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Sneakers – Raekwon

I’m not payin 140 for them (size 8 and a half)
I’m tellin you I’m only payin 90
(that’s what you keep spendin your money on)
That’s for real

[Verse 1]
Ayo, ayo
Who wear it all I’m an addidas freak
Multi thousand pair of sneak freak
Real fly physique that’ll look yea, fat watch, live footwear
Have the white folks displaying my gear
C’mon son let’s keep it movin right footwear, check out my book yea
Stop, look, stand and you stuck but don’t stick
Come aboard now, we got the Georgetowns, it’s on now
So many phat styles, make a kid’s head fall out
Yo Filas, those too par I’m supposed to
Always keep it real with the selection, holdin you
Prince black Jordans, K-Swiss gear, remember lottos
Stash mad bottles, in the fence ooh the odora
Anita place me your order, slow your speed down
Buyin food for your daughter
Stan Smiths, handlin whips, grapple pits, travel fox yo
Ready to cop more shit

[CHORUS x2:]
[various scratches that refer to sneakers]

[Verse 2]
Fly royals, got love for a ?member a six?, we do the basics
Stood out, slide em on, taste it wild lace in these
Ciconi’s and ponies, Spa built mix wit ??
Keep it real, heav set, head set, intellect set
Black Mutombos, Columbo on the set, internet
Plus Pumas and Patricks infrarensics, switch up the black shit
Green Araccis, unattached shit, 575 blue bals, blue bals
Bo Jacksons gray and black, ready to throw my hands flashin
Ewings, Barkleys, Lex use an entertainer, forget Air Cross Trainer
Free container, Polos, Mark 5s and the leases, the fly pieces
Shit be on the back mad features
Hoyas, caught ?? in the tonic, feeling bionic
Design it with my fly garments, what up

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R.I.P. (Feat. B-Real) – Raekwon

Lirik lagu: R.I.P. (Feat. B-Real)

[Intro: Raekwon]
Yeah, Yeah, You know how it go down nigga
Yeah, Yeah, Drop a fucking bracelet and shit
Preme, Happy B-Day, Word up
You got the masters in the building youknowhatimsayin
Word up, Chef, B-Real, Check it, Yo

This the business, A strong wind thrust, I been this
Drank with the worm in the bottle, I sense this
Coming to change games, Lanes just opened, It’s on
Call my brother, Lets move, We joined forces
Grab the horses, La Familia, I feel ya
Let cruise yo for Miss Ecilia
I got my brother the fly pirrono, Pizzano
We puff grass, Get cash, And swap condos
Yeah, Under the building gun flash
Your arm cost a hundred mil, Fuck master
Yo, Mad successful, The masher, The break jaw blaster
Wrapped up in a World way hashed up
Gwap paper, The vacaters
The Lakers gave us enough paper to buy Rockefeller Plaza
The combo is awesome
He’s Supreme Magnetic I’m Rakim, Who wants some

[Chorus: Raekwon, (B-Real)]
(Gun range) Take aim and bang
(Too many slang from where I came)
So I hit the block ready to rock like cocaine
(Single shot from the glock, Body drop from the pain)
This the gun range, Take aim and bang
(It’s a shame, These bullets ain’t got no name)
So either it’s over beats, Or over these streets
(Mop’n you is murder may you rest in peace)

I see you hate’n any time I make a stack
But down fall bitches like you pray for that
You need a life but you ain’t really made for that
We steal your shine like a kleptomaniac
Me I go like G.I. Joe, See I blow, My enemy, He die slow
The weed I grow, Gift from the seed I sold
I’m stone cold but coming with the heat I know
I’m from the Hill where green thumb reign supreme
It don’t matter if you and your boys hate my team
And it ain’t none of your biz how I make my cream
The pain I’ve seen nothing to the pain I bring
I lean back like Joe for a beef or peace
Either way, I’m getting cream and my pocket’s obese
I’ll eat you fuckers for breakfast and make room for lunch time
Your name is a joke, I’ll make you a punch line

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I come from the Hill where it’s real, I’ve seen real
Dollar bills fall out the trees like free meals
Guns get bought like E pills
How can I see bills, And Granny in a crib worth three mil

We hit the bottom and tap’n the bottle
You try to follow me and I promise you’ll be tips of hollow
Swallow the fire water, Tomorrow you’ll never see it
Got the Chef cooking the venom, Send em to another meeting with death
Your stressed out looking for another savior to save your life
From the killers with the ill behavior
The neighbor that’s no good, Take over your whole hood
Leave you in a puddle of blood, I hope it’s understood


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Butter Knives – Raekwon

[Kung-fu sample:]
They say he’s a swordsman [x2]

[Intro: Raekwon]
Back to that fly shit, Silicone Valley good shit, right here, boy
More money on this rhyme right here, boy
Take ya’ll back to the front of the muthafucking 1-6-Ooh shit
Yo, lord, that first Wu shit
You know what it is, it’s that muthafucking
Special made, high powered, special made forces
What up what up what up, aiyo, aiyo

