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50 Cent

Too Hot – 50 Cent

[Intro: DJ scratching]
“Niggas bit off Nas shit” – [Ghostface Killah]
“Admit it, you bit it” – [G. Dep]
“Niggas bit off Nas shit, niggas, niggas, bit off, Nas shit” – [Ghostface Killah]
“Admit if, you bit it, bit it” – [G. Dep]

[Verse 1 – 50 Cent]
You can be a ridah and ride, or a coward and hide
Either way you go against me, you still gon die
I got four macs, a few nines, I’m ready for beef
You wanna talk, it ain’t about money, then let it be brief
I need a drop for when it’s a hot, a hummer for when it’s cold
An ill attorney’s in my corner when these fake niggas fold
The shit I kick fuck with niggas mentally, makes them wanna mention me
And see me doing a quarter century in the penitentiary
Nastradamus predicted 50’s the future, that’s a fact money
I run up on your workers with the mac, like where that pack money
I’m a tell ya’ll what Papi told me
I got what you need, 19,5 a key
I stay catching a stunt, frontin’ in somethin’ mean
And I’ll clap any nigga for the right amount of cream
Run up on them all with the same problem solver
Beat up ass, tape on the handle, trey eight revolver. What!

Projects too hot, niggas better hope we never hit rock
Cause then we gonna run up in your spot
Screamin’ get the fuck on the floor, give us the Ro’

[Verse 2 – Nature]
Aiyyo, aiyyo, aiyyo, aiyyo
I’m like Sugar Shane Mosley, it ain’t no beef
You’re staring, a ticket holder that sits in row three
Next to Ron Artest and Kobe
Yo I woulda went pro too, then I let them phillies slow me
I’m like a black man’s asthma, seeking a pump
Breathin’ deeper when I’m creeping up
Ya’ll need to fuck with the tightest, I stick niggas
Ensevilitus, leavin’ whole families in silence
My virus is obvious, past on to most rap fiends
Un cured, ain’t no vaccine
Last seen at the automatic teller machine, maxing out
Or in the studio booth, blacking out
It’s Con Ed style, real twisted, I disappear on some Blair Witch shit
Comin’ back I’m rich kid
Either or, you can’t stop me with my feet in the door
Or walk away from the street or the morgue, play your part nigga.

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[Chorus – Last line cut off]

“Niggas bit off Nas” – Ghostface Killah
“Admit it, you bit it” – G. Dep
“Tell these niggas somethin’ God” – Ghostface Killah

[Verse 3 – Nas]
What, yo
I disturb niggas and white boys, with five pointed stars
Tatted on they arms, pimp your moms, like I’m Magic Don Juan
From Queens to Hong Kong, weed in the bong
We smoke that, leave our minks on the coat rack
Those that plot on me, nine times outta ten the nine is on me
Feds search the God, but nothin’ they find on me
When I rap don’t wait to clap applaud sooner
Unless you hate a nigga like George Bush Jr., I bring awkward to you
Porsche maneuvers thru the city like New York sewers
Stinkin’ up the air, Central Park, horse manure
Rims is 22 inches, Benz suspensions
22 inch dick when I’m pimpin’
Impotent you niggas get me sick, wanna be soundin’ like
You knowin’ my arithmetic, but we don’t sound alike
50 Cent with Braveheart-ed, we ride to the grave depart us
You fake niggas imitate what I started, let’s go

[Intro – Once]


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50 Cent

Da Repercussions – 50 Cent

Uh huh, Uh huh, five, five, one… it’s real shit nigga

You niggas say somethin’ slick, you’ll get SLAPPED for that
You niggas schemin’ on some jewels, you’ll get CLAPPED for that
If ya’ll niggas want war, I got the MACK for that
Run up with some work, and get your head CRACKED for that

[Verse 1]
Nigga if a nickel bag sold in the park, I want in on it
The bullshit I’m in right now nigga, I’ve been on it (yeah)
If I don’t eat, nobody eat, code of the street
No surrender, no retreat, my niggas rollin’ with heat (woo)
You’ll know my stees, I spark trees, under palm trees
Feel a breeze, and fees, in expanded keys
Cop it straight from the bay, tap dance on the yay
Your people make a G day, you ain’t rich, you just ok
I take the stand under oath and lie
Before I snitch on my clique, I’ll fry
Or watch time go by
Niggas want to steal slabs, and dib or dab
In the posse, who steals from the hands that feed ’em, deserve to die

[Chorus – 2X]

[Verse 2]
You gettin’ money nigga (yeah), you dimed out (yeah)
Well 50 Cent is the hottest shit out this (yeah)
You bust your gun nigga (yeah), you on the run nigga (yeah)
You treat a grown man, like he ya son (nigga)
Yo, I ain’t the first parolee, to catch his nigga for his rolee
And after being on the street, less than a week
Look, niggas who know me, know I’m up to no good
Man my fan base is spreading like HIV in the hood
Why smack a nigga silly, when I can squeeze the nilly (squeeze that shit)
A slug’ll split a niggas ass, worst than the philly
I stay with the heater, cut the D with Bonita
My wifey kept acting up, so I had to leave her
It hurted when I left, but I knew I didn’t need her
If it wasn’t for my seed, I wouldn’t even hafta see her
She tried to front like she don’t need me, she miss me, believe me
It’s that soap opera shit, the bitch watch too much TV

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[Chorus – 2X]

