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Soul by the Pound – Common

[Tim Dog] “Gimme a pound, thank you man”
[repeat x2, then x4 faster]

I’m as bad bad, as Leroy Brown Brown
Yo I’m a pro pro, but not a noun noun
If you got beef beef, then you’ll get ground ground
Cut up in soul soul, by the pound pound
I’m going downtown like Julie Brown, I’m the round mound
Not a rebound, but like a hound, I get down down
Never wore a leash but I get loose
Producin somethin fresher than fruits, got more soul than combat boots
Diggin two scoops of raisins for the troops out of some blazers
so amazin like Luther everyday Joe but not Bazooka
I used to be a hooper but now I troop to shoot a free flow
Me go with mi amigo, to see the Man named Chico
The legal alienaeno, I roll the instrumentals
Like Jack I be like Nimble never gentle to a bimbo
Not your sex symbol so save that soft stuff for the Care Bears
The way I freak funk OHHHH the Monkees sayin, “Hell yeah”
Correction, “Hell yes”; old folks wanna cuss
on how I walk talk and dress, they say my life’s a mess
But I’m straight, are you straight, if you straight, then I’m straight
Rock me tonight, just for old time’s sake

Back to our regularly scheduled program, program
I am so damn flam, I slam a slam, BAM, I slam
like Conan the Barbarian, if you talk loud, I’ll play librarian
Cause see I want it quiet in here…
I Mark a Markyiana a bunch of funky Uncle Thomases
Play like Christopher Williams cause I gotta keep my promises
to stick to my roots and not dilute cause G this ain’t two colors
I’m tired of seein these non rappin dancin motherfuckers

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[Tim Dog] “Gimme a pound, thank you man”

For a record sale a nigga’ll sell his soul to go gold
and reach a large scale, sellin for the pale male
and I can’t tell, why for a hoe you grow a tail
and stop drinkin ale, the booty probably smell
Ain’t no pussy worth a sale at least not for the kid to do a bid
Shit you musta flipped you lid, you was wit you slipped you slid
Got doodoo skids on my paper cause I got rhymes up the ass
If I pass gas, ducks fast or gets trimmed like a mustache
I must ask what’s goin on with rap, white kids actin black
It’s like McDonald’s sellin fatback
Get back to your Mac, that stuff is wack with all these dancetracks
I’m hearin rap from Antrhax, my time the Caravan cracks
You’re wack, that’s the only thing that’s black Scooter
When we was on the streets, you was at home on your computer
I’ma shoot a diss well like a fist to all these wack groups
Rhymes are wack as hell! And they sample wack loops
I’m wonderin how the hell they get a deal I still can’t see that far
I feel like Cypress Hill, I could just kill an A&R
or whoever’s in Charge, it surely ain’t Charles
but you ain’t G-in hip-hop, cause it’s ours

[Tim Dog] “Gimme a pound, thank you man”

It’s sick you sick I’m sicker, I flick a flea flicker
Think of thatI boa constrictor but the venom I inflicta
is stricter, I stick I stick the stinkin to a stunk
If soda was a forty dog, then I would be like drunk
If if was a fifth I would lift the fifth and a spliff
it’s not a myth about our dick width, I’m swift and I shoot the presents
In essence count your blessings I got a Wessun if you riff
I’m a nigga with SOULLLLLLLLLL, my last name should be Smith-sonian
I’m gassin girls heads, just like petroleum
Get em ready to bone me and, then I play custodian
and turn off the lights this is the likes of a
ticketing wallowing high jumping radio rumping brother
Got Seoul like Korea gimme an inch I’ll take a liter
A chick is a chick that’s how I treat her
never go pop I’m not a two liter
A true leader, don’t choose to follow, choose what I swallow
whether water or a beer bottle, of course I play the lotto
Wear em? No, share em? A hoe
I like the girls the girls I share a life with a bro
cause U-A-C is family, much tighter than foundations
that holds up the walls, so you better proceed with caution

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“Gimme a pound, thank you man”
“Gimme a pound” [x4]

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Ghetto Dreams (Feat. Nas) – Common

Lirik lagu: Ghetto Dreams (Feat. Nas)

Ghetto dreams
Ghetto ghetto dreams
Ghetto niggas’ dreams
Ghetto ghetto dreams
Ghetto niggas’ dreams
Ghetto dreams
Ghetto niggas’ dreams
From the hood

[Verse 1: Common]
I want a bitch that look good and cook good
Cinderella fancy, but she still look hood
Butt naked in the kitchen flipping pancakes
Plus she tricking from the dough that her man makes
We got our own handshake
Her titties ain’t fake
Fucking in the car cause we just can’t wait to get home
Early in the morn’ getting stoned
Pretty with her eyes low, runny by Bible
The type of bitch that BIG said he would die for
Is the type that I would rather stay alive for
Tatts on her back, looking all tribal
She know shoes like she know survival
Well put together, she weathers the storm
Seen her brother die so forever she’s strong
Hear Beyonce’s song and she gotta perform
Whether fucking or fighting: we getting it on!


