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The Work – Wale

[Beat starts]
Uh. Lets do it.
Floor not havin it,
cover this track like a motha fuckin laminate.

Yeah,real niggas in my cabinet,
you the type of nigga make a stripper turn celibate.

Lets celebrate, levitate, with the loud,
never wait when we out,
fuck a line, get in now.

what they bitchin bout?
what the goin for?
polo head to toe no zone 4.

Kick game on rebitz, bonjour,
winter time, all clear,
summer time, different shore.

This a different motor man better go to work,
rapper tryin trade places like a motor mur.

Its no days off, all though I’m born to work,
but daddy gotta order somethin dealers cant afford.

Ha, the envy in dime dealers,
bentley ain’t my but I let bitches recline in em.
Tell em they mind clippin I give em like 5 minutes.
Tell em we’ll never be but they settle for side bitches.

Dc got wild niggas,
them .45 niggas,
some runnin with 2 k’s though we some loud niggas.

Don’t get besides yourself, thinkin I’m with the loving,
I just came back from Howard I made a deal for the locals,
they hit em, fling em, delete em,
hug em, love em, then leave em,
if you call me a genius, nobody would disagree it.

I’m spotted on different beachs, cause he was smokin reffah,
I hope you hit me by 3, I’m incoherent by the evening.

whats up sugah, I’m diggin yah, oh you aint feelin young’n?
thats even better I’m not that into submissive woman,
I’ll like to tell you I’m the type to get all woman,
I put that battery in back so small wonder,
its been a long summer, and I’ve been on my grind,
we killin shows out in london like I’m on my grind,
I think I’m Larry Hoover, I think I’m Big Meech,
I think you need the streets to succeed the inner street.

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but I’m a different route, hip-hop lyric route, quote un quote
backpack still bring them bitches out.

I bet you burnt em, you fry chicken nigga church em,
or popeyes, we don’t keep no birds in the circle.

Stop lyin ya’ll pretenders ya’ll ain’t really workin,
Ya winslon, within lauren, though you nigga urkel.

kin folk, I’ve been dope since super soakers,
no matter who gonna show up I make a move over,
all that talk about who’s better then falauren,
go and get that bread and they’ll be penniless tommorrow.

Living out of a homer shit,
broke and no one notices,
ghetto whip you lisa like your margerie and homer kid.

Rather beatin on the bitch,
motify your quota bitch,
PG bitches love me like I’m TCB and Polo bitch.

norfitomic love me like a mother fuckin jonahs,
thats why we’re always goin and we don’t gotta go with them.

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One Eyed Kitten Song (Feat. Travis Porter) – Wale

Lirik lagu: One Eyed Kitten Song (Feat. Travis Porter)

[Verse 1: Wale & Travis Porter]
Look, I was ridin’ through wherever like my situation better
Bet they make demands when they see you makin’ money
Romanelli custom, make it (buy it)
Haters (priceless)
100 for the butters
I don’t be with squares
[Travis Porter:] Unless I’m sittin’ on my luggage
[Wale:] See that’s a little different, Damier was a cover
[Travis Porter:]
Now won’t you tell me somethin’ ’bout the joint that you was thumpin’
Yeah Ralph you know the girl that always askin’ ’bout some money
Yeah, yeah, man cut that talk I ain’t ever spendin’ nothin’
But some gas and some mothafuckin’ rubbers
Check it on the dash, 120 out speedin’
You play phone tag a minute, was tryna see it
Told her we can be low, pinot and rollin’ weed up
[Travis Porter:] Did you get her on cam?
No brag, but Tarantino
Now you know, so we know, told me I can keep it
[Travis Porter:] Well nigga, did you smash?
[Wale:] I smashed
[Travis Porter:] But did you eat it?
My answer:

[Hook: Wale]
Took her to the room make her bust it wide open
Killed that pussy, died with his eyes open
Killed that pussy, died with his eyes open
Killed that pussy, died with his eyes open
Man, took her to the room make her bust it wide open
Killed that pussy, died with his eyes open
Killed that pussy, died with his eyes open
Killed that pussy, died with his eyes open

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[Verse 2:]
Hol’ up, wait, chill let it marinate
White girl with a booty call it carrot cake
Black girl with a booty call it double fudge
Brought my nigga along, we havin’ double fun
Killed that pussy, died with his eyes open
Hopped out the pussy fly with my fly open
You hopped out the pussy fly with your fly open?
With her legs in the sky like the suicides open
Suicide doors, suicide whores
We all up at the crib, it’s a quarter past four
Chillin’, smokin’, drinkin’
Like Jay-Z off-key I’m singin’
OK I met this girl named Sara
Did she pull up in the Panamera?
Nah, that’s another broad, this another broad (her?)
Little yellow tail, but I ain’t hit it raw


[Verse 3:]
Waddup bro? Nothin’ much Joe
Tell me about the Brenda you caught up at your last show
She was playin’ hittin’ hard to get it (I dig it)
You sweat it? A little, blame it all on the liquor
Shit I was so faded couldn’t keep my eyes open
Playin’ eye to eye ’til she poke it out for me
Forty-five later she was jumpin’ all on me
It was on (It was on, then put on for the homie)
Ok next time I got ya I just caught in the moment
When I bring friends in her friends will get focused
Dogs will be dogs, shones will be shonin
Kitten call me then it die with eyes open


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Sabotage (Feat. Lloyd) – Wale