[Verse 3]
Aight you niggas tryin’ to do too much (STOP FRONTIN’)
Them little bit of chips you got son, (AIN”T NOTHIN’)
I seen you with your whip outside (YOU STUNTIN’)
You spent your last on that (YOU AIN’T HOLDIN’ NOTHIN’)
Rap niggas, they actin’ like they ready to flip
When I let off a clip, it ain’t a part of the script
Its like tradition, rap niggas, dyin’ they whips
So I spent a little chips, to bulletproof my shit
You a 6 coupe nigga, but you gears behind
Nigga yours a 92, mine’s a 99
Your not in my league, the ghetto taught me tools to succeed
Shallow up a seed, I’ll write it down so you can read
If you’ve been listening, I know you’ve been loving what I said
If not you dumb fuck, I just run over your head

[Chorus – 2X]

[singing in background until fade]

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50 Cent

Back Seat Tony Yayo – 50 Cent

[50 Cent]
Now play my Tony Yayo shit

Yeah, 50 Cent
Tony Yayo
We gonna do it again

[Hook: repeat 2X]
Back seat of the Caddy truck or Tahoe
Back seat of the Benz truck or Expo
Back seat of X5 or Range Rov’
So when I pick you up, you know how this shit go – hoe

[Tony Yayo]
Hey yo, my truck talk for me
If I was bummy and ugly
Your bitch’ll still have love for me
As long as I push a truck, rims chunky
Never open my lips, your bitch wanna fuck me
Beep the air horn, hop in turn the heat on
Pick you up off the streets get your feet warm
She giving sex cause the Lex truck takes unleaded
Big thick thighs, eyes browner than Sahara deserts
Deuce-Deuce, bitches, yeah they caught your eye
And them loud system full of bass and highs
You see that X5 BM
Packed with Puerto Ricans
Bad mommies on the low, just creepin
Niggas be frontin like they bubbling coke
But they really struggling with a high car note, ha … (YEAH)

[50 Cent]
Might see me in the Jeep
Rollin’ ’round 4 deep
And you know we on the creep
Nigga, I’m holdin’ it


[Tony Yayo]
Back seat of my truck lets swing an episode
Fuck a hotel we have sex on the road
I pull the seats back
Put the sheets in the luggage rack
Pull out my balls
And play an Aaron Hall track
I tell a chick “Bend over, mami”
Hit ’em with the Henny Dick
Now my windows foggy
Its time to party, I got TV’s, CD’s and DVD’s
Now bitch, get on your knees
You could be a model chick or a silly hood rat
Don’t cum on my leather, don’t stain my floor mats
Where’s your baby mama?
She in the truck and I’m blessin her
Undressing her
Make hop out for air re-freshener
I ain’t stressing her
‘Cause my rims keep checkin her
She’s 21, my rim size older than her

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[50 Cent]
Niggas say they want beef
But when they see me in the street
They don’t slow down to speak
‘Cause they know I’m holdin ..


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50 Cent

Smoke (Feat. Trey Songz) – 50 Cent

Lirik lagu: Smoke (Feat. Trey Songz)

[Intro: Trey Songz]
Somebody pull the fire alarm, girl, where you from?
Cause you got this club on fire and outside I bet all they smell is smoke
(All they smell is smoke)
The way your body roll I’ma lose control
Cause you got this club on fire and outside I bet all they smell is smoke
(All they smell is smoke)

[Verse 1: 50 Cent]
Pink diamonds, pink sand, beaches Aruba
Blue sapphires on days when she feeling Hoover
She hood and in the mood when I’m in the mood
Erotic, so exotic, I’m psychotic about it
I don’t want forever, I just wanna taste her love sample
That product, I bet a nigga tongue go numb
She’s a narcotic, that bomb shit burning, we smoking
My old flame, my Mary Jane, we got a love thing
She ain’t jealous, I keep Nina around
In the small of my back in case some shit go down
Right under my Hermes, I’m hearing the word is
Me, I’m a P.I.M.P
I let Trey hit some, then Dre hit some
Then pass it to the homies ’til we all get done
Niggas can’t comprehend what this shit ’bout
Police coming, you like, put this shit out

[Hook: Trey Songz (+ 50 Cent)]
You like smoke and you got me high
(You make a nigga want to get down)
(High feeling like I’m up in a cloud)
Girl what the fuck you done to me
You got me feeling like you just rolled up for me
You’re like smoke
And you got me high
(So high make your love come down)
(One time, have that ?)
Girl what the fuck you done to me
You got me feeling like you just rolled up for me
You’re like smoke

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[Verse 2: 50 Cent]
Shawty hot, she full blown, she hot now
100 degrees, that’s with or without the top down
But when she get to working her hips you know the temperature rise
Oh lord, soon as she see the dick in her thighs
She like the stones in my cross, she flawless
I’m thinking damn, why would God give one woman all this?
You know I got the kind of conversation that make her feel like she need me
It’s complicated, my occupation pimping ain’t easy
Facts, I stack racks on racks and racks
Back when I was pumping crack, now my cards are black
Nigga get on my level, bark with the big dogs
If I want it I buy it, I don’t care what this shit costs
Luther said it: A house is not a home without her
I had them panties on the grey hound filled up with powder
But what she showed what she’ll do for me has no limits
Her wanting is temporary [?] gon’ get it


[Verse 3: Trey Songz]
Everybody showing the love when she at the door
Turn this bitch down, that’s fire in the hole
I’m trying to get it and hit it, I don’t wanna pass that
Got me addicted, I’m tripping, where the stash at?
Baby, baby, don’t you know?
Baby, baby, you’re just like smoke


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