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Bow Wow

You Know I’m Nasty – Bow Wow

You now rolling with bow weezy baby,
But tonight you can call me shad mose (yeah!)
You know I had to do it for the ladies.

I got her body trembling when I’m licking it
And love it when I’m sticking it
She like to do it with the lights off
Don’t I get you wet when I’m kissing your neck
No time for games gon head girl take your clothes off
Beat it from the back while I’m gripping your waist pulling on your hair
Tell me girl how you like it
And when I put it in your mouth
Swallow it whole
You like cake right? so taste my icing
We can fuck on the beach so everybody can see
If that’s the kinda freaky shit that you’re into
And the tracks so sexy
You got me feeling horny; I can fuck you to this instrumental
I got you wet don’t I?
And she don’t mind me with other chicks as long as I give her the dick
And I’m a dog I’m Bow Wow
So we do it doggy style that always make her come quick
And listen my girl ain’t colder she a lil bit older
Give head like a porn star
And she make my thang salute like a soldier
Give it to me now

Damn girl you the best at it; you got me feening like a crack addict
Sure enough as I bust she can’t get enough
She rolled the blunt and then we get right back at it,
Know what I’m talking about?
Real thick itty bitty waist
Open up wide how good it taste
Oooh girl you soo nasty
She want me to ehh! all over her face like

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You know I’m nasty
She know I’m nasty
She know I’m nasty
She know I’m nasty

Now do it for the ladies baby

How bout a little foreplay or maybe you could role-play
Let me ease your stress ooohh cause I can tell you been working all day
I want to eat you like a buffet
Baby you can have it your way
Whips, chains, handcuffs
I know you like it rough
And I ain’t talking bout the car babygirl when I say I got a Magnum
Bad chicks I’m bagging them
Bedroom time I’m smashing them
And I might be short but you know what they say
Big things baby come in small packages (me!)
Turn around let me smack that
Nah turn around let me tap that
Babygirl let me tap that

Now do it for the ladies baby.
And I’m live from a mothafucking u-stream.
U-stream live, man hit me up 614.360.1668
Dade baby that’s the number get at me!

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Bow Wow

Thank You (Feat. Jagged Edge) – Bow Wow

Lirik lagu: Thank You (Feat. Jagged Edge)

If you ever bought a tape
Purchased a C.D or a piece of vinyl
Dj’d my record
Promoted my record
I wanna thank ya’ll man from the bottom of my heart
Secondly, I wanna dedicate this song to ya’ll man
Cause without ya there is no me

[Verse 1]
I could never turn my back on ya’ll cause ya’ll put me where I’m at
So when you call I’ll be there just like that
Signing autographs, givin daps to all my folks
Telling little kids don’t follow these dopes
See I’ma keep barking as long as ya’ll bark with me
You Know the website all you gotta do is hit me, man
As much as the girls like me
You’d think it make fellas sick
But they be right with’em
Singing not missin a lick
Hair braided rocking somebodies jersey
From up top to out west
And down in the dirty
Can’t forget about the midwest
Cause that’s where I was found
That’s where I live and Columbus is the town
I got the pen
You got the paper
A c.d. a tape
I sign it then leave and get a nice big plate of fish which is my favorite
dish But without ya’ll I couldn’t kick it like this

I wanna thank you
For making me who I am and putting me where I need to be
I wanna thank you
For the opputunity to do my thang in this industry
I wanna thank you
For callin to your local stations day after day to play my song
If it wasn’t for you there wouldn’t be no me and thats why
I wanna ride for you
Forever More ……… I just wanna thank you

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[Verse 2]
I wanna thank you for the groups that came before me
All of ya’ll in the office that promote me on the streets
All the mom and pop store that don’t get alot of credit
the spots in the hood the first ones that said it
All the mix show d’js please keep it pumpin
Thank you for your support and yes I’m gonna keep it comin
I love how you love that
So I’m givin back
Cause ya the ones that kept this playa on track
The reason I’m seen
Is because of you
The reason I’m heard and my dreams came true
now if you ever made a poster or wrote a fan letter
All I’m try’n do is show you some L-O-V-E
And that you know without ya there is no me
JD,JE, the whole SSD
Know if you ride for we Then I’ma ride for you
From the bottom of my heart baby tell ’em what I wanna do

[Repeat Chorus]

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Bow Wow

I’ll Move On (Feat. Mario) – Bow Wow

Lirik lagu: I’ll Move On (Feat. Mario)

