
Wise words, show and prove or understand the 13 letters
And the Masta, culture be the way of life
Freedom is reward, who will pay the price for the power
Spending hour after hour, preparing his self
For the hour, now look how refined
When the mind and body is one, every part of me
Supreme equality, manifest the nature of self
G-O-D, now build and add on to the truth
Destroy the bullshit, born incomplete

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All About You (Feat. Estelle) – Raekwon

Lirik lagu: All About You (Feat. Estelle)

A long time, when I wish you were all mine
I ain’t tryina wait, listen to …
But what’s a man to do
Say I’m all confused, and you ain’t tryina choose
Whether I win or loose, baby
Yeah it’s all about you, all about you
It’s all about you
Say it’s all about you, all about you
Say it’s all about you, all about you
Yeah it’s all about you, all about you
All about you

It been about me, I’m a king from rep
My own millionaire style my swag on dip
Stay fresh in the freshest places
Flip papers, fly round bugattis and yachts
Holding knots, cremelations
It’s like hitting the lotto winning
More money, more problems, you gotta be kidding
I’d rather sit up in the Bronx and pily some shit up
I usually breaking down’s and slams some sit ups
Boo, it’s tight times, let me hustle
Cause everything you want, I’m near with all muscles
Cause when I’m in the streets, we eating, more ruffles
Then we can play the sweets in vegas, all the douples
Cause you the queen I’m the king, be a rider
A man with a game plan stressin, ain’t no rider
So let me paint picture, stay criss, we providers
We real, realer than real, word to mamas

A long time, when I wish you were all mine
I ain’t tryina wait, listen to …
But what’s a man to do
Say I’m all confused, and you ain’t tryina choose
Whether I win or loose, baby
Yeah it’s all about you, all about you
It’s all about you
Say it’s all about you, all about you
Say it’s all about you, all about you
Yeah it’s all about you, all about you
All about you

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Kingpin chef in the town, keep your hunned
Ice on his neck and his arms, more money
Jump into the 250 john getting blunted
Pockets carry more than a stack, we all fronting
Rich black afrikan dons getting cedar
Shawty know better, let’s blow, bring the beretta
Showing off the vault, you walk nigga, you welcomed
Or you can stay here and be rich with me, help em
I’m just crazy with it, fly slick intelligence
He play high in the streets and flip pelicans
My whole click is in this bitch 10 elephants
Who stay fresher than us, that’s irrelevant
True, yeah, nothing but a g thing
Whoa, yo they be coming through …
Boo, I know it’s over baby, keep playing
Oops, I’m out of energy, street king

A long time, when I wish you were all mine
I ain’t tryina wait, listen to …
But what’s a man to do
Say I’m all confused, and you ain’t tryina choose
Whether I win or loose, baby
Yeah it’s all about you, all about you
It’s all about you
Say it’s all about you, all about you
Say it’s all about you, all about you
Yeah it’s all about you, all about you
All about you.

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