[Verse 2: Common]
I don’t even say shit, she can feel it
I toss the realest, sold nails acrylic
Ass is a weapon and it’s hard to conceal it
Baby in one arm, the other is a skillet
Frying chicken, macaroni
Raise on the [?]
Ghetto press, she’s my apolonni like
Tony, Montana
Reminded me of mio ma or my mama
Knowing the drama like she know when to joke
Steal a nigga’s squares, not wanting me to smoke
I poke my head out of Benzes
My beats is the streets and I know who my friends is
In this love for the money, power and clothes
My ghetto housewife watch reality shows
She might get to snapping if the canvas ain’t closed
When the cameras snap snapping, she’s ready to pose

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[Verse 3: Nas]
I notice all my flaws when it comes to writing rhymes
Subject matter be changing too quickly at times
So I keep it strictly ’bout dimes and stick to the story
Call me a pro in the pussy category
Had explicit experiences I shouldn’t mention
For me, getting women turn from sport to addiction
Powerful women playing the roles of submission
Lawyers on leashes
Congress women inflicting pain onto my game
Warned that I’m sadistic
They liked it, they diked it, devices twisted
Til I get a nice chick, to get me on some nice shit
Crib raising kids, slap a door behind a white fist
But I’m still single, looking for Cleopatra
African Queen, yo look at me, I’m a bachelor
Y’all niggas in trouble, keeping girls behind closed doors
Cross your fingers, be happy I haven’t chose yours
She loves glamour bought Vera Wang sandals
Valentino bags is my etiquette
My man is half hood half class
Photographers cameras caught us out there
The spotlight, I hope she can handle
She can join me, red carpet at my next non-profit
Event having sponsored by some alcohol product
Jumping out a Bentley with some fresh red bottoms
You live the dream with me when you are just in the projects


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Breaker 1/9 – Common

A weeby weeby wobble gobble gobble DO the turkey
Lord have mercy, mercy mercy me
You see I’m tryin to get the punani
but you just wanna rock me, ah-eh-eh, ah-eh-eh
You see I’m tryin to get the punani
but you just wanna rock me, oooh, check it
So get your ride on ride the thundercloud and broom broom broom
Because I gotta gotta get some, el, bow, room
So I can Bang-kok, better yet, knock Italy
But raindrops keep fallin on my couch, try to sit with me
Tamperin up my program, so I play another slow jam
It’s not an ancient Chinese secret, you should know man
But you insist on stay and playin Genesis
I gotta put an end to this, baldergash, EEE haul ass
And don’t come knockin my door, with the cockle-doodle-doo
I’m talkin the his and his and hers, Three’s Company too
So step to the step to the rear
And don’t come back now, hear?

Ahh to the break y’all (break y’all, yeah)
Ahh to the break y’all (break y’all, made it!)
To the break y’all (break y’all, NAHH!)
To the break y’all (break y’all break, BREAK!)

The CB’s, the CB’s, they’rrrrre here!
I’m checkin my mirror from the rear –
– locks are closer, than they appear
The time is near for you to drop your beer and get your nuts again
But ain’t no haps (UH-UH) your dick isn’t there
You’re thinkin that, “Oops, I made a mistake”
You say, “Fuck Nell Carter, c’mon Jimmy, give me a break”
You made a mistake on the first take
tryin to break a leg for take two
You shoulda ate your Wheaties
and Petey mighta made a breakthrough
You say to hope that things might bloom, so you assume position
Wishin he would listen, so you start to kissin
It’s alive, and up goes, and up goes you’re adrenaline
You aimed, you fired, THERE YOU GO, limp figures
So you take ? and then play the role of friend and talk
Try to tell her it’s her fault, when Jack your Been wouldn’t Stalk
Baby Bubba youse a goner, ahh, youse a goner
It’s fucker up, when _Your Dick Is Playin Tricks On Ya_
So you pop fizz, what a relief, beef stroke it up
My man, got your thing, in your hand, say, “I I think I can!!”
Damn this never happened before, yeah sure that’s what they all say
Uh-oh you better get Maaco kid, cause old girl is saucy
What was sweet to eat, has now dried up and rotted
It’s a pile of pew, pick up your glove and say, “Yo I got it!”
Hopin you won’t drop you thought you had it made like ?Kay?
What more could go wrong – you got the right one baby!
Uh-huh, let you tell it, everybody and their momma knows
that you came quick, quicker than a pizza, from Domino’s

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To the break y’all (break y’all, YEAH)
To the break y’all (break y’all, MAYBE)
To the break y’all (break y’all, NAHHH)
To the break y’all (break y’all, check it out)

The 1/9, the 1/9, the CB’s, the break
The 1/9, the 1/9, the CB’s, the break!
The 1/9, the 1/9, the CB’s, the break!!
Break it up, break it up, break it up, BREAK DOWN!