Lirik lagu: Sabotage (Feat. Lloyd)

[Intro: Wale]
It’s important to go right into the booth after the arguing
I think it’s only right, hoarse and everything
Like fuck it though, what’s up

[Verse 1: Wale]
Pessimism is all that she know
Cause every brother she go with always pick up and go
I been trying to show you somethin, got a different approach
Told her, “Give me your heart; try to get you the globe”
Have the world baby girl, live it up, you deserve it
Every time she catch feelings she go throw away the gloves
We go together / break up
We go together / break up
Ain’t this an insecure bitch, meanin we love to make up
When we good, we good shawty
We don’t ever make love
But if I call out your name, I bet your ready to “uh!”
You say you ready, you ain’t ready enough
Cause when it fall right in your lap, you be ready to get up
This is her, this is it, this is sabotage love, counterfeit
She the shit, She the one
She got cold feet, my love will be the sun, get it done
This is her, this is it, this is sabotage love, counterfeit
She the shit, She the one
She got cold feet, my love will be the sun, get it done

[Bridge: Lloyd]
Cause I, am feeling this deep down in my heart
I’m feeling like I never want to be apart
But just when it gets good, she’s gone
And I’m left right back at start..

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[Hook: Lloyd]
My girl likes to sabotage, our love yeah
She can only take so much more than her heart got
She can only live for the moment
Why? I’ll never know it
Guess I’ll meet her right back at start

[Verse 2: Wale]
Let’s roll a J and pretend we in love
I’ve got a paper plane, it’s propelling my buzz
I’m trying to make a way, she never call back
She’s tryna fall back, cuz she say I’m all that
She only love me when I be ignoring
When I be doing throwin it on her, shorty brushing me off
I swear, I kinda feel like she’s slightly bizarre
Sabotage all the time, have me Avatar’d
Blue ball, who fault? Mine, only cause I stick around
She leave before the sun up, leave you something to think about
Yea and this is something to think about
Why people want you single every time that you got a spouse
Ha, that make it hard to be faithful
Knowing I can go wherever and get 8 more
Tell more depending on where Wale going
Fuck it I got a few more now that my hair long
It’s weird shawty, your wares showing me dead wrong
You gon’ miss a good thing and bitter alone
Shit ain’t better alone
I get her once I bet you keep coming back for more
Keep coming back for more, keep coming back for more
Keep coming back for more, keep coming back for…


[Verse 3: Wale]
This is her, this is it
This is sabotage love, counterfeit
She the shit, She the one
She need now, She ain’t never needed love
Gotta go, let her leave
This is something that could never ever be
Said her hearts, in a cage
Cuz if you never love, you can never hate

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[Bridge: Lloyd]
Sabotage, sabotage, I love you
Sabotage, sabotage, I love you
Sabotage, I love how you keep coming back for more
Keep coming back for more
Keep coming back for more

[Hook x2]

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The God Smile – Wale

I shine
You shine
We fall

Girls kissin’ me all out, Christian Dior’d out
We gon’ hold this city down ’til we see the whole city up
(Go shine, go shine your light on me
Go shine your light on me)
A1 when I’m on site, my day ones never think twice
Same one that get all the hate, through it all I illuminate away
(Go shine, go shine your light on me
Go and shine your light on me)
Nah nig, nah nig
Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah nigga
Don’t you doubt it if you was my nigga
We ain’t fall out so you still my nigga
Don’t always call you but you’ve been my nigga
You’re still the same, nigga, it’s just the trust

Nigga when you work hard
Used to get the outfit up off Curt Bone
We done came a long way from the all day store
And now spending 8 somethin’ out Bergdoff
Word up, pray to God that my self good
Stand close to my rivals
Like you got a job they would kill for
It’s all good cause the flow is to die for
My God, nigga life like a dice roll
And it’s twice hard throwin’ ’em with mics on
I hit ’em with the rap, everybody slept
Then I came back, killin’ everybody’s nap like a hot comb
At Saks ’bout to cop more
And cop more if they got more
And come back if they got more
Middle finger to them folks, tell ’em GABOS
Cause this game ain’t based on sympathy
Know that fame will steal your energy

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At 21, played running back
24 I had the city mad
Slim Charles in the Y now
You could say me and him brought the city back
Used to hustle in hand-me-downs
Now I’m whippin’ the Camry ’round
Hit licks in Baltimore
Gettin’ Hip-Hop chicken in like Kevin Liles
Uptown, I learned a lot
Suburbs taught me good
The white girl destroyed the black neighborhood
So white boys can run the world
White cops is goin’ to war
I write thoughts and put ’em in songs
And the devil around the corner
It’s all good cause the God is livin’ in you
Cops can look in the bag
Tricky to man so can you read a mind
And they used to go to madness, and I ain’t really have it
Somehow they let another Eddie advance
Well I shine for the niggas that passed
So my niggas in the pen got me pushin’ a pad
Back in the crack era, daddy whippin’ a cab
But now I’m pushin’ a camper doin’ a similar route
One time, [?] meets Jay Hov
Marion Berry meetin’ with Barry O
This is Lil Wayne meets Wayne Perry
This is bad brains from the go go
I’m in tears so I’m thankful
Cause I got haters and I got flow
Niggas can’t tell me nothin’, I got this shit jumpin’
From the white house to the black hole
Don’t let no lame tell you differently
Bitch I’m the savior of the DMV


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