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Donald Glover

The Crawl (Feat. Kai) – Donald Glover

Lirik lagu: The Crawl (Feat. Kai)

[Hook: Kai]
Where we were kinda thing
Bet she crawl, all alone
Where we were kinda thing
Bet she crawl, all alone
Where we were kinda thing
Bet she crawl, all alone
Where we were kinda thing
Bet she crawl, all alone

[Verse 1:]
Who am I?
Rec League, I ain’t paying to ball
Y’all B-string like a broke guitar
And I still put it down like the family dog
Yeah, I murder some, I murder one
Explain it all, Ferguson
We ain’t gotta sing the same old love song
Cut a white girl with the same black gloves on
Yeah, what you saying to it?
Old money look, no money don’t do it
Make ’em turn around in their lane like a U-ey
And I’m only looking back if I’m looking at her booty
(At her boooty) What’s the rationale?
They wanna smoke niggas when they Black & Mild
So we acting out (Okay, cool)


[Verse 2:]
(Blue dream by the bouquet ’til I’m blue-faced on a Tuesday)
Can I have some? #NiggasBeLike
Put a +18 on a e-vite
And I said what I felt, no re-write
Nah nah, they can’t hold me
June/July, drop something
I double dare you, I’m Marc Summers
I scorch winters, I burn autumns
Gut niggas, so Kurt Vonne
Elle Varner, got a crush on her
I gotta wait in line for that
Ain’t nobody got time for that
Ain’t nobody gotta rhyme with that
Too true like it’s 2 Chainz
Blue blood like he both gangs


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Donald Glover

R.I.P (Feat. Bun B) – Donald Glover

Lirik lagu: R.I.P (Feat. Bun B)

[Verse 1: Bun-B]
Late ass nights come from long days
Doin’ all the right things in the wrong ways
Doin’ all the wrong shit for the right reasons
Sprinklin’ midnight game, call it night seasoning
Haters get salty give ’em cholesterol
Trill O.G, mop up the floor with the best of y’all
Then dry that bitch off with the rest of y’all
And catch a flight to Rio de Janeiro for la festival
Yeah, and that’s word to fit a baldy
Ball hard like I see menace out of my Spalding
And I’ll break your face with a no look pass
Now back to your parking lot pimp with yo little hook ass
I use harsh words cause these are hard times
And trill-ass people, nowadays they’re such a hard find
So it’s when I open if I could keep ’em
And one on the scope, so if they frontin’ I can sleep ’em
Man, my flow is so parabolic
The energy’ll blow you over even if you’re Broly
Goddamn it, now that’s one for the Googlers
That fell asleep on they desk and never step their noogle up
Takin’ lames out never been new to us
The hardest part of this shit is figurin’ which of you to bust
Then step your weight up like GNC
And R.I.P. to Chris Luda reppin’ CNC
Straight G

[Hook x2]
There’s somethin’ inside you
It’s hard to explain
They’re talking about you boy
But you’re still the same

[Verse 2: Childish Gambino]
Rest in peace to them niggas who was dead wrong
Toni Braxton to them niggas, that’s a sad song
Cry a river Timberlake, the whole industry
Record the whole album in my living room in Italy
Niggas who wasn’t feelin’ me secretly want a handout
Keep your mouth shut, I can probably help your man out
Drop a new stack all lames get to steppin’
Drop a new track all blogs go to heaven
Kill the web, man these niggas need they hits up
Kiss her neck, add a dime to the tip cup
She is not “slut,” fuck a dude who says so
Just because she fuckin’ doesn’t mean she ain’t a lady
Kill the whole stage, I never needed a mic check
Semen on my spacebar, fuckin’ tired of Skype sex
Runnin’ with a new breed, me and Bun B
This hip-hop nation, that big country
Nigga please! We ain’t stop for no one
Wu-Tang Generator name, I’m a shōgun
Wu-Tang Generator name, watch him smoke one
Talk a lot of sh*t, but none of them will approach him
Gambino got first position, the game is ballet
So graceful; drive, he don’t need a valet
So angel: fly as I wanna be
Mercy, somebody show these niggas can’t hurt me

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[Hook x2]
There’s somethin’ inside you
It’s hard to explain
They’re talking about you boy
But you’re still the same