[Mario:] uh huh, yeah yeah, bow wow mario,yall ready
[Chorus] I’ll move on
Here I live by, knowing I don’t like whats on the table
Looking at my life, doing whats right because I’m able
Learning lessons, more protected, feeling greatful
I’ll move on
Here I live by, knowing I don’t like whats on the table
Looking at my life, doing whats right because I’m able
There’s no turning back, see yesterday’s gone (yeah,yeah,
yeah yeah yeah) I’ll move on

[Verse 1] Life goes on, as I roll on
I could only be a child for so long
yeah I wanna see my child hood prolon
but this time bow wow say so long
and I step to a new day,
new age, and a new page
in a book of life but it’s looking like
ya’ll ain’t ready for the new phase
then I’ma get more mature
make mistakes, but hey
everybody did that before
ever feel like you’ve been traped before
wish you can open up a magic door
step throught it, just do it
the way that you feel it but cha’ll confuse it
ya’ll wanna show me, keep me secluded
but this is life I’m bound to go throught it
it’s a process ya’ll gotta dijest
let the boy grow up, wanna go out
have a little fun, if it get a lil’ wild,
then so what
‘Cause an ounce of experience
just more than a pint of advice
I hope ya’ll hearing this, cuz I’m serious
an it’s like, I’m so curious about life
I’m movin’ on

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[Verse 2] I bet you think you know what you think you know
but I’m different than any one you’ve seen before
so don’t compare me to other thirteen year olds
you seen lookin’ cut comin’ on the scene to blow
first impression of a young adolescent
a grown up mind that flow so impressive
grew up so fast in this profession
a flash of concerts and late night sessions
so much dough, he don’t know it’s a blessin’
the way he brag, he gon’ last one second
but oh contrea don’t stop and stare
if i sell my jewelry and cut my hair
still be here after ya’ll
standin’ tall, I ain’t had a chance to ball
so when you doubt me I’ll just laugh at cha’ll
Shad Moss fallin off, it ain’t a plans at all
but ain’t no tellin’
when there’s no more sellin’ other record end up
wit a pen label ends up a record nah
but I still got act in basketball
so if you ain’t checkin’ for me
I ain’t checkin’ for ya’ll
let this be a lesson to ya’ll
when a rap acteace
play professional ball
no matter who you get a rights
or who you listening to
you get one life ain’t nobody livin’ but you

[Mario:] movin on yeah
I’m movin on, I’m movin on ready, I’m…
I’m movin on, got to move on
Bow Wow move on, Mario move on yeah,
Got to go now, hit the road now,
Let me know now, here we go now

[Mario:] just playin around ya’ll
gotta go now ya’ll

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[Mario:] no no no no no

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Bow Wow

Boyfriend for the Night – Bow Wow

It’s mr. Do it for the ladies (its greenlight 2)
It’s mr. Do it for the ladie’s (I’ll will what it do) uh-huh .
It’s mr. Do it for the ladies.

Call your man tell’em you ain’t goin’ home tonight.
That bath & body Works gotcha body smellin’ right.
Panties look edible, I’ll eat threw’em.
Fishnet top, I could see through it.
Baby let’s do it, Why we wastin’ time.
I make her get moist, when I lick her waistline.
You want a baller, well I can go Base-Line.
She 5+5, Yep a straight dime.
She was kinda nervous, thought I was like other rappers.
The type That’ll fuck’er, then don’t call her after.
Uh-Uh. That ainta my character.
Can go all night, so I hope ya got stamina.
Like Kobe with the rock, lil’ mama, I’ll handle ya.
Make ya debut, & press record on the Camera.
So everybody can watch what we doin’.
Toolbox love, & Guess who’s screwin’.

This is cash Money, So you know I got pesos.
G5 Jet, I got my Pilot on Payroll.
Beast in the sheets. Grizzly like Mayo.
Hands over her mouth & don’t speak until I say so.
Like my black card, I don’t get denied.
I whip my dick out, & then I handle mines.

But let’s get X-Rated, talk dirty to me.
She treat my dick like a mic, & then she sung to me.
& I be beatin’ up her vocal cords, beat it out the frame,
scream my name until your throat is soar.

Man for the night (night, night, night, night)
I can be your man for the night (night, night, night, night)

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So won’t you holla at playa holla holla at playa holla at

Playa holla holla girl [x2]
Um um
I’ma beat the pussy up beat the pussy up [x4]
Uh uh [x6]
I bet ya I can make you leave your boyfriend
With no problem

Choop choop bitches [x4]

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