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Beastie Boys

Three MC’s And One DJ – Beastie Boys

(“Hey yo, Adam, what’s up? This is Mix Master Mike calling from
Sacramento. Um…ah, I’ve been wanting to hook up with you, maybe on
some tracks…I’ve got some shit right here, if you could-
My turntable’s through a wah-wah pedal…
[Scratching continues]
It’s called the tweak scratch.”)

Cause nobody can do it like Mix Master can!
Come on
I’ve got the D double O, D double O style
Here we go again because it’s been awhile
Do me a favor don’t touch that dial
I rock from Manhattan to the Miracle Mile
My name’s Mike D and I’m the ladies choice
I want to get next to you like Rose Royce
Y’all gather round to hear my golden voice
Cause when it’s time to rhyme you know I get noice
Cruising like a fan boat on the glade
He’ll tweak ass your ass across the cross fade
So watch your back when he takes the stage
Or he’ll send you off on a naked rampage

Three MCs and one DJ
We be getting down with no delay
Mix Master Mike, what cha got to say?
(“Bug out!” “To!” “The mic” “All the time!”)

Sweet and sour like a tangerine
Fresh like a box of Krispy Kremes
Kenny Rogers’ “Gambler” is my gambling theme
Mix Master Mike with the scratch routine
Always updated and in the know
You know we break it down going toe to toe
The bass is booming from down below
And Norton is chillin with Mario
Well my name is Adrock I’m a Scorpio
Don’t ask me cause I just don’t know
I’m known to mop I’m known to glow
But don’t get mad cause I gots to go

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Three MCs and one DJ
We be getting down with no delay
Mix Master Mike, what cha got to say?
(“Gotta gotta” “Gotta get down!”)

Mix Master, cut faster!
Mix Master, cut, cut, cut faster!

All top secret and classified
I grab a hold of a mic and let the words glide
It’s all hypnotic and sanctified
I never wanna let a bad day slip by
Now, we be getting stupid in your area
Causing all kinds of hysteria
My beats is sick like malaria
But don’t worry I’ll take care of ya
Me and Adam Adam and Mario C
In the studio it’s the place to be
To all the party people who are happy and free
With Mix Master Mike we’re making history

Three MC’s and one DJ
We be getting down with no delay
Mix Master Mike, what you got to say?
(“God damn that DJ made my day!”)

(Biz Markie: “You came off with that one, though, oh my goodness!”)

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Beastie Boys

Booming Granny – Beastie Boys

Yeah, ah yeah, aw yeah
This one’s dedicated to all the ladies in the front, the back
All my older ladies out there, lookin nice, you know who you are

I need you, boomin granny, I said
I want you, boomin granny

Boomin granny, boomin fanny
Boomin granny, good and plenty

[Mike D]
Well it might sound odd it might sound corny
But here’s some sex rhymes for those that are horny
For your boomin granny with the boomin sisters
Said I love ya won’t leave ya, till ya gotta listen
I’m talkin about the way that I’m feeling
Here’s a lovely lady and so appealing
A sassy, sophisticated, sexy lady
Well I’m twenty six, and you’re eighty
The clock is ticking so you better not front
We can go to my place and we can smoke a blunt
Well you’re a Golden Girl, just like P.R.
Just turn down the lights so we can go far


Because I saw you at the checkout line
You dropped your coupons and you were lookin fine
Sophisticated, and so mature
I couldn’t really care if you’re fifty, or seventy four
Because I wantcha, and I need ya
Hey boomin granny you could be my teacher
And I could be ya pet, bet
Listen old lady I could make ya sweat
I know I’m younger, and your much older
You look so nice on my Chevy Nova
I’ma take you to the low rider show, and flauntcha
I gotta tell ya lady I said I wantcha, boomin granny
Because I need you, boomin granny


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Beastie Boys

Body Movin’ – Beastie Boys

Body movin, body movin,
A1 sound, sound so soothing
Body movin, body movin,
We be getting down and you know we’re Krush Groovin

Let me get some action from the back section
We need body rocking not perfection
Let your back bone flip but don’t slip a disc
Let your spine unwind just take a risk
I wanna do the freak until the break of dawn
Tell me party people is that so wrong
The ship is docking, inter-lockin
And up-rockin electro-shocking
We’re getting down computer action
Do the robotic satisfaction
All of y’all get off the wall
Have a ball and get involved with


Flame on, I’m gone
I’m so sweet like a nice bon bon
Came out rapping when I was born
Mom said rock it ’til the break of dawn
Puttin bodies in motion cause I got the notion
Like Roy Cormier with the coconut lotion
The sound of the music drivin you insane
You can’t explain to people this type of mind frame
Like a bottle of Chateau Neuf Du Pap
I’m fine like wine when I start to rap
We need body rockin not perfection
Let me get some action from the back section


Mike D with the master plan
Ooh my my and thank you ma’am
And when I grab the mic you scream ‘Ooh, god damn’
The creme de la creme is who I am
MCA where have you been
Packed like sardines in the tin
So kick off your shoes and put on your swim fins
Cause when it comes to quarries I’m known to swim
Adrock light up the place
And if you pull my card you pull the ace
And if you ask me turn up the bass
And if you play defender I could be your hyper space

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Beastie Boys

Putting Shame In Your Game – Beastie Boys

Beatsie Beatsie Beatsie Beatsie Boys gettin live on the spot
Puttin all kinds of shame in the game you got
We keep the party movin to the broad day light
G-E-T-L-I-V-E alright

Trans-hypnotic robotic can’t stop it
No limits to this style you know you can’t lock it
First you mock it, rock it and then you stock it
But I’ve got the styles that are always in the pocket
Like a bird floating down on a New York breeze
Every thought in the mind is a planted seed
So watch the mind or the thoughts will stack
Before you know it they’re boomeranging on back
Well I’m the king of Boogle there is none higher
I get eleven points off the word ‘quagmire’
Fools can’t see me and that’s how it is
And that’s how I like it and that’s my biz


Time’s an illusion as the moments race by
Too fast to really grasp though we may try
Deny, till we die, ooh my my
These thoughts that mislead and then multiply
Second by second and minute by minute
“It’s like lotto you gotta be” “in it to win it”
Shakin mind breakin on their own demise
Lies tax to the max and they’ll be feelin those vibes
So tell me what you need that you have got
Fiending on power will make your blood clot
It starts with the greed and then goes all wrong
That’s why we can’t all just get along
We’re all connected like a Leggo set
One equaling one together like a croquette
Whether we have or have not yet met
It ain’t no thing and it ain’t no sweat

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[Scratching “Non…stop…hip…hop] (x4)

You’re caught in a panic and it’s rattled your brain
The selfish ways just can’t maintain
But these are the breaks when you try and come fake
Don’t come with the rhymes that you just half baked
Well I’m the Benihana chef on the SP12
I chop the fuck out the beats left on the shelf
You be like ‘Hello Nasty, where you been?’
It’s time you brought the grimy beats out the dungeon
I jumped outside the house with my Walkman on
I get so hyped when I hear this song
It’s gonna keep me happy like all day long
So go and talk shit cause it just makes me strong
Don’t grease my palms with your filthy cash
Multinationals spreading like a rash
I might stick around or I might be a fad
But I won’t sell my songs for no TV ad

[Scratching “Can’t get enough of that funk”]

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