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Donald Glover

Bronchitis – Donald Glover

Fiji water and a box of old Raisinets
I got a real taste for dyin’ but I ain’t do it yet
I tried to watch The Artist with my girlfriend
But instead I lost the battle with some NyQuil
Playing Double Dribble with my older cousin
Now I’m ballin’ everyday so dude that’s gotta stand for something
But it doesn’t change the subject
Man, I’m hustlin’, sandals cuttin’ up
My ankles, please and thank you
Demons hate you when you angel
Never been to prison, but I serve a sentence
Grind when you –
I’m sharin’ experiments with Seventh Day Adventists
And on the seventh day, I’ma show y’all what the event is
Dollar signs, bottom line
Speak the truth and everybody gon’ hate you
Unless it’s funny
That’s how I used to make money
I don’t roll with the old, yeah they want something from me
Why the flow so dummy, why do hoes still love me?
I don’t know, don’t bug me
I’m patron or bubbly or power, old culture
Ain’t nobody sober
My mama don’t drink but she kill me over soda
Damn homie, man you famous like Kony
My cousin bang Camp man (My cousin bang Camp man)
ATLien made it myself about a month
Just enough to get, to get my rows in a duck
Just enough to make a faithful man wanna fuck
Girls be tweetin’ me their pictures, man I gotta look
And most of ’em couldn’t handle the panels in my comic’s book
This rapper’s book, this writer’s book
They kinda shook
It’s not a hook


I be killin’ every nigga with bronchitises
I be killin’ every nigga with bronchitises

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Donald Glover

Both Hands (Black Rainbow) – Donald Glover

[Verse 1: Childish Gambino]
These guys aren’t tough-n-stuff
They can talk that shit when the chips are up
But, the chips are down, because I put them there
And I got a hot chip like the indie band
This is Christmas man and my flow is Miami
And the only goal that I have is my Emmy bitch
Yes, and a nigga stay down like I’m in a ditch
These niggas never did shit different, I was tired of it
See the other side of it
Hate how they say how hip-hop is dead and everybody is the same now
I am not the same, how could I ever be?
I am so fly and on fire like a phoenix wing
I go light speed, you go slow pace
And I go hard like G-O in bold face
Used to do me because I had to, now a nigga like to
Cause I get cheese like the mice do
I am a work of art, Crush niggas like I’m crushing on Annie Clark
They stop sleeping on me, good morning, like Alonzo
Go ahead and cut that shit out like a tonsil
Yes I stay weird and fuck chicks like I’m Gonzo
Sleeping on a Cow Pie, tired of the bullshit
Dick is her baby, why does she abuse it?
Eight shots and a beer and I’m passing out
Glasses, leather jacket, I’m a ask you out
Spend the night if you got your own tooth brush
I really think I like you, but not too much
I got big plans, yeah I feel myself hard like both hands
Yeah, I feel myself hard like both hands

[Musical Intermission: St. Vincent]
“Throw the phone out the window
If you want the neighbors woke
You’ll have to shout out loud
And set the bed alight and slow
If you want the neighbors woke
You’ll have to shout even louder”

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[Verse 2: Childish Gambino]
This is all fun, yeah, my work is Vacation
Me and six shots, that’s a bad combination
I don’t need your money, this is free downloading
Play it at a party, watch it pop like a soda
Thick, indie, black chick, double stuffed Oreo
Make I shit rapped pissed off like a urinal
You can not see me, I can change your prospective
Sick boy, click. That’s an Animal Collective
Fuckin’ with your world, like I don’t need protection
I am just a rapper, I’m in such a perfection
Spit hot shit, yeah, my mouth is a toaster
Shit look easy like a turd in a short skirt
I am not a fairy tail, I’ve earned this shit
Leave a track on the stove and watch me burn this bitch
Sick as a dog, fly as an angel
I am just a rapper, better learn sign language
Cause I don’t talk, yeah I fight till that rec spin
Yeah I got paper like I just ate a muffin
This is all wrong man, this is all wrong
Every nigga have and hit, and then they sing the same song
That is so not me, I’m a change it all up
Doctor knows I’m sick dude, I don’t need a follow up
Tell me when you can’t take the track any longer
Weird Soufflé and the noise makes me stronger
I have gotten stronger, tongue like a shot gun
If you let the track loose, you can watch me pop one
Sick boy bitch, and it’s back to the future
Cause I’m McFly and it’s not what I’m used to
Cause the used to call me other name of a rooster
Sky is the limit, like a jet pack booster
Fuckin’ with a nigga like he fuckin’ with a time bomb
Can’t see a nigga mother fucker turn your eyes on
I am so different, you don’t even know the half of
I do not talk, mother fucker I’m a Rapper!

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