Walkin up and then down the strip
Lookin for some hip so I can skip
I spotted this honeydip, and her friend tried to sell me a script
that they were in a rush to catch the bus, but that was the OLD Gus
So I’m gettin a bus, as I thrill at the disgust
Since old girl was with this, I told her friend to kiss this
And listen physical fitness use your brain and mind your business
Dippin from a distance, in an instance I got the digits
and blew a kiss to her
(THAT OLD STANK HOEEEE) was mad I didn’t speak to her
I hooked up with the one that looked NICE
Took her mind, like an ICE
‘Til her friends gave her advice to think, twice
Before with me she slept, my rep was kinda ill
They told her to keep that booty still
I been through more hoes than the pill
Still I overcame cause I got game like a athlete (UHH)
In less than a half week, she was with it to do the nasty (BREAK)
The drawers dropped, the top off, and the boots was gettin knocked
I heard the door unlock, it was her pop he was a cop
So I stopped dropped and rolled, so I wouldn’t inhale a shell
Broke like a fingernail, on my trail was the smell of tail
Bailed back around the flat, to wash off the smell of cat
Like a belt, everything was strapped
’til my homey asked, “WASSUP WIT DAT?”
The dat was like dis G, I told him I got busy
This was the spy who dissed me cause he told it like a sissy
THAT WAS FOUL, I went to him lost in the mind now it’s a dead end
The little wreck on that they locked the door and I can’t get in
No more no more no more and now I know and now I know
Don’t mess around with CB’s, good buddie, ten-fo’

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(Ha hahh, yeahh, ahh break it..)

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Blue Sky – Common

Mr. Blue Sky, please tell us [x4]
(Listen) Why you had to hide away for [x4]

[Verse 1:]
Aston Martin king, Luther with dreams
The young Denzel the way I move through scenes
I’m like a preacher that once was a fiend
A story of change that came with wings
Pretty as the skyline, the sky is my eye line
Son of the most so from up high I shine
Suited in Prada, stay mellow like LaLa
Young fresh with dollars, ladies go gaga
I’m the cum lauda, top of the class
Black Wall Street so my stock will never crash
Given what I ask, pure religion and cash
From the windows that open, I’m raising my glass
Day light beams, night light schemes
This is my Inception, I’m writing my dreams
Immortal view of a star doing what I’m born to do
I see the blue sky, say the Lord’s coming through

Oh-oooh-oh, in the sky we’ll find the light
Oh-oooh-oh, ain’t too high we’ll shine at night
Now we in the skies, blue skies
And we going higher, last night

[Verse 2:]
It all started with a dream, I wanted to be Run D.M.C
The Lord put the blessing upon the MC
O to the M, dreams were spoken to him
That’s when I knew my flows would overflow to the rim
Open my eyes, yes sir this is what I’m made for
To go hard in the paint like D. Wade or
D. Rose, from the same streets that we rose
International heroes at world premo’s
Red carpet, imagine taking pictures with the president
Told him for health care, my music is the medicine
My name holds weight, I am never hesitant
Different state resident, this is hood elegance
SLS classic, pursuing my passion
Known for Fashion, now I’m Oscar party crashing
Immortal view of a star doing what I’m born to do
I see the blue sky, say the Lord’s coming through

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[Verse 3:]
Silhouettes of dreams that we had huh
Even now it don’t seem so bad ma
Close my eyes to see things in front of me
I’m gone now, imagine what I’m gonna be
30 to worthy, now I’m all worldly
My broad up in Paris, looking all purrty
Immortal view of a star doing what I’m born to do
I see the blue sky, say the Lord’s coming through


I had these dreams in my head of an endless sphere
I could see it from my window
Wouldn’t take that long to get me there
Keep running ’til I can’t go
Remember the beautiful things that life could give me
Crazy how I’m the one
Could’ve been anywhere, but I’m sitting in the air
With the wolves up staring at the sun
Ohh, in the sky we’ll find the light
Ohh, ain’t too high we’ll shine at night
No we in the skies, blue skies
And we going higher, last night

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