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Jack White

The Rose with the Broken Neck – Jack White

Lonely I see
Lonely I need
Lonely I feel
Lonely I bleed
Lonely I trust
And lonely I must
Be the rose with the broken neck

The plow on the farm
The train on the track
The tracks on my arm
The train in the wreck

That’s when they all sing this song
About when you are all alone
In your home with the broken neck

Help myself to a drink
Help myself to the sink
The dogs start to moan
And the crows start to beg
At my eyes and down at the ground
Oh and it shows
On the rose with the broken neck

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Jack White

Hypocritical Kiss – Jack White

My temper got the best of me
And when I said that I mean
I know every single thing
That I said was true

And I know that you’re mad at me
But if you’re thinking like that
I think you’ll see that you’re
Mad at you too

And I know the feeling’s strong
Strong enough to forget about
All that I’ve been through

And it sounds obscene but
Loud words never bothered
Me like they do to you

You’re the boy
That talks but says nothing
A big game to the ones
That you think will believe you

But you don’t know how to read
The look on my face when it says
“Yeah, I’ve read that book too”

And who the hell’s impressed by you?
I want names of the people
That we know that are falling for this

You would sell your own mother out
And then betray your dead brother with another
Hypocritical kiss

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Jack White

Blunderbuss – Jack White

I had my dream
I held your hand
On that broad avenue
We crossed the road
And never spoke
To another as we flew
We left your man
Alone in drag
Laughing there at us
A romantic bust
A blunder turned
Explosive blunderbuss

An ancient grand hotel of Persian thread and ivory
And when your man would turn his head I’d see you look at me
Pools of brown and sea of red
And demons in your pocket
That same romance
Performed a dance
Inside your silver locket

Da da da da
Da da da da

A corner exit not tall enough
To walk out standing straight
Designed by men so ladies
Would have to lean back in their gait
You grabbed my arm and left with me
But you were not allowed to
You took me to a public place
To quietly blend into
Such a trick pretending not to be
Doing what you want to do
But seems like everybody does this
Every waking moment

I laid you down and touched you
Like the two of us both needed
Safe to say that others might not
Approve of this and pleaded
“So selfish them” would be their cry
And who’d be brave to argue?
Doin’ what you people need
Is never on the menu

Da da da da
Da da da da

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Jack White

Would You Fight for My Love? – Jack White

It’s not enough that I love you
There’s all these things I have to prove to you
You use the sun to erase the past
But you think it only raises for you

But I’m afraid of being hurt that’s true
But not afraid of any physical pain
Just as I am always scared of water
But not afraid of standing out in the rain

The last person in the room she hugged
Was the person that she loved the most
Nobody noticed that I was down on the rug
I’m getting better at becoming a ghost

I know that you want more
But would you fight for
My love

And I’ve hurt you before
But can you ignore
My love

You’re walking out my back door
Looking back for
My love

I know that you want more
But would you fight for
My love

People do their best to not let passion begin
It’s dead before it has a chance to start
And so then there I am, the caretaker of sin
To your abandoned and malignant heart

It’s such a pleasure, to sing with you together
Making love when there is nobody home
But I can’t kiss you ’til you lift up your chin
You have to want to stop being alone

I want you to fight for
My love
I want you to fight for
My love
I want you to fight for
My love

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