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Unleash Me (Feat. Christ Bearer, Prodigal Sunn) – RZA

Lirik lagu: Unleash Me (Feat. Christ Bearer, Prodigal Sunn)

Yo, sting of the dragon master, one blow make your jaw shatter
Have you walk around with your face wrapped in plaster
Gaspin’……. *gasp*, like you got a bad case of asthma
Spot the dog, you try to run faster
Wild savage, but he bow down to his master
Wash, be found, with a ice cold shaster, he would shout

[Chorus: RZA]
I am free from you, so unleash me
There’s nothin’ else you can do to teach me
Nothin’ else you can do to appease me
I know this point in life, it wouldn’t be easy
I gave you my all, I would equal
Out of care, through my hands and all
Just to show and prove, you my man’s and all
Didn’t even try to make plans at all

[Prodigal Sunn]
My hand’s cut in the outer, leakin’ the contender
Hit ’em high, stick ’em low, break through the center
Somebody screamin’ ambulance, yo, he bend a
Ghost like a ninja, whole ‘nother agenda
Yes, we day and night, ready for fight
Plus I spit more through the mic, four fist right
Chest, head, body blow, would leave, anything goes
Broken nose, shatterin’ jaws, spark him with the C-4
P-Sunn did it from the east door
The more I tour, the more I score, watch the lion roar
Through the field, with the skills and agility
Martial art ability, bend the laws of gravity
Stay in shape, no cavities
Some wise words from a young one, trained to reach mastery

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[Chorus: RZA]
I am free from you, so unleash me
There’s nothin’ else you can do to teach me

[Christ Bearer]
I am free from you, Buddhapest fist, Tai Chi, Kung Fu
Master sick cool, jujitsu, round house kick you
Forty elbows, then I left right hit you
Master set me free, although you’ll never let me get the master key
Cause when it’s time for beef, who could the master be
While I’m stopped, critique you see the master flee
But cats keep rushin’, I’ll back flip bust you
Crack your rib cage apart, snatch your heart, that’s nothin’
Guillotine chop, to the Phillipine hot
Leave ’em worst, and sendin’ them to Killa, get shot
I ate from my hands, and ate from the plan
Entranced, my fake was a glance
I gave you my all, I know you felt my slave to, and thought
I’m sittin’ pool on y’all

[Chorus x2]

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Grits (Feat. Allah Real, Masta Killa) – RZA

Lirik lagu: Grits (Feat. Allah Real, Masta Killa)

[Hook: Allah Real]
When I was small
We had nothing at all
We used to eat Grits, for dinner
It was pain
almost drive a man insane
what we could find for
to survive another day
but I said nah…

An old killa bee once hummed me a tune
Stay up at night, don’t sleep on ya moon
Four seeds in the bed, eight seeds in the room
Afternoon cartoon, we would fight for the spoon
Old Earth in the kitchen, yell “it’s time to eat”
Across the foyer, ya hear the gather of stampeding feet
One pound box of sugar, and a stick of margarine
A hot pot of Grits got my family from starvin’
Loose with the welfare cheese, thick wit’ the gravy
used to suck it, straight out the bottle as a baby
Steamy hot meal serve less than five minutes
Big silver pot, boilin’ water, salt in it
House full of brothers and sisters, the pop’s missin’
Pillsbury box on the stove in the kitchen


[Masta Killa]
Young shorties in my hood started hustlin’
Packin’ bags at the neighbourhood associate
Growin’ up, not as fortunate to have that fly shit
I’m too young, no jobs’d hire me legit
You walkin’ down the street with ya gun in ya hand
Drinkin, thinkin’ of a masterplan
Your Old Earth can’t afford what ya friends got
So you roll up to the spot, with ya thing ‘pon cock
And it seems worth the takin’, stomach achin’
Morning star Reggie makin’ go good with the Grits
Now let’s take it back for real
when we used to build at ghetto big wheels
with the shoppin’ cart wheels, and wood to nail the seat on
Girls skippin’ rope in the street
the Summer heat, left the jelly prints stuck to they feet
Skelly chief, flippin’ baseball cards for keeps
Momma said it’s gettin’ late, and it’s time to come eat

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Gone (Feat. James Black, Justin Nozuka & Kobra Khan) – RZA

Lirik lagu: Gone (Feat. James Black, Justin Nozuka & Kobra Khan)

[Intro: Justin Nozuka]
Gone, gone, gone, gone, gone…

[Chorus: Justin Nozuka]
Woke up this morning, hoped that
It was all a nightmare, you’re gone
Tried to get out of my bed
I couldn’t find no reason, you’re gone
It breaks my heart, cause I’ll never see you again
It breaks my heart, cause I’ll never see you again
And my heart aches, cause I’ll never see you again
You’re gone…

Man how I long, to see your physical form
When you left me, a part of my soul got torn
How could a body turn cold, that was once so warm
How could the spark of Allah, in your heart be gone
Who could replace the space, of Unique Ason
I know you’d rather I’d be strong, and not waste time to mourn
They say that life goes on
Especially when I see the face of your first born
When he’s rocking on stage with no shirt on
Or in the hotel lobby, getting those birds on
Through our seeds we could all reach eternity
Peace and blessings, have a safe journey
I had dreams of us laughing, drinking beer
Chasing girls, fill the world with our ideas
Then I wake up, and look up, and you’re not there
But in my third eye, I know that you’re still here
Because, through our seeds we all reach eternity
Peace and blessings, it’s just another journey


[Justin Nozuka]
Looked out the window and stared at the sun
I couldn’t see the light, I couldn’t see, oh lord, you’re gone
You’re gone


[Kobra Khan]
Aiyo, I can’t stop the thoughts coming out of my mind
In a broken place is where you’re eventually find
This pain, on both sides, can’t deny
Memories of you and I takes us back in time
Where we used to be together, no matter, the stormy weathers
I would ramble with, nothing could ever break us apart
And sometimes would get under the pressure, cause people jealous
But your memory would be here forever, kept in my heart
This is more than you’ll ever know, me and you inseparable
Never do we let it show, it’s so hot I’ll let you go
Thought it would last forever, guess I was wrong
And time goes by so fast, and now you’re gone

[Chorus: Justin Nozuka]
It breaks my heart, cause I’ll never see you again
It breaks my heart, cause I’ll never see you again
And my heart aches, cause I’ll never see you again
You’re gone…

[Justin Nozuka]
My blood pumps with anger and sorrow and liquor
Tell me how, can I live without you now that you’re gone?
You’re gone

Against all odds and against all squads
And against all evil trying to come against God
We stand with the iron rod, you wield the ?sword?
I use softness to conquer the heart
I’m Divine Prince Master Rakeem Allah
Earth bound, but my mind’s in the stars
Things are reborn, life always change form
Man must reform to make the heart calm
Drunkenness, leads to non-awakeness
Causing him, to look upon his father’s nakedness
When the truth is heard, there’s no forsakin it
That which is forbidden, we don’t partake in it

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[Chorus: Justin Nozuka]
It breaks my heart, cause I’ll never see you again
It breaks my heart, cause I’ll never see you again
And my heart aches, cause I’ll never see you again
You’re gone…

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Free Like ODB – RZA

Lirik lagu: Free Like ODB

The body is a vehicle for the mind
You realize that your body, is basically vacumnin that space
Into somethin from within this body
This is why the air must come in, every breath
Look at – I say look at ODB, okay
A free man for real, knahmsayin?
His his expression of freedom, his what he wanted to do
It was VERY free, one out of a million people
Could deter him, from an idea, y’knahmean?
Cause he was free to express like that, y’knahmean?

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