Chef that fly with a meat cleaver, swing on a young nigga
Smack flames at him, no gun neither
Leave him with a bump, what the fuck
(“They say he’s a swordsman”) Get that little, nigga
Who give a fuck if he’s a swordsman, I’m a gunman, I run from nothing
Chain came from rent days and pumping
Wire cell with valors on, drawers is colorful
I do this, forever nigga, raw style
Lighting Phillies, fly by willies, can’t come through
Unless your vehicle three hundred chain, silly
Laying in the park with the killas, the coupes, the villains
No rims, we just ball for the millions
The emperor of slang lords, kings get clapped in they dome
Get your throne rushed, and I ain’t got a gun on
High power ninjas who touch you, lay a gun on
Drinking with the best of the hustling

[Chorus: Raekwon]
I got butter knives, like you got butter knives
Come through huddling, run through the spot thirty times
All my niggas old school robbers, do what it do
I got a sixty-two, a black pair of goggles
Fila approachers, the Bee Hives, the vultures and the roasters
Can’t come through with cedar toasters
It’s going down, only in the town
Your heart get tested, and gunplay is only an investment

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Flying shooters, eyewear rugers
Stars and swords in front of the building, five thousand students
Cocaine cops they know him (“They say he’s a swordsman”)
You already know that, man
Diamoned up, double O sevens, come through, 1-8-7
Back to the Hill in a second, yeah
Sons jump in front of them bullets, push me up in the bullet
Stay cool, I got shit, where ya weapon?
Hurricane slammers, earthquake clips and cannons
Back of the building, with the jammers
Live well, eat well, welcome to the Terror-dome, sleep well
Who don’t like beefing? Keep shells
I flow with the souls of sharks and criminals in they heart
Play parts of this in detail
Well carried mannered, blampers, ninjas black down
Pop up on spots and vanished (“They say he’s a swordsman”)

[Chorus: Raekwon]
I got butter knives, like you got butter knives
Come through huddling, run through the spot thirty times
All my niggas old school robbers, do what it do
I got a sixty-two, a black pair of goggles
Fila approachers, the Bee Hives, the vultures and the roasters
Can’t come through with cedar toasters
It’s going down, only in the town
Your heart get tested, and gunplay is only an investment

[Outro: Raekwon (kung-fu sample)]
Get down, Lord!
(They say he’s a swordsman!)

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Brother’s Keeper (Feat. Nas) – Raekwon

Lirik lagu: Brother’s Keeper (Feat. Nas)

I flip the bronze e, watching King Kong in the palm
Smoke alotta cheeba, chilling, cuz it’s all about marketing
Hold the mic, I’m hogging it, handle the goose shit
Word up, mixing the true shit, my niggas’ll shoot shit
Trees lean, we get it tight, we get fucked right
We up in the telly, lighting up with the crack light
My mind calculation, attract like I’m counting peso’s
Out in turban caco’s with some fake ho’s
The bling swing, a many mansion, a break phantom
Floating through the town on some old new improved shit
Swerve coming through shit, vandals in coupe shit, yo
Animal blue shit, my scramblers move with
A kingley, getting blunted to nine hundred
Floating through the town on some old —
Coming through the town on some old —

[Chorus: Nas (Raekwon)]
Turn up the mics, (the world is mine
The world is, the world is, the world is mine)
Turn up the mics (yeah, the whole world is mine)

I’m Nasty but fuck bitches, handcuff snitches
Feed they nuts to pit bulls and plan more business
Got sluts on leashes walkin on all fours
Have ’em eatin from dog bowls pettin’ they heads
Cause they love playin that role they sexy in bed
Smokin bud’ I’m outta control wish death on the feds
Cup spills with Grey Goose watchin snuff films
Laughin with dykes that wear patent leather with spikes
My cheddar is right, Miami beach playin it low
St. Barts rent a house and a boat
Two hundred thou’ on my throat
That’s only half of what my wife ice cost
Phonecall, hearin another boss got his life lost
Well, wipin’ sand off of my toes
Read a book called “Catcher in the rye”, I chose
Some Bob Marley then I plotted a scheme
To make me and Bump Knux more rich
Then I got me a team, he got ’em a team
He tryin to buy G-force with missile launchers
Tired of walkin’ around with beef, with that pistols on us
C-4’s better I’m callin up some B-More killers
To come and bleed you
As sure as the sun’s in the sky you’ll surely die
You washed up, fuck your people
Your money ain’t as long as mine you dumb and you foul
Who you tryin to squeeze all this fuck with Alzheimer’s disease
We the new breed, nigga, turn up the mics

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[Outro: Raekwon]
Yeah, you know where I’m from, I’m from Staten Island, man
Word up, ya’ll know it as Shaolin, I call it Staten Island, man
Cuz niggas get they legs broke, when they try to front, man
Fuck it, he rhyme? He talking shit, let’s break his fingers, man
Can’t write no more, word up, we specialize in choking niggas
Throwing niggas in cars, driving off and shit
Open the door on your ass, you know how them Pontiac